Shred Show – Quads vs thrusters, Epoxy vs pu, and Happy Shovel vs Dwart.

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Thank you Rusty and Hydroflex for working together to get me this board for free. Thank you Smith Optics and DaKine for sponsoring this episode. All opinions are my own.


Nice and Clean says:

How would this compare to a double agent firewire?


I wanna know what you think about varial and EFC foam.. thanks for making this channel!  I’m learning so much thanks to you.

Pablo Siesta says:

a dhd black diamond will drive through a turn like a thruster without a Knubster fin…and drive like a quad in a straight line! But make sure quad fins arent too small.they’ll slip on the face a bit driving. Set it up as a quad and leave it . great board.

Tony Puleo says:

I primary ride Rusty boards, (The Moby, Big Cat, Hustler, 69 and the Yeti) I prefer EPS but a slightly heavier glassing. Double 6 top and Double 4 bottom.

Mike McCourt says:

This board owes a debt to Michael Peterson circa ’71 in Morning of the Earth. Checkout “the cutback” board at Kirra.

Salomon Kamalodine says:

What types of fins would you recommend with this board? Also, how much shorter than your regular shortboard would you ride this? Thx!

tony beatbutcher says:

Hey Shred Show do you do also longboards?

Nacho Peró says:

could you do a review on the pyzel next step

Flavortown says:

For a beginner surfer, should i get the panda doinker or the lost bean bag. I live on the east coast. What would you suggest?

Dave Simmons says:


Jason Jones says:

Wuts up Chris…?! This is Jonesy out of Oregon. Hopefully you catch this post…Your show is epic and I watch it all the time and hands down it has goto be the best ,most exciting and educational show out there for surfers of all levels!!! I have tried to watch a few tech vids and informational vids put out by other people and I’m constantly looking for new vids to learn new things about surfing and sometimes I want to ask the people who post ,” Do you even surf?” because they are so dead in what they’re talking about. I have watched this video probably at least a dozen times and really want a Hydroflex Happy Shovel like the one you reviewed here. I have checked out a lot of boards online and tried several similar boards and keep coming back to this board so now I’m going to be saving for a while so I can get one for myself! Thanx for the great board review and all the info you’ve put out there! Again bro your vids rock and I hope you keep at it and keep the passion!!!! How could a person not after you’ve started surfing. Live the dream! Stay real B true!

Kyle Smithers says:

I like something different for all
My boards

john raffaghello ii says:

just give me any board and Ill ride it

Cirendeu Premier Residence says:

boss..u did great on vid.; try to used clip on mic..u be perfect.

tdrum21 says:

Thanks for this. Good review


So I Just got my happy shovel 2 weeks ago and unlucky for some there was no waves until the weekend just gone, so I thought I’d share my thoughts about it to anyone considering getting one for themselves.
I live in southeast Ireland and the waves here are generally onshore mush (simular to coco beach florida) with the occasional point break and reef days as well so it’s good to have a board for all sorts of conditions .
I’m 5’8 and about 70 kgs ,I’m not a shit hot ripper but I can surf well enough so I got a 5’6X19.7X2.3. ..Man its so small !!

So I took it out on a decent point break with solid 3 foot waves at first. I Set it up as a thruster (GRs in the sides and a G3 in the middle) . I was absolutely blown away with the amount of drive out of this board at high speed with such a wide tail . I was sure , even with the bigger fins ..I’d be slipping and sliding all over the shop. This was not the case at all ! Super drivey long drawn out cut backs was the order of the day ..Wow! Super fun. Now at the same time it came off the bottom very well but didn’t like going crazy vert and definitely preferred the more open face carves than blasting lips. ..Unless your Smelly Skater of course and we’d all love to be able to surf like him .:)

After 1.5 hours I went in for some tea and crumpets give the arms a break before heading back out again. ..This time a went for the quad setup …You know. ..Just to mix it up a bit .
Again I Was absolutely gobsmacked at the difference this made to the board. All of a sudden the board came alive , quick rail to rain action, it became much looser on the wave and much more responsive to “your more immediate turning demands”( to quote the king). I did feel the uncontrolled slide in the bottom turn but not an issue at all! Once the fins catch you can feel the rail engage and your away to blasting another lip . Gotta watch that nose on the re-entry though.
…There’s rocker there but not that much and I buried myself into a few batterings . All part of the fun though eh ?
The tail also became much more slidey on the lip so plenty of scope for fun slides and busting the fins free.
The only other thing I’ve noticed(so far) with this board that I’ve never experienced in any board before is that it likes to go to the air. Now I Don’t know why and maybe I’m wrong but that’s the feeling I got with it and more so with the thrusters than the quads ??? Now I Can’t do airs but heck at 38 is not to late to learn. …is it ??

Well that’s my 2 cents on it anyway … I’d often wonder when see these reviews and think. .It’s he talking about hard core rippers in great waves or just for the average punter in average waves I Thought this post might be helpful to some .
Super fun board to have in your quiver and I can’t wait to get back in the water. 🙂

Thiago Gutierrez says:

Any suggestions on Future Fins for this board? I just got mine ordered but it’s my first time using a Future Fins setup. I weight 165lbs. and will be surfing this board on waist high days. Thanks

johnpaulstez says:

the way the volume decreases in this board is an updated version of what we used to call “domed” in the 90s. domed boards came about in the 90s to try to get a little more floatation out of the Kelly Slater-esq, potato chip, flip tip ultra-narrow ultra-thin real boards. once people came to their senses, and started riding thicker, wider boards again the Dome boards sort of just went away. the central idea is still the same. Move the foam towards the center, and keep the rails thin and responsive.

mggcomputers says:

is this guy on crack?!!

Aventine says:

Are surf boards really that light?

Peekukthefrog says:

Hey Shred Show any ideas where I could get a Rusty happy shovel in exactly the same colour as you feature in your vid?? cheers

Bond Summers says:

Haydenshapes PE construction and Superbrand’s standard production are the two best standard constructions for low weight, higher strength, and lower cost,… all relatively.

J. Smith says:

Oceanside shout out!

Tommy Courchesne says:

Filllllthyyy thats a sick board

touchy fish says:

aweseome videos man! I am learning so much !

Willy Meyer says:

I got the happy shovel 2 years ago and love it, that  width helps out so much in these florida waves down here, plus i love that fun feeling from the wide quad box. Great review! 

Kevin Hall says:

I prefer PU and I want to sea a Fling review

Ben van beelen says:

What is the rusty board called in the vid

Daniel da Quinta Mizrahi says:

Epoxy for little chunky messy waves and PU for classic rail to rail surf


ive got my new happy shovel arriving next week…and just cant wait to surf it  but im really unsure what to expect except that it should be a lot of fun 🙂

Brian McNeil says:

Best review ever! &)


I’ve got a motor boat too at the moment and is a great board. My local is pure muc but this board goes really well from 1 foot in to 6 foot but it gets a bit slidy with the wide tail and find I have to nurse my turns to hold control. Decide to go for a happy shovel this time round as a backup board. I’ve surfed a dwart a few times and while it’s great for getting you into waves and down the line …I find it difficult to get it to redirect without boggin a railand then all your speed is gone so your just hoofin down the line again . I’m hoping the shovel with be a good compromise and it looks like a wicked addition to my quiver .

New board coming so that usually means a flat spell …doh !!!

Christian Schwagereit says:

You are funny as fuck jajaja… you should have a talk show.

Lance181 says:

I bought a Happy Shovel about a year ago. I’m a bigger guy at about 190 lbs and bought the 6’4 with the standard demenions. I believe it comes in around 38 liters. Originally I bought it for small days, but I like it so much it has become my go to board. Today I surfed it in waves that were 1-2 ft over head and it was perfect. The only time I really don’t like it is when the waves are really pitching. The small amount of rocker and wide nose make it hard to make most of those waves. But, like I said it is my go to board and over half my surfs are on this board. LOVE the show Chris! Keep up the good work! If you get a chance I would love to see a review on the Rusty Panda. I was thinking that could bridge the gap for me on the more pitching days.

Randy Porter says:

Shred show, you guys should put the prices the stuff costs too!

Giovanni Luca says:

I find epoxies tend to chatter especially when you have a Cross offshore wind. People riding them look less smooth and less on Rail. Polyester on the other hand seems to handle that chop much better. I did have a tufflite that was quite heavy that didn’t seem as susceptible as a previous epoxy I shape but I have gone back to riding polyester because they are more user friendly.

CoteMotorcycles says:

guy knows how to talk. awsome video!

Danny Falcao says:

i like to go fast as hell down the line and bust air reverses on a closeout, then ride the white wash in and flip my hair out of my face when i notice some babes checking me out.  My 5’8 rusty ROOSTER pulls in the sheelahs for sure. aloha   

Tyler Booth says:

+SurfboardShredShow What size is the happy shovel you are explaining in the video?

Ryan McFadden says:

I am looking for a nice small wave board like this happy shovel i am 4 foot 8 inches and weigh around 85 pound my volume is usually around 16-17 in a standard shortboard what demensions should i get this board.

Gefa Duro says:

Lol surfings become so tech we all sound like physics majors…

Francois Bouscarle says:

Hi Chris thanks for introducing the Hydroflex tech ; I think you have no review of the LibTech , what do you think ? same as surftech or worth checking ? looking seriously at their version of the puddle jumper, need your advice first … thanks !

Xoxocube says:

I just discovered the show… this is what I’ve been looking for!

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