Lost Retro Ripper Surfboard Review

Ian Reviews the Lost Retro Ripper surfboard: https://www.boardshop.co.uk/brands/lost-surfboards?style=1981

The extremely versatile Lost Retro Ripper surfboard is a scaled down version of the new Retro Gun.

The Retro Ripper has a wider pintail with a bump wing making it a more “fun” and playful shape with a lot more “bottom end” ability than its more serious big brother.

Designed to be the perfect everyday shortboard with enough “step up” traits to make it a great travel companion for the surfer wanting to travel light with a single board or teamed with an out-and-out groveller if the swell drops right off.

If your go-to board tends to be of the wider and flatter variety and you struggle to find a suitable board for bigger and better waves then the Retro Ripper will fill this position very well indeed. This exciting little board would be brilliant on those bigger winter days here in the UK and Ireland and would also give you a real advantage when the line up is crowded and its difficult to find a wave to yourself. The Retro Ripper really comes into its own in strong offshore conditions and just seems to smooth out the bumps on windy, choppy faces.

The overall outline and bottom shape is very similar to the Retro Gun with the wide point forward, low entry rocker and fairly shallow concaves. The width under your chest and significant tail lift means the board is superfast off the blocks but can turn on a dime in the critical part of the wave. Where the Retro Ripper differs from the Retro Gun is the wider bump wing tail which gives the board better glide in smaller weaker waves with the bump wing creating a release point to keep things nice and loose in moderate surf and yet still keep its composure in more significant, sizeable waves.

There is no denying The Retro Ripper’s late 80’s “Mayhem” roots when Matt shaped similar boards for himself and his mates to tackle the better days at Trestles, Salt Creek and on their trips to Mexico.

This is a brilliantly versatile surfboard which paddles easily and surfs fast and fun. If you need a board to do a bit of everything including those bigger days when a hybrid is beginning to push it’s luck, the Retro Ripper is a great alternative with an original look and feel enhanced by some vintage style logos and branding.

Don’t forget you can also order a custom version of this board choosing your exact dims, fin set up and fin system, check out our customizer service at Boardshop right now. All you need to do is pump in the details and pay a £100 deposit with the balance due when we send you the board, average build time is 6-8 weeks. Also quite a few of the chaps here surf this board, or have surfed it plus we talk to lots of surfers and take on their feedback so we are here to chat about this or any other board just give us a call on (44) 01243 674250

Boardshop is stoked to be a key partner for Lost surfboards across Europe and beyond. The staff here have surfed pretty much every board in the range at some time or another and we speak to surfers from all over the world and get their feedback on how the boards perform in all sorts of conditions so we’re well placed to talk about all aspects of Lost Surfboards. We’re happy to consider trading in your old board against a new board, so If you have any questions about this we’d be delighted to answer them and advise on any potential board choices or enquiries you might have, just drop us an email to info@boardshop.co.uk or call us on 0044 (0) 1243 674250.

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