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Abe Miller says:

good big boy board

Melbourne Surfers says:

Can You review the JS Evolution? 

martysgarden says:

Good review, I think one of these would be perfect at the Pass in Byron in those crowds,,,need to have more paddle to compete against all those mals out there on smaller days.
Cheers Marty Ware (Australian Micro farmer)

Joseph Doherty says:

song on the smith ad at the end?

Surfinglongboards couk says:

Great video – love the change in direction with format. Could you do something on single fin hybrid boards like the Takayama Scorpion or a Bear wombat? In fact any Takayama or Bear board would be great! Cheers.

Jeremy Morse says:

Hey Chris, love your reviews, I’ve learned so much, and you’ve helped me get my boards right! There is just nothing like you’re knowledge, enthusiasm, thoroughness, and always engaging delivery — I’m always stoked to go to the black room!

So, I’m looking to get a Submoon. I’m trying to figure out if I should do a 7′ or 7’6″. I’m 38yo, 185Lbs, 5’11”, average+ fitness, average+ ability, a long-boarder turned everything, but no fancy stuff, just carving on the face, a quick turn in the pocket, holding a high line in a faster wave, an all-too-occasional trip to the green room, etc. I like the 42L of the 7′, people are saying it is still duck-divable, but I’m wondering if it has enough volume in the mid and nose to hold me, float me, paddle well, pick up waves easy, and hang a few toes off every once in a while. It’s actually such a thin profile, I don’t want to get a “sinker”. You suggest riding it between 1-2 feet longer than I am tall, and the volumes look spot on for that. I wish they made a 7’3″ at 47L, I bet that would be perfect for me, but alas, looks like they don’t. So….

Do you think at my size and weight I should go with the 7’6″? Would it still be as nimble? I have a step up board (6’2″ 37L …Lost Quiver Killer) but I bet when I get this Submoon under my feat I’ll be riding it even in head high+ and faster waves if I can make the drop and a quick enough turn, which it looks like the tail will support.

Would appreciate your two cents — many thanks! -jeremy

Ben Havilland says:

Thanks for lighting up my Tuesday +Chris Grow! It’s cool to see more weird 🙂 This board kinda blows my mind.  Does that tail shape do anything magical?

Valdo van Zyl says:

Great work Chris!! Always stoked to see there’s a new vid up!! Not seeing enough westside V signs anymore!

Esteban Schreck says:

Thank you! What is the volume on this board?

ZmannR2 says:

The submoon is the greatest thing I’ve ever ridden in my life!!! In the timbertek construction

Andrey says:

Review Lib Tech surfboards! they look super durable! 

Andrew Breakey says:

do eggs also fall under the category of a funboard?

DakineAdventures says:

Really loving your videos. Been learning choke about the construction and design of boards through your channel. Keep up the awesome job! I know you covered this in a video a while back and I understand the difficulty, but is there a chance you can get your hands on some Arakawa or Tokoro boards? Any chance you’ll review a fishcuit? Mahalo to the ShredShow crew! 

justin murphy says:

Thanks Chris, your unique blend of surfboard knowledge and gifted eloquence really blows my mind. Altho I am interested in all boards, I find that as my fitness and ability increase, I am increasingly drawn to high performance boards. Would love to see a review of the DHD Ducks Nuts. A lot of pro’s are riding DHDs and for good reason, they rip, as do you. How about a little footage of you riding the board you review? Love it that you now give the dimensions for the board you are holding, it helps to feel out the info related. Also hope shred show is working out for you financially as it soooo deserves to. Infinite love and gratitude.

Bryant Hull says:

Lib Tech “waterboards”, new technology, Interested to see your take on some of their boards. 

zinkoffman101 says:

hey, great vid by the way, could ur next one be on the new Hayden Shapes Love Buzz
it looks like a really interesting shape

Dave Malwitz says:

Can you review a 6’6″ ADDvance?? Thanks, love your work!

Dustin Tran says:

How about the Firewire Vader next? 

Ho Stevie! says:

Big wood!

martysgarden says:

I have a submoon and have ridden it from 1ft to 6ft bombs. When riding it you need to understand about shifting weight and walking or stepping around on the board. I found that it performs a lot better as a quad. I ride it anywhere from small beach breaks to on the points in Byron Bay. I go through a lot of boards and this one will never leave my quiver,,, This board is fun,,,with a capital F
Marty Ware (Australian Micro Farmer)
ps: It actually goes not too bad in the Barrel around the head high range!

Mathew Norrie says:

sweet video again chris. really helpful as my partner is looking at a picking up a fun board as she progresses. love the timbertek too, although i just smashed my t/tek spitfire rails on the rocks in raglan (nz) 🙁
looking forward to the next video, cheers.

JTV says:

Here here for the ducks nuts review 🙂

Alex Neale says:

Hey im looking at getting this board just wondering about what sizs to get. My current board is a 6ft8 double shaka. Im about 5ft 9, and between 68 to 70kg. And my surf level is beginner/intermediate.
Cheers Alex

Joel Grieve says:

Great show Chris!
Thought you might like to review a Bonza sometime as I’ve not seen one on your show yet.
Campbell Bros. in California make some nice ones, especially like the Russ short model!

Ko Kim says:

Love your videos!!

James Krejcarek says:

This is a fantastic direction to take the show. I appreciate how you draw connections back to your roots in shorter boards by discussing how the hull and the rails will relate to the surfing experience. I think that, as a community, we surfers are interested in different experiences on waves and how those different experiences can influence how we get stoked about riding our other boards.

Funny enough, I tried my wife’s 7’2″ mini mal on a junky day here in Los Angeles a month ago and it gave me a fun and refreshing experience when compared to my go to shortbaords. Since then I’ve actually taken it out on some better days and feel like it has given me an appreciation for longer boards and some new ideas about how I should ride my shortboards. Keep it up!

David Miao says:

With a board like this is it better to have a stiffer or a more flexible fin? Any ideas?

Senna fan says:

Chris could you review the Channel Island Remix? I know its an older board but i would love to see you review; there isn’t any good reviews on it. Or could you just give me a suggestion on fins for the Remix, Im 165 Lbs

Alex Sands says:

I did not want to accept that you were covering a funboard lol, so the whole time I just imagined there was a pointed nose and a little more rocker in front and it would have made a interesting comparison to what nathan fletcher has been riding on the north shore, a long, wide wooden quad haha

Lars Rasch says:

Excellent show man!

crisanto badilla says:

Hi, thanks for the video. My Submoon is a 6’8 and I have to said “I love it “. I have another FireWire board all of them perfect but this one is a special board

Caton Lu says:

Saw J.O.B. riding the Stump from Odysea Surfboards recently. Possible review?

Sky Bluefeather says:

Chili Cherry Peppa? Was thinking about buying this surfboard, and was wondering what you think of it?

James Krejcarek says:

Any guidance on proper sizing here? I looks like I could go on the shorter side, but I’m temped to take a longer version that I would normally to take advantage of the extra length and wave catching help. How would you pick a proper length? Thanks!

Roman Ortiz says:

Hi Sred!!!!!! you makes me a Fan!!!!! Cool explanations and fanny way you make us know a bit more!!!!
Could you analize the PUKAS Original Sixtyniner???


Surf LBC says:

speaking of Strange Boards,  have you reviewed any of the Alva Surfcraft?

Justin Bordwell says:

Just get a hull

Ian Mellor says:

I have been watching your show for awhile now and I just want to say that this show has really helped me understand boards in a new way. I also have been looking at the Lost Sub Buggy by Matt Biolos shaped by his rider Kolohe Andino and I wanted to know your thoughts on it. I live in Huntington Beach Ca. And if you could feature it that would be great.

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