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The Chilli Churro Round Tail is a great board when you want to ride a somewhat performance outline, but the waves aren’t exactly calling for a performance shortboard. There seems to be a very generous sweet spot in the Churro that allows for ease in the catching of waves, and also assists with holding speed and pace across very flat and uncooperative sections.

Across the period of review we had very marginal conditions (especially when we were trying to film surfing on the Churro), but the Churro made some of these very average conditions a lot of fun to surf in. A lot of these days I would have normally grabbed the 5’4 31L quad that I would ride in 1ft mushburgers, but surprisingly the Churro would compete with the ease of a board like that, but also with all the benefits of a performance shortboard outline.

I recently took the board on a trip down the south coast of NSW and was able to surf it on a quite large (4ft – 8ft) slow-moving point break, and the board seemed to enjoy these conditions too. The large sweet spot got me into waves early, and also assisted connecting sections between flatter and fatter parts of the wave. The performance outline and the manoeuvrability of the round tail allowed the board to really perform when sections presented themselves and allowed for more critical and performance surfing.

Overall the Chilli Churro is a very good all-round performance shortboard that makes surfing in generally average conditions a lot of fun. If you are looking for a one board quiver that will make sure you enjoy surfing in whatever Huey delivers, this could be it. While it is a different looking board, it reminds me a lot of the versatility of the JS Monsta Box from a few years ago.

I coupled the Chilli Churro Round Tail with the new John John Florence Techflex thruster fins in large by Futures Fins – Check them out at

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We’ve taken the standard Churro and added neat round tail to it, also paired with a 5 fin set up.
Lets break it down –

The Churro has a semi wide outline with a new round tail to really help perform in small tight curves of summer surf. The rocker is gentle through the nose all the way to the tail, enough curve in the board to fit the curl of a small wave and still generate speed when doing so.

Single concave under the front foot all the way back through to behind the rear fin, it’s FAST!
If you’ve ridden the Rare Bird, the dimensions on the Churro are almost identical so go off that or drop 3 inches from your short board.

Check out the Chilli Churro Round Tail at


Gordon Flash says:

How does this board compare to the rare bird?

Elmachote The Surfer says:

How tall are you lol two different questions in two different vids just watching them all

Grim Walrus says:

Since you added some volume your surfing literally looks 10x better. Nice one Craig.

Jon Salvador says:

thanks mate, the extra notch up on the volume on the last couple of reviews is really translating into speed and flow on the waves. Thanks for another great review.

Matt Levy says:

try the pyzel phantom with those jjf fins

mrmichaelburness says:

I believe it’s pronounced ‘Chewrow’ – a long spanish donut 🙂

Adam Coyne says:

Did you tell Benny to fuck off?and start your own shit.

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