Top 3 Tricks to Get through Waves on a longboard Surfboard

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A little rewind review with Atua on his longboard surfboard demonstrating how to get through waves. In this tutorial we explain and demonstrate the best 3 ways to get through oncoming waves when surfing a long-board.

The 3 wave management surfing techniques Atua demos are:
1. Punching through waves
2. The cork pop over waves
3. The famous turtle roll.



Atua’s Channel


Thomas Wilkinson says:

What the training board you have that you gave the examples on your deck

-SpyGuy- says:

How about the “board ditch”? Lol

Dale Davies says:

I want to be just like Atua one day

Ryan Connor says:

I have an 8ft soft top…… Its the worst when getting through waves, especially in the northern gulf coast

Peyton Warford says:

What is that surfboard they use to demonstrate on land

DrNoth says:

If you’re a bigger person you can duck dive a longboard.

Ho Stevie! says:

It’s so easy to catch waves with longboards, but I wish I could duck dive them through big waves!

FerreneMachine says:

these are nice for small waves imo. for large sets of white water barreling towards you and a beachbreak, I just ditch the board and dive under. this works well if you have a leash on and there is no one behind you! do not try this if you have people near behind you…

Jonathan S says:

Awesome vid, but would the turtle roll still work if there was like a 5 footer breaking either on you or right in front of you? Pura vida!

Fifavin14 says:

Nice vid, love the number of subscribers

Jeremy David says:

I like surf coaches thanks

Ethan Arias says:

Can you duck dive a fun shape board

Wave says:

What do i do if the wave is about to brake on me because that seems to happen to me pretty often?

Torin westerman says:

You guys are sweet

sea bass says:

‘Turtle roll’? RU SERIOUS? That’s a good way to get your face smashed by your board and will NOT get you outside. NO ONE who has a clue ‘turtle rolls’. No one.

Morgan itri says:

Can u do the turtle roll with a foam board

Jeffrey Shumaker says:

Pura vida? You a Tico?

meh says:

Are you guys in CR?

069delta says:

Also, as I got better at the turtle roll I found that I could use the force of the wave passing over to help me flip back atop the board. At the tail end of the wave passing over you…start to turn your board and the water moving passed you will flip you with a little more force. You have to get the feel for when to reconnect your chest to the board. If you time it just right it puts you in a good position faster and you can look forward and maybe find a low spot to paddle for or get ready to repeat.

danny tomkinson says:

When I said big I ment about 10 feet with 9 seconds swell

Olivia Newman says:

please sub to me

CounterBunny says:


Darth Figpucker says:

That’s okay for getting through small waves, but when you get a barrage of larger waves, it’s a bit more difficult. Any tips for that? Only thing I can figure out is wait it out or go way around, which takes time. I’ll practice the turtle roll more, I guess. WATCH FOR REEFS WHEN YOU DO TURTLE ROLL!

Georgia Martin says:

hey guys how do you make that surf board thing because i would like to make one

Michael Liu says:

awesome video, thanks!

Matt Kingsley says:

How about the duck dive ?

skatemancom60 123 says:

you could just duck dive

Pedro Ruiz says:

hi …from Ensenada Baja, saludos compadre……. thank you…great videos

Dale G says:

awesome. love the drywall analogy for the turtle roll

dantheman z says:

I’ll be surfing for the first time later next year. How many shark encounters have you guys had?

Dale G says:

awesome. love the drywall analogy for the turtle roll

TheValeAcunna TVA says:

What happened if the wave break while you are doing the Turtle role, and break on you

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