Generate Surfing Speed on Small Waves

Keeping it real and generating speed on very small waves.

I review a couple howto videoes on generating speed, then I analyze my session where I try out the tips from the videos.

Here’s links to the videos:

Check out to improve your life.

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Not For Nothing by Otis McDonald
Safety Net by Riot

Learn to surf for beginners. Work on popup, stance, standing on the surfboard, longboard and shortboard. Angle the take off. Keep eyes up and paddle. Choose and select the right wave. Surf small, flat wave and generate power and speed. Pump to get speed. Maneuver and trick like bottom turns, top turns, floaters and cutbacks. Beach breaks. Work on duck dives and turtle rolls. Catch unbroken waves and stay out of the white water. Turn the board with carving and trimming. Drop in with confidence in the line up. Favorite surfers are Ben Gravy, Jamie Obrian, Kelly Slater.


Grimmace says:


Hitchens Thinksnot says:

Have the wife ride a bigger boat, with lots of weight in the back.

madmaxmedia says:

I like how you included some clips from different videos related to the theme- speed on smaller waves. Looks like the waves were a little too small here, but good examples anyway!

Hayden Payne says:

you could probably try a smaller board like a bean great for small waves and manoeuvres

TheRipcat says:

Only thing those waves are good for is to learn how to trim, footwork. Otherwise ankle slappers won’t help generate speed. Props for trying. Need at least waist high.

Geert says:

Hello, nice videos. What are the specifics of your board?

Walt Jisney Channel says:

The tips u showed at beginning were shortboard tips, which u were then applying to ur longboard surfing, so u I would say u should ride shorter boards since u already know how to
Catch waves for which u will be able to learn maneuvers quicker w the shorter stick 🙂

How to Rip says:

Hey Nate ! Nice work – check out our latest small wave video and it may help you along 🙂 keep ripping!

Blade Runner says:

wait a moment, videos of Martin Dunn (the best ever), and others, are for shortboard -intermediate level, …it’s useless on big long boards. USELESS.

Thom Fife says:

Awesome! Thanks

azith77 says:

Those waves are too small to really learn how to pump, and you’re on a longboard so turns will be very stiff on weak waves like that. Go out on a waist high + day and you’ll really get the feel of going up and down the face generating speed. Btw what beach are you surfing? Looks like Florida.

cui yang says:

Hi mate, I notice you wear glasses in the beginning of the video. Do you use contact lenses when surfing?

Chasingwaves says:

Your too stiff Homie need to loss in up bend them knees on them small waves and keep your legs and feet straight I see a ton of waging going on back there it’s not how fast your paddling it’s steady and dig deep in the water watch the wave behind you with long boards there’s no kicking involved center your weight in the middle with small waves and watch the wave as your paddling when the wave peaks up at your toes throw! your back feet forward fast! this will give you a little boost and the pop up you need to get your board in the pocket of the wave. This is where the power is. Once in the pocket u use your back leg on the tail to hit the lip and then use your left leg and put weight on that when u come down then same there back leg on the tail hit the lip .. how u generate speed is being in the pocket and small up the face movements .. once your in the pocket you will know you’ll feel the speed .. with the waves your riding you can do it trust me I’m a master at small waves lol east coast starves for swell .. I ride both short board and long board 9’ 1980 Ricky Carol ride it only as a Single fin you don’t need them trailing fins get rid of them single fin small days put that single fin all the way back . Gives you more drive .. big days 10ft all the way forward makes the board loss and free .. hope this helps ya . Go get it ! Yaaa Buddy Yewww !

Also work on your pop ups there to slow need to speed it up just a tip .. your learn Broda
I’m 36 almost 37 don’t wanna hear I’m to old

T.J.Ashworth99 BF1 Gaming says:

Surf Biggs surf waist chest high and surf the face

Nadine Leishman says:

Like the family cameos.

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