Hypto Krypto in Small Junky Breaks….. @SurfersTV

By Rangi Ormand


berniedmj m says:

A regular foot Craig Anderson

Devin Tanner says:

Hey man great edit, killing it! I was thinking about getting one of these copied from my but I only rides quads and heard this thing really only goes well as a thruster

Btw if this small junky surf then you probably haven’t been to LA haha. I’d be so stoked on these waves

julian neave says:

Bought a 5’8″ today in the future flex. Yet to ride it. These definitely aren’t small and junky waves!

ThePokersurfer says:

Killer surfing……. Cutbacks are the coolest I’ve seen next to Curren……. NOW it makes me want to get one! Damn….. So many boards SO little money.

Greg Colin says:

I’ve heard some really bad reviews about these boards when they are made by Global Surf Industries. Does anyone have much experience with this, yay or nay?

con 16 says:

where is this?

Daniel McCarthy says:

dont believe the hype … awful board

Edward Skrod says:

Welcome to my world – small, junky breaks (florida)

Alessandro Sozzi says:

If you call it junky break you’ve never been to italy man…

Tradd-Michael Robison says:

Nice vid dude, just what i needed to see

Bon Summers says:

It’s got some of single fin riding character with that round pin tail shape.
Contrast that with Proctor’s ‘pipsqueak'(Rozsa riding) footage(from 2013) and Eric Geiselman’s ‘arrowhead'(AJW shape) footage(from 2014)

Paul Graves says:

I heard the board is sensitive to pressure dings and not very durable overall. Is this true?

Ross VanDenburg says:

what size is this baord, and what is the surfers height/weight

CED97surf says:

Sick vid by de way !!

Slade Street says:

This board RIPS in all waves. You just have to switch to front-footed surfing. You pop up to the middle of the board and not the tail like fat-tailed grovelers. Just took my 5’8″ to hollow Torrey pines (2-3 FT) and that little pin really lets you tuck into barrels!! Also rad in mushy beachbreaks.

Surf Squad says:

no leash? 0:30

Jeremy Meyer says:

what size is that HOg

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