Surfing Lessons: How to Pop Up on a Shortboard

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Learning how to pop up on a surfboard can be challenging. Learning to pop up on a shortboard even more! In this surf lesson, Surf Coaches shows you the fundamentals of the shortboard pop up so you can master it on a smaller surfboard and move on with your surfing progression!


Ronsonmobile says:

Hey! What kind of shirt is the black hang loose tribal tshirt that you’re wearing in this video? Who makes it? Really cool shirt Thanks!

Lauren Holbrook says:

Do you know the best place to order ‘cheap’ good quality short boards?

Jake Muniak says:

Great stuff, cheers!

Light House says:

Haters hating on people learning to shortboard with this “cheating” technique… if this is how some want to learn to surf let it be.. why all the hate!

Minke Keus says:

I can surf a bit, but i learned it with some lessons. I want to buy my own board, and i saw a shortboard 6″8. Is that a good one to buy?

Student, Leopold Lemoine says:

are there to coaches in isurftribe
this one and the other coach but their never in the same vid

Alison Evan says:


how to prank with ghillie guys camlon and oscar says:

this is great I was having loads of trouble now I’m poping up great my board is 5’5 real hard but I’m pretty young and it fittes me good but I thought I didn’t until I saw this vidio

John Surf says:

No wrong!!!! Pop right to your feet !!!! You crawling!!!

Angel Stevens says:

Great video – informative and straightforward, but the camera shooting was really frustrating! Hah quite a few times im just wishing it was aimed a bit lower to actually see the demonstration better, but that aside, really helpful!

Mikhail Wingate says:

Video helped a lot! Also if Megan is single.. Marry me.

hahagotcha!!!! says:

Mmmmmmmmmmm…… Megan…….

Sam Bowden says:

Youre a legend helped me so much

lachlan dudley says:

Just a quick question. I have been looking for advice on this chicken-wong pop-up method. Some have been saying that it is ultimately a way to form a bad habit instead of just trying ot bring both feet through your arms (i.e. having both feet airborne as your arms support your weight). With this said, the chicken wing method (if you can do it fluid) seems like a great way of getting up on a shorty. What are your thoguths on this Surf Coaches, as you get better with the chicken wing does it turn into a more fluid double airborne style mode?

Nicole Laszlo says:

So, I made the mistake (sort of) of getting a 6’10 board (I’m 5’5″ and a little under 130) so my feet are always off the board. And while on ideal days I can pop up the “normal” way, if there’s any bumps I’m screwed. Pop ups don’t happen. So, thank you. This video has tremendously helped my morale and I hope to try it soon.

Jerry Zhan says:

Enjoying the view down there buddy??

brunodz1 says:

Didnt help, couldnt pay atention on the board

aricruz says:

I’m having trouble sitting on a shortboard. it’s 5’8″. is that a normal issue? are they meant to not be sat on?

Samy Castillo says:

Nobody could explain this to me before.
Thankyou x1000

Hunter Ball says:

I just got a 6 3 and I have trouble standing up any tips

Jochem Lambers says:

i’m a very tall guy 6’7″ and not super flexible…
My board is a 7’6″, and during pop-up my feet are sticking out.
This video really helped me a lot!! Thanks guys

TheNatureScapes says:

nice life style costa brah

Jago Bouffler says:

nice belt, did a dress one with that 😉

Nick Manfredi says:

nice guys!

Rick Becker says:

hi, i’m a second year surfer i can borrow a short board. i can surf straight but i dindt did Any turns. should i rent e bigger foam board or should i borrow that shord board?

ibendan says:

very intersting and usefull tuto , thanks

Jason Hu says:

How do u do a super dirty pit-dog tube stance?

ken zhong says:

Thanks to you guys I can catch plenty waves now. This is, I think the easiest to pop up on a shortboard. I ride 6’0 and been surfing for almost 3 months now. BTW, how tall is Megan. She looks pretty tall?

John Surf says:

You need allot of practice!!!!You better learn how to pop up, before you start teaching!!!

CootMcGyver GetawayDriver says:

Step one: keep knees bent
Step two: Megan
Step three: Megan
Step Megan: Megan

Traffic Lights Are Racist And Mysogynistic says:

Yeah.. Megen. you almost had steeve but he pulled a hammy right?

Tyg.o.V.B says:

Can you also just do a normal pop-up

paddyleblanc says:

All I saw there was Megan.

Peter Bowman says:

Never thought about this until I stubbed my toe popping up….broken! Ouch! No surf for me and gotta pay attention to back foot next time!

SUZYYY2013 says:

What ever happened to this guy? He seemed cool….Anyone know why he’s not in any recent vids?

angel bermudez says:

im 5’10 150 pounds what boards would fit me the best a 5’11 or a 6’2 ?

John Surf says:

Pop low and loose!!!!When you stick the knee out you slowing down the board!!!!

Student, Leopold Lemoine says:

oh sorry didn’t see in their videos that they did a vid together

DiaperJuice_ 48 says:

All of these comments are about Magan lol

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