6’2″ Shortboard Surfboard Construction Time-lapse

From start to finish a timelapse of building a custom surfboard for a friend. All steps from making a blank from EPS block foam, hotwiring the blank, shaping the blank, sealing, installing fin boxes, glassing, hotcoating, sanding, paint work and gloss coating with epoxy. This is around 8 hours of footage time-lasped into 12 minutes.

See the playlist for all the real time videos that were used to create this time-lapse. They are boring but might help some of you building your first surfboard.
Playlist of the real time videos:

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Eon says:

Do you know how to repaint a skimboard, with a foot grip, and gloss on it? I bought it from a pawn shop and the paint job is horrid. Nice video by the way. 🙂

Tyler Hoagland says:

Hey man what’s the stuff that you brushed on with a paint brush?

marina grandbois says:

This comment is for Goncalo Cardoso. Dont use polyester resin on eps foam. It will eat the foam. You might be able if you put down a sealer but i wouldnt. Epoxy resin only. On a poly blank you can use poly or epoxy resin but not on eps foam. 

daliks says:

How did you paint the blank? awesome work!

Le Chat says:

damn i didnt realize the work u have to do to make surfboards….

Mc Geek says:

love the video and the board looks great!

joey hall says:

I loved the video that board is sick, I am taking a class in school that is making fiber glass boards and I need a good design and size, were do you think I can get a template to follow for the shape?

Jeff Worthington says:

What does it cost you to do the whole project? If you don’t mind me asking.

Gonçalo Oliveira Cardoso says:

What kind of resin and foam do the pro surfers of the asp use ? Polyuretane or EPS ?
Epoxy or Polyester resin ? 

rec surfboard says:

why you put a plug in the nose top of the board ?ciao….

pangrac1 says:

Very very very strange things happening there in every step, big discrepancies in wearing safety items and lot more. Pretty crazy.

Todd Liebig says:

This turned out amazing! If anyone wants to find out more information about building surfboards, check out my website http://www.howtomakeasurfboard.com. I will be posting a lot of useful information there that will help out anyone trying to make their own surfboard.

Chris Carr says:

Sweet board!

Andrew W says:

Goncalo not sure why I can’t comment directly to you.  I’m not sure what the pro surfers uses, regardless they ride boards that are glassed really light and don’t last very long since they are looking for performance not durability.

jake Van Slooten says:

How many hours of work was that and was it multiple days

Ian Bonifačić says:


Osneider Fontalvo says:

how long does it usually take the whole thing?

Tizi B says:

Why is there a single fin plug on the nose?

Tony Stokes says:

Beautiful work. Can you explain to me why the board was painted on the blank and on top of the glass with the same design?

Sam Cartwright says:

do you sell surf boards

jakethemegalomaniac says:

Hey man, awesome video series. Helped me heaps shaping my first board. I was wondering did you have any problems with delamination painting the blank and then hot coat like that? Cheers

sergio quero says:

how did u get that color on the foam?

Gray Cooper says:

thanks for sharing ☺☺☺

Taj Sobral says:

The music is aweful but nice video man

H. Miky Paredes says:

Super bueno ese video … lo que me gustaria saber es que le puso para que los solbentes de la fibra no derritan la espuma flex

Gonçalo Oliveira Cardoso says:

Hi Andrew, how are you? What’s is the best between these two foams EPS and XPS ?
I’m thinking about glassing my board with polyester resign. which one is the best? 

johnny hendricks says:

whats that tool in the way beginning when shaping the foam blank???

joey hall says:

what is that tool that u used to shape the rocker

shaka says:

What is this song?

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