LOST Quiver Killer Surfboard review

Trip Forman reviews the …LOST Quiver Killer in the REAL Boardloft. Learn more: http://www.realwatersports.com/surfing/surfboards/lost/quiver-killer


David Juliano says:

Good review. Can’t say I want it, but I think you did a great job capturing what happens with boards that claim to be a jack of all trades.

Guy Katz says:

gotta love the moustache 🙂

Nico Fletcher says:

hello, I wrote in another video almost a year ago, i bought a lost RV and i have improved a lot and now i feel i need a new board also beacuse the RV dosent do well in head high surf or more, I was thinking of this board, If you agree what Dims should i get it in, my RV is 5’10 with 37 liters, I am 1.83m tall and 85kg weight thanks.

Tyler Alexander says:

Always drive past you guys when chasing swell. going to have to stop in sometime maybe you guys have got a nice daily driver i could purchase?!

also, live in VA so you know why i make that journey haha!

Erwin Chiong says:

awesome review…thanks!

vic R says:

Appreciate yall help so much helping pick out this board when I came by a few months ago. I had tons of fun in that really weird va beach surf to the awesome frisco peir beach breaks. I can’t wait to get this board out to San Diego in a month. thanks so much again to everyone at real

Ripper says:

Really interested in this board I’ve been looking for a new all arounder primarily for south Florida. Something I can take out when it’s waist high and soft but also when it’s heavier (chest-head and steeper heavier wave). How do you think this board would perform in the softer and often small waves of South Florida? I do take trips to Central America about once a year and plan on Indo in the next 5 years so I think this might be a great board for me.
Ah and I’m 26 6’3″ 165 lbs intermediate/ weekend warrior.

Michelle Noori says:

Still looking for my magic board, what volume would be good for me?
Height: 5’2″ and three quarters
Weight: 108 Ibs
Skill level: 3 years surfing, I surf 3+ days a week
Surf spot: My go to break is Newport jetties in California, the waves are usually 3+ ft
Goals: I want to be able to maneuver easily in smaller days like 3-4 foot days but be able to surf it up till 8 footers. I also want to have speed in punchy, smaller surf.
My quiver consists of 5’6s and a 5’7. 18 and something inches wide and 2 1/4 inches thick.
Hope you can help out, thanks!

Rich says:

Can you give some idea of sizing compared to normal everyday Hybrid.

I’m 5′ 10″ and 180lbs, usually ride a 6′ 0″ Spitfire, looking for something easy and give confidence to ride in bigger waves to take to Maldives. If it gets too big, I wouldn’t go in so don’t want a proper step up, or would you recommend something else?

If the Quiver Killer what size would you recommend?

Michelle Noori says:

And would you recommend a fish?

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