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I’m not a ‘longboarder’ but I do love the feeling of riding one from time to time…there really is nothing like the speed and cruise of a longboard!

If you normally ride shortboards, fishes, hybrids, etc. but want to add a longboard to your quiver, I recommend something like the Haydn Lewis Smooth Operator. It’s smooth, user friendly, modern design is a treat to ride when it’s too small or fast for a shortboard!

I hope you enjoy this Haydn Lewis Smooth Operator review and, if you are on the fence as to whether you should add a longboard to your quiver, I hope this pushes you over the edge.

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Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy the show.


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Glassy Bouys says:

So true regarding older style shapes.

Just sold my takayama step deck, although it was a beautiful looking board- as a short board rider I always struggled to turn it unless I rode it for a week.
Great advice for people not regularly riding a longboard- get something user friendly and something that will allow you to transition off a short board for those one off sessions

cosmogtopper says:

I am looking for a modern longboard and it sounds like the answer. Could you describe the dimensions and bottom contours. it would appreciated.

SHOW96HH says:

Thanks for his review. You should definitely show more logs to your viewers! For me especially living in Hamburg, Germany, it’s not that easy to learn a lot about longboard-design, brands and new developement etc. Best regards! An In The Pink – rider! 🙂

xstepper says:

I ride single fin old school logs and they require technique and timing to surf well. Some of the most talented loggers are from oz. Harrison roach and Jai lee to name a few. Review dead looks or Thomas boards next

Peter Graciano says:

you should review a libtech water board. 

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