Different Surfboard types: A Beginner Tutorial

A brief description of some of the most common types of surfboards. There are many different kinds of surfboards, longboard, gun, shortboard, fish, mini malibu, are just a few. In this video we give you quick look at some of the most common types of surfboards available so you can decide which is the best type of surfboard for you.



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mary langhorne says:

I am a beginer/transitioner surfer i can catch green waves and i can turn down the line. I am trying to decide which board type would fit me best i am a small person, and i ride mostly 2-5 foot waves. I have ridden a 6’0 firewire with some luck but it was to thin. I am looking a a possible chub board- 5’8, 22 inches wide and three inches thick. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Psynci says:

I have 6 foot 2 thruster and I’m 5 foot 3 but still growing do I pop up like how you do it on a foamie or like the short board pop up you vid you did also what waves is it better for

Shaina mae says:

hey can u tell me what size of surfboard fits with me? im only 5’1

Andrew Martin says:

So overall what’s the surfboard for a beginner that’s gonna ride at Huntington Beach and I’m 5’4?thanks man


Deri, Fishes are great boards and are really fun in 2 or 4 fin set ups! Typically they are ridden shorter and wider than a standard shortboard for your size. I would look in the 5’10 to 6′ length range. If you were to get something shorter like the 5’10 you would want it to be wider and probly thicker than something in the 6′ range. Average widths for those size boards would probly be 20″ or more, and thickness 2 1/2″ or more. Hope this helps!

Lila Avancini says:

Are u guys in jaco

PG LC Spax says:

I found a board and my dad surfed so I want to learn but I can’t tell if it’s a surfboard or a paddle board can you make a video on the difference between those

Jackson Shanks says:

hey guys,
currently riding a 7’6 mal. but getting really bored. looking at getting a fish, but not sure what size. im 75=80kg 185cm. any recommendations would be dope, cheers

KSpooners says:

whats a mini mal

rico gittens says:


Rich goon GangTM says:

Would you say it would be okay to ride a fish for a beginner

Callie Mandeville says:

I have the Malibu design but I don’t really like it I surf big waves and I’m 5’7 what would be best for me I’ve been surfing for years

KauaiBiggieAllDay says:

Aloha Surf Coaches… I’m just beginning to learn how to surf but I think my board that I have right now is not right for me(at the moment) I currently have a board that is 6’6 19 1/2 wide 2 1/4 thick. I’m 5’5 and weigh about 260lbs. Do you have any suggestions on a easier size and shape I could get just to learn on forthe time being or until I get good enough to use my current board which was a gift. I love in hawaii if that helps.

christopher5sd says:

can you do a detailed video on tails

Deri Edwards says:

Im six foot four and im looking into getting a fish im quite good at surfing, what size board should I look into? and is this a good choice?

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