Lost El Patron Surfboard Review

Ian Reviews the Lost El Patron surfboard: https://www.boardshop.co.uk/hub/lost-surfboards

The Lost El Patron surfboard is long overdue (in my humble opinion) and is going to please a lot of guys and girls who need a more forgiving daily driver but definitely don’t want “just another hybrid” or bastardized groveller.

The El Patron is actually Matt Biolos’s personal board which he designed and shaped to counteract middle age, extra pounds around the waistline, mediocre fitness and ever burgeoning line ups.

It’s all too easy to pump extra volume and inches into current surfboard models but it’s another thing altogether for the board to retain the performance traits of the original. That’s the key with the El Patron, even with it’s generous proportions it still has a really performancy feel which lends itself to proper shortboard surfing while still allowing the rider to hold his or her own in crowded line ups where you normally have to sacrifice performance to snaffle a wave from the younger fitter guys.

Lost’s El Patron’ is primarily based on a couple of higher volume boards Matt shaped for Kolohe Andino who requested a larger dims quiver which would “still carve and turn like a thinner board”.

The El Patron is all about paddle speed, glide and drive with a low entry rocker, a set of minimalist concaves and a generous lift in the tail rocker; no concave in the nose, slight single concave in the middle which fades into a slight vee through the fins and flat out the tail. The lack of severe concaves and the extra foam delivers easy and fast paddling which in turn gets you into waves early and thereby able to compete when its busy and also give you more time to transition from prone.

Another clever feature of this board is the reduced thickness of the stringer (2 ply instead of 3 ply) which helps the El Patron retain a similar flex pattern to a regular, thinner performance board and keep it feeling lively with plenty of “return” from your bottom turn and powerful carves. If you’re worried about the thinner stringer potentially affecting the boards strength, this is more than counteracted by the extra thickness of the board.

The reality is that the El Patron would be the perfect forgiving “shortboard” with a genuine performance outline which gives it a broad appeal. If you’re a bit older and not quite as fit as you’d like to be, but still consider yourself a competent shortboarder, then the El Patron will tick all your boxes. This board is also destined to be very popular amongst first time shortboarders who are keen to have a genuine performance shortboard in their quiver but need a little more volume and ease of paddle at this stage of their surfing adventure.

If we don’t have the Lost surfboard you’re looking for, or the stock dims don’t work for you, just give us a ring on (44) 01243 674250 or email info@boardshop.co.uk and we’ll happily discuss a custom order for you.

We’re absolutely stoked to be stocking Matt Biolos’ amazing shapes and would happily consider taking your old or unwanted surfboard as a trade-in against a new Lost surfboard.

Shop all Lost Surfboards: https://www.boardshop.co.uk/hub/lost-surfboards


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