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This is Your First Shortboard-Learners Shortboard Review-Learn To Surf. Many of you have asked what is a good first ‘shortboard’ to transition to after learning to surf with a mini-mal, longboard or fun board.

Learning to surf is hard and I personally think you should go for something forgiving as the transition down to this style of board is challenging. Go a little longer, look for a more generous outline (slightly wider in the tip and tail), find something with little/flattish rocker and nice, full, forgiving rails. You want paddle power and stability…manoeuvres come later!

This is a review of a good first shortboard / transition board when you’re learning how to surf. Enjoy!

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Sam Cartwright says:

that board is called a fish

Terence Ingram says:

Benny, I have a friend who has been in this same position. He eventually got a standard 6’4″ shortboard but it was not that good. He rode that for a year or so. Not great. We both board foamy’s for our kids one year for Chrissy and he ended up riding the 6’0″ Grommy ( This board was awesome for him. He caught some many waves and his surfing actually improved. That experience showed me that he needed lots of volume for paddling and getting into the wave. He also hasn’t learned about driving for speed so he needed a board that planes very easily and has speed straight away as soon as you stand up. He eventually got the GSI Modern Blackfish 6’4″ or 6’2″( Can’t remember the size. But the board has the volume and properties of the softy with obvious better performance. Once I told him to put his back foot further back after take off … he has been frothing. I also think that larger versions of Lost Rockets or Domesticated series would also work. But I have found it amusing versus me learning to surf many decades ago on discarded 5th hand boards.

•Hãnnãh Dëvlìn• says:

I have been starting to surf a soft top (ive had injuries and problems so i had to start easy) and i have a 7’2 shortboard, im 163cm tall and weigh 65kg-ish. Have just brought a traction pad, do you think i will be able to surf this well/fast-ish?

Minke Keus says:

I can surf a litle bit. I want to buy a 6″8 shortboard, is that a good one?

Lucas Mayfield says:

great vid! I started on a 9ft long board my first time surfing then I went to the wavestorm long board from Costco and after a month of riding it I got a 6’2 pintail short board. it is skinny and I was never able to get up. I am starting to get up know after a month of trying. what would u reccomend I need so I can get up and ride a wave? I was thinking a hybrid or fish??

Matityah says:

Hi Benny, what are the dimensions of this board and what weight is the surfer?

TheSkilledKiller says:

I don’t see the link for the learner mini mal

Zack Fogal says:

Started surfing last fall, at the beginning of school. Got the basics down. Looking to transition to a real stable short board for east coast canada. Looking at Lost’s Weekend Warrior. I am 6’2 and 160 pounds. I believe the 5’11 WW is 33 liters.

quinn arbogast says:

Thanks for the videos man! Extremely helpful.

Tom McA says:

I started 6’6 then went to 6’7 and also ride a 7’6 and now I just got a 5’11 haven’t ridden it yet!

Jack Stancil says:

This is a great video! I just watched your video about volume. i have a 7’6 and looking to move down to a 6’10 or 6’8. The tips about shape will definitely help me choose a board. cheers

Le Chat says:

ive been surfing for 2 years now , and i went from a 7’0 to a 6’0 .. and i can feel the difference as well

James Groutsis says:

Any board suggestions for a 15 year old at 92kg looking to step down to a board like this?

Alana says:

I have a 6’2 and been riding it for 2 years now. I definitely want a new board and shorter. Probably get something shorter like 5’11 or 5’10.

Sébastien Poncelet says:

I’m 1m90 tall, 86kgs, and bought a 6’8″ with approx 32l volume, will i be able to catch waves and learn to short board with it? I don’t mind having a slow learning curve.

lachlan dudley says:

Great videos, just subscribed. I’m trying hard to figure out a board to get as my first beginner transition form my 8 ft minimal.

Surfdocsteve says:

My son recently made this transition. He went from a 7′ 6″ Stewart to a 5’9″ Average Joe. The width and float of the Average Joe was amazing. He was able to stand on it immediately and has progressed down in size to a 5’5″ version of it with in a few months. The great thing about such a small wide board is that it is stable but still has a lot less nose to deal with and also can be duct dove within reason. I would highly recommend a wider shorter version board like the average joe to anyone making this transition.

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