This is a review of the Arbor Hybrid GT. To see this board in action visit:

Edited by Sid Beck


LongboardReviews says:

@SuperDusso The nose looks dropped because the concave stops right before the front truck mounts, Creating the illusion that the nose looks dropped. This board has a surprising amount of pop. It is very easy to ollie on.

dkiller782 says:

That last comment in the video sounded so freaking wrong man

johnwhick says:

wheel bite?

Lus146 says:

Like if you can only ollie also!

Sage Roberts says:

The nose and tale look really mellow. Can you still ollie pretty good?

LongboardReviews says:

Arbor Sucrose formula wheels

Nolan Hopkins says:

Nice review!

Ken Flores says:

@LongboardReviews I’m 5′ 7 would this board suit my height?

LongboardReviews says:

@ThinkLongboard Not terrible but we would recommend something shorter.

osker95 says:

would you recommend this over the comet shred 38?

lack ofpregnancy says:

wouldnt the small wheel base be bad for downhill, or is it still stable? how fast have you gone with this board?

Ram Gonzalez says:

How good is this board for tech sliding?

lack ofpregnancy says:

@IcyThaneProductions the ethos 39 has the same wheelbase as the grease hammer, it should be alright for downhill.

upperleftWA says:

0:12 im colorblind you ass

LongboardReviews says:

50’s are sick! they will be great

Nathan Chang says:

Looks just like the Comet Shred(s). Which is better?

mortyr12345 says:

where did you get the wheels from, no shops ive seen sell them

Yibin Mu says:

you’re really annoying

LongboardReviews says:

@ZeeeuNiT If you ride softer wheels on this (80a or so) It will be fine for cruising but you will also definitely be able to shred the park with it. Its the perfect all around board

IcyThaneProductions says:

@YoBassMaster Don’t get an ethos for downhill, get a grease shark or grease hammer and slap on a sicktail

wasdf777 says:

what do you think of them?

Paul Gerard says:

Is it good for cruising?

LongboardReviews says:

The Arbor store.

LongboardReviews says:

@jubgun Shredding the sidewalks.

duffysafro says:

you should check out my edit on the gt I made

IcyThaneProductions says:

@MerakiMusic This, any smaller isn’t good for freeride

Sam Mitzner says:

fuck the board where do i get that Frisbee?

lolttyl143 says:

i can only ollie too!

roly4642 says:

could you put some paris

duncanfreakfanboy says:

you guys should do a review/ comparison between the old hybrid vs. the new shakedown 38

Conner A says:

ITs got all da bitches

sirvidia says:

thumbs down just for the humour

duncanfreakfanboy says:

@IdNtReCaLLtHt muir skate has them for about $80 that’s about the cheapest longboard that ISN’T a just cruiser you will find

Rob Chapman says:

Hmm since they don’t make this shape anymore I think I’ll get a shred 38, they look pretty much the same! 

Alec S says:

wrongboarding at its best?

LongboardReviews says:

Nice!! We love younglife!

Mufti Hossain says:

you play ultimate? looks like a daredevil disc to me

LongboardReviews says:

@VonBoards You saw Nathaniel at the airport. Small World.

LongboardReviews says:

Its Super Fun for EVERYTHING! Even if you cant do to many street tricks you can bust some blunts and hit up the bowl. Nomater what kind of riding you do this board is fun.

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