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This sumptuous surfboard review is for the Lost Surfboards Puddle Jumper Review (BRAND NEW). Since hearing Lost Surfboards founder, Matt Biolos, talk about his ‘go to’ small wave board – the brand new Lost Puddle Jumper – I have been dying to try this thing. Make sure you subscribe and never miss a video: https://www.youtube.com/user/CompareSurfboards?sub_confirmation=1
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+ Full Write Up: http://bit.ly/LostPuddleJumperReview

The promise of a board that strikes the right balance between wave catching ability and speed generation in tiny to small surf while still feeling lively, precise and manoeuvrable has yet to be fully realised.

This board nails it. It paddles like a beast, handles bigger waves and steep drops and feels fast and nimble through turns. This is the Lost Puddle Jumper review. I hope you enjoy it!

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Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy the show.


All the best,


ezvidasuerte says:

Having trouble choosing. Podmod or puddle jumper which would you recommend for San Diego county. Thanks

Hugh Jarman says:

thanks for the reviews really enjoying them mate!! Can not wait to get a lost mayhem when i get paid im 94 kgs 6ft 2 but very fit and my surfing is just above intermediate level now what board would you recommend for me i already  have a 7ft JS 427kw mostly surfing average beach breaks around Sydney and east coast of AUS thanks for any help!

c8spatrick says:

Great review!  
What are the dims on that board, how tall are you and how much do you weigh?

Paul Bergeron says:

That ending comment is gold!


if you could… please review a russell surfboard

Dylan Thompson says:

Whats your height an weight man??

hannaM295 says:

Hard not to buy this board after this review 😀 Really like your reviews, super informative! Thanks a lot!

Clint Vosloo says:

Hay Ben
Great review as always… what’s the dims on the board you rode ?
Thx as always 

Matthew Jones says:

How does the puddle jumper compare to the shortround?

crussandrews says:

Hay dig your posts. what would u grab in 1-3 puddle jumper or tomo evo

Justin Bordwell says:

I need the puddle jumper…any feedback on the hatchet fin quad setup that was featured on Instagram?

Adam Smith says:

Some feedback on the puddle jumper. I am 6 feet tall, about 95kg and surf mostly on the points and beach breaks of the gold coast and northern nsw. I have owned a ton of small wave boards and this is by far the best I have owned. I ride a 5’9 in this board and it will catch anything and has amazing speed and down the line acceleration. The real difference as Benny says is that it turns and performs a lot like your standard short board. Where on other small wave boards you might find yourself nursing your turns or skating out into the last to do a cutback, on the bottom feeder you can hit the lip in the pocket almost as vertically as your ability allows! When I break this one I intend to order one in EPS as I think as a lightweight small wave board it would be mind blowing!

Ted Schatz says:

Great review. I am looking at getting the Lib Tech version of this board. Have you ever been able to compare the feeling of the Lib boards versus PU? Second I surf in Oregon and am 6’1″ tall 185lbs. For my skill level this puts me right at the 5’9″ version according to the Lost GF calculator. Have you found this calculation to be pretty good? Thanks loving the reviews

saintseiyaliveaction says:

I got a bottom feeder 5’6 (I’m around 80kg x 190, semipro skill, surfing usually very small waves) and is the board I use more.
Wich are the main differences from this board and the bottom feeder? I know technically is more scooped and have a different bottom, but what about the difference when you surf?

Ripper says:

Hey Benny have you heard about the new round pin puddle jumper? Looks promising as an all arounder/hypto krypto killer

Sidy Widy says:

Hey, I kind of need some advice on which board I should get. I. Can definitely surf on a foam, and fairly well on a short longboard, but I think I should by a funboard or a mini-mal. Which company or board do you recommend. I can stand on a large fun, but can’t turn or control well. Please advise.

pandarturo says:

I think you should do a board give away and send it straight to me!! lol

Frank B says:

hey Benny, can you do a review on the new JS 107?

Danny Doyle says:

Yeah Ben!

Kelly for 12? says:

bro I’m stuck between the pod mod and this. which one turns better and are you able to slide the fins on either of them.

Ben Costantini says:

Nice work Benny….

Would you put it in the same range as the js dropped swallow???? Similar ride???? Similar concept in terms of wave range????

Jay Obrien says:

If you don’t own a puddle jumper, go get one. You won’t be disappointed. In knee/waist high surf, it goes as good as anything I’ve ever owned.

Surfdocsteve says:

Benny How would you compare this board to the Average Joe?

כלבו לכלב גבעתיים says:

what is the diffrent betwin PJ and the CI JOE ?
thanks !!!

Offthe Lip says:

I own this board. This board is a must have in the quiver. In knee-to waist high surf, this is my go to. Will even hold up in chest high. It’s so fast, goes through flat sections so fast. It’s a must buy.

Shred Nada says:

Hi benny, i would like to buy my first shortboard.
Im watching the hypto krypto and the CI #4
which one will be better for me and which lenght i must buy??
Im 19 years old, 5’11 and 63kg and i surf in italy or portugal in junky breake

PeaceSoupTV says:

How much smaller then your regular short board do you recommend? is it good to get the volume up a bit to catch the small waves? Thanks

Himanshu Sinha says:

very useful video

LeatherHead42D says:

Texas Surfer here. Yeah we have Surf in Texas. Puddle Jumper OR JS 107 for small Mushy Waves, but can still be used on bigger days?

Brad Loch says:

Hey Benny, I am looking for a small wave board to make best of the summer doldrums. I am above average surfer looking to fill the hole my quiver. Surf 5-7 times a week when work commitments allow. How do you rate the puddle jumper as compared to the RV. I surf mostly reef breaks & my go to boards are JS Black Box round tail Forget me Knots rounded pins. I see many different opinions & would appreciate the feed back.

Sarah Sorlien says:

Can you review the Lost round pin puddle jumper?

Darren S says:

Nice one Ben. I have been waiting for this review!

nathanael keating says:

This or the Baked potato?

theSherkhan says:

Great review thanks! I am getting one. You’re review put the nail in the coffin between RV and PJ.
You didn’t mention sizing recommendation.
I would assume at least a couple inches shorter?

Matt Duncan says:

What height !!!!!!! to ride ? or at least did what did you ride ?

gots to mention this stuff

Francois Bouscarle says:

Thanks Benny for the review ; I am hesitating between :
– the classic PU/Polyester
– Hydroflex tech which combines the PU + Epoxy so the board is more flexible thanks to PU and also lighter and more responsive thanks to Epoxy, I guess…
– the Lib Tech where feedback from serious people is hard to find on the web ; moreover the shape is slightly different, with wings in the tail !

what’s your view on these ?

Liam Connolly says:

benny did you go out on tues? the northern beaches was pumping, if so what board did u use?

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