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The Modern Adventurer says:

Great Vid!! Picked my first board up for 75 bucks and just went for it. No instructor, stood up and rode it in on the first day. Not as hard as you would think…

jak p says:

Hey man, if you go by Huntington Beach hit me up. I have a jk unlimited.

Liam S says:

Haha if I had known you were on topanga I would’ve swung by before I went to work down the street! Lol!

theeleven42 says:

Jake, Watch The Endless Summer, it’s on Netflix. Great old school laid back surfing film.

agamemnom says:

iamjake well at least you can say you sucessfully paddleboarded 😉

TheBigA says:

I really hope your channel gets bigger! Keep up the great content

Alex Faulstich says:

i thout this was a vlog not a movie

Jerry Pitchford says:

Looked like a good time. I want to try it

Zachary Blanchard says:

You should try to surf in San Diego also. And if you are going to retry anytime try to stand up on your knees first and then get up on your feet once you complete your knees(on a different wave). It’s an easier way to learn that way.

Digital Fear says:

lol man …7:18-7:25….that’s hilarious

jeremy woods says:

nah you have to surf at least 30 days before you get the dirft & timeing, haha every 7th wave.

Thegreatbufalo says:

Dat riptide do…

JTsuits says:

good cinematography this one papa jake

enriquegm says:

Point break!!

Gary Hardin says:

You want to learn to surf, come down to Ocean Beach, Ca. excellent for learning, currents are normally good and waves are awesome.

Chris Canavos says:

That’s one of the most chill dudes you have hung out with. The interaction wasn’t awkward like it is sometimes with the peeps you meet.

b says:

Zumba – “Arrive in a car, leave in a helicopter” – The Illusion Hamish Patterson

Irie Aerospace says:

The shot of you paddling out while getting pulled south across the frame had me cracking up.

Tom Brooks says:

Proud moments! I had a similar time off the coast of New Jersey, back in the 70’s.

grip tact says:

dude i need to get a wet suit, i went boogie boarding a week ago in San Diego and the water was so cold!! i’m surprised the instructor didn’t wear one!

Bert Macklin and friends says:

You were like Wisconsin driftwood.

That would be a good band name.

sdprivett says:

cant wait for you to get out of cali!

Jake Adams says:

Where did you get ur necklace!!!!!

Iven Lee says:

Awesome Fun! Do more things….

Outdoorsman_78 says:

Well I guess I’m done watching this channel because you are obviously never leaving California. I was rather excited with this channel and watched it for a long time but Cali is getting old.

Progression Surf Shop says:

Jake – If you’re ready for round 2 in more mellow conditions, stop by when you’re in the San Diego area. We’ll set you up with a board and wetsuit to have another go! Progression Surf – Encinitas.

Roxanne Jose says:

still binging.. 🙂

LaffeyJr says:

now you can come to australia and surf near bells beach

Alex Faulstich says:


ryfish5 says:

Still no downvotes! Thanks for the quality content, Jake!

Allie R says:

At least you got out there and tried. Better than I’ve ever done tho. Good job! <3

anthony bautista says:

Robert “The ram” meza , coming up pro boxer in California, fights in LA cinco de mayo, may 5 (quiet cannon country club)

Scott Slade says:

Good effort…. fun to watch

Papa Brown says:

what about FedEx is that how your getting there haha

Lorenzo Barbara says:

Love the vids!!

Gabriel Godby says:

Con-ooo Reeves LOL!

Bladen Rexroth says:

Mike = Jim Bruer lol

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