Joel Tudor and his 6’6″ Single Fin

Joel Tudor taking a slightly different approach than the rest of the pack yet again on this last good swell.

Music by DJ Storm


jphedley says:

Wonder how many people bought an egg, cause of this.

stormott77 says:

Sorry I’m so negative but he is surfing my home break in the video. I surf there everyday. Over the last 5 years the water has been flooded with nooby surfers on tankers that think the have the right to paddle for all the good set waves. They don’t understand the pecking order, they drop in on me and they don’t pull out when there is an obviously better surfer in better position on the wave.

Judd A. says:

+sootysurfer that is lowers in san clemente

MeasHanSolo says:

Fact. You can find all the pockets on a single and get around the flat.

megajiga says:

Il tourne facilement on dirait.

He turns easily

adam bamf says:

im getting one! im getting the 6.6 7s fish III

Bo Diddley says:

psynapsurfa your full of crap… “Demolishing sections” Yeah Rightt. Demolishing hot dogs is more like it.

luc pietje says:

nice style dude!

Whitenacho says:

Nice stick!

National Pornographic says:

I don’t ride singles but that was epic to watch.
Not trying to yank the board around. Just beautiful lines.

Liam O'Callaghan says:

Great smooth surfing. Totally shredding Lower Trestles.

BigErn_Mccraken says:

I have never understood what people see in Tudor. I’ve seen him surf so many times out at Cardiff, and I’ve. Ever been that impressed. He tried to cut me out one time and I was like, fuck that, and I went around him. One of his fan boys was like berating me for it Tudor just did it again to somebody else.

edfone says:

Quite sharp turns for a single fin.

Tiki Jaymo says:

its all about the flow & being confident guys these days are,nt even on the wave to busy trying to get air

William Russell says:

hes the worst on so many levels. bless him

adam bamf says:

those big high line cut backs i have a place in mind!!

Torrey B says:

pretty sure that’s longer than 6’6

stormott77 says:

It is Lower Trestles.

psynapsurfa technoshaman says:

yes… that is what surfing single fins teaches you. you learn to read the wave. to feel the waves power pockets. singlefins will hone in it if you allow them.
i love surfing my singles.
when ever i hop back on my short tri fins, i end up demolishing sections, because i have been used to throwing a big heavy single around… so the combo of riding the power pocket, and the wave better, and the loose lightness of the tri, has me riding like its a skateboard… tearing it up.

Boooooogdan says:

pffff…….look how chill and relaxed is joel.. surf is all about this!

Zepster77 says:

Wow! Lookit the cat go!

the1minininja says:

song name maybe?

Austin Esparza says:

dam style on style

van wray says:


tripp says:

Where is this?

psynapsurfa technoshaman says:

where is this wave?

wonderful, graceful surfing..

Cuong Tran says:

my walking skills isn’t as good as Tudor’s surfing.

leirbagclay says:

He’s a squirmy little brat.

guitarsurfer2010 says:

Beautiful Surfing.
What is nice is the way he doesn’t use any flailing upper body action
to get speed, he uses the waves inherent energy to fly.

SneakerHeadsNYC123 says:

Mr. drop in.

emmcey says:


Nick Adams says:

Man he hits that lip harder than i hit it on my 4’11 lol im 5’4

orange bleue says:

Excellent !

michael jacksum says:

thats one ugly board, single fins have no drive.

Vann Hurst says:

dont get me wrong i love finding fast sections and tearing it appart but this is the style that i have the most fun with. fat board, fat waves, relaxing session.

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