…Lost Mini Driver Review

Trip Forman from REAL Watersports goes over details of the …Lost Mini Driver


ItsPaintballTime says:

hey im 5 2 and might be getting a 5’9 mini driver and i weigh 140 will it be good for me

JBOsurf says:

thanks for the review. any chance you could do a quick review of a rockup in a man size like 6’4? would love to see one on video as there are none in my local shops. I am specifically interested in the rails and how foiled out they are. My blacksheep has rails that are really blocky and thick, which is fine for a groveller, but I want something for the mentawais with lots of foam in the middle and foiled out rails. Any vid would be warmly received!!!

Senna fan says:

What board is going to replace the mini driver now adays

REAL Watersports says:

For your size, weight and ability: if you are looking for a daily driver I would recommend a 5’6″ or a 5’7″ Mini Driver. The 5’9″ would be great for you as a step up for the bigger days. Hope that helps.

thelittlegrommet says:

@REAL watersports Hi im a 12year old grom who lives in the UK and wants a mini driver. im 5ft3 tall, weigh 48kgs and my ability is intermediate to advanced. I am riding a 5ft6 firewire spitfire at the moment but I wanted something more directional and more high performance. I thought a 5ft4 would be good but im not sure whether it has enough width or thickness for me as i want to surf it in 2ft mush all the way up to 6ft perfect. can you help please ?

REAL Watersports says:

@gasparddm – airs shouldn’t be a problem on the mini driver. There aren’t really any specific requirements for doing airs other than the board being fast so you can build speed to hit ramps. The mini driver won’t hold you back if airs are your thing. Hope that helps.

REAL Watersports says:

At 165 – the 5’11” mini would be a little too big for you – you should go for the 5’10” mini or 5’11” sub driver. The Sub will have more low end and a more performance board feel – the Mini is more of a one board quiver and more forgiving to ride in a really wide range of surf but it may eat into your forget me not… We have both in stock and ship to AUS all the time. Thanks!

REAL Watersports says:

Hey @gasparddm that sounds like good sizing to us. The Mini Driver has a ton of drive, which is great for pumping from way back in the tube but also essential for building up speed for airs. Shoot us an email at info @ realwatersports . com and we can help you out with any other questions and get you set with ordering a custom

REAL Watersports says:

Go for the 5’4″ or maybe the 5’5″. The 5’4″ is 22.5L – about perfect for you although if you’re growing quickly then the 5’5″ may last you a little longer (it’s 23.1L).
Hope that helps.

REAL Watersports says:

@itspaintballtime Whats your level of surfing? Please let us know so we can make a good recommendation on size for you.

VIsubby says:

awesome getting a mini driver this same board but with swallow you heard it first from me haha
Pile Driver

REAL Watersports says:

Hi JBOsurf. We will be keeping the vids coming as we get new lost bords in. We did just get a Rockup in stock but we sold it almost straight away! We should be getting some more in soon and will post a video when we do. Stay tuned to our facebook page for fresh videos!

ItsPaintballTime says:

will it float me? cause in may im comming down to ur place to get a mini driver

90sideways says:

Hey I’m looking at this board, do you reckon it would be alright for a beginner who can stand up easily on a 6ft short board? Would be after one of these @ 6ft which i believe equates to 32L vol? Or would there be a better suited option say the round nose fish?

ItsPaintballTime says:

intermediate and advanced

Austin Reheiser says:

i have a 5’6 mini driver and ive surfed it a good 4-5 times and i noticed it gets pressure dings easily, is that with any fiberglass surfboard (used to ride an epoxy) or am i doing anything wrong?

Gabriel Hernandez says:

I’m thinking about getting this board but I’m unsure of what size to get. I’m 5’6 and 150 lbs. Any suggestions?

sam green says:

Sorry more thinking a sub driver but mini driver looks good also..

REAL Watersports says:

@thelittlegrommet – How well does your 5’6 spitfire float you? The Spitfire is a wide board so if you are stepping up to a mini driver (a little narrower) you may need to go with a little extra length…

sam green says:

I’m 6’0 165 pounds live on the gold coast, love surfing the points. Looking for a good more forgiving performance board as I already have a JS forget me not as a step up. Considering this shape in a 5’11, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Peter Melhado says:

Hey Trip thanks for you response to my question on the driver. I just got enough money for a board and cant decide between a driver or mini driver. I have a good groveler so the mini driver seems like the right choice. I am 5’11 and 145-150 lbs. I cant decide between a 5’6 or a 5’7 mini driver. You said to go smaller than bigger so im wondering if a 5’7 will be too much board and volume. Thanks agian.

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