Shred Show – Quads vs. Single fins, Album’s Darkness and enough bright colors to cause a seizure

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Shred Nation!

Thank you Album for giving me this board for free. Thank you Smith Optics for sponsoring this episode. All opinions are my own.


Thomas Guglielmo says:

I look forward to each episode and like the comments below, I learn more about surfing with each episode. Keep them coming! I really enjoyed the string tip from the leash episode. Such a simple change made changing strings my leash strings so much easier. Now I don’t have to cut them off when they get old. Thanks.

Rick Kuhnla says:

Question on the futures quad rears: Howcome the RTM honeycomb rears have the symmetric foil, whereas the tech flex has flat inside foil? Step up types of boards that work well for powerful waves normally have the rear boxes closer together, which works well with symmetric foiled fins, so wouldn’t you want those made of the stiffer texhflex materials? For what its worth I ride a 5’9″ Roberts Dreamcatcher with WCT fronts and 4.0 honeycomb rears and it works great in hollow surf.

Ferdinand Arcinue says:

I’ve been drooling over Album boards for a while now and been looking for mid lengths… so tempted with the special offer!!

mrcasiouss says:

hei chris, what would be your fin advise for single fin short egg (5,5) , what dims on the fin?

Alexandre Goulet says:

Thanks +Shred Show , layering some info on the fins in great. Wondering if you could spend a little bit more time on the rails of the boards you review, if possible. Thanks!

Michael Cugliandro says:

Love shred show, wish i was able to get a few of the boards. Can you do the Love Buzz soon by Hayden Shapes soon?

Esteban Schreck says:

Chris – Great show! I love it that you are now looking at less traditional shapes more often. The Darkness reminds me of one of my favorite boards – Huevo Ranchero by Fletcher Chouinard. Outline and bottom of the board are pretty similar only with less thickness. Mine is 7’0 but with 42 liters of volume (hand shaped epoxy). My HR has a smaller center fin and two side bites and you can easily transition from trimming to turning. It combines the ease of catching waves with a smooth “high performance” down and up and down.
I have always been intrigued by the Takayama Scorpion. I would say it fall in a similar category to the Darkness or the Huevo Ranchero. It would be good if you can review.

Freestyle CP says:

Love your reviews, definitely the best on the internet. I would love to see more about rockers as they are probably the single most important feature that determines how the board will surf. Maybe you could place a straight edge down the stringer and even give a couple of dimensions, also show if it’s a continuous rocker or staged rocker etc. Anyway keep the reviews coming.

Terry Harvey says:

album and Matt Parker have some insane looking boards…….want a Swing , Balance and a Ledge Quad in the quiver!

Christopher Rad says:

I have a 7ft Merrick Minimal (7ft x 20 5/8 x 2 5/8), and noticed that mine has a rolled v in the front as well.
Was wondering why you guys think that is. Also for those who are curious, I agree 100%, I prefer my mal over my groveler shortie in point surf any day!
Beach breaks are a different story though haha!+Shred Show

Juan Rabe says:

Please do a review on Pyzel. Either the slab or pyzalian

Mikhaeel Shaikjee says:

aahhhhh yeeeaaaa I’m one of those comments on instagram. love the concept of these fun boards and mini nose riders. great review

federico aka voxa on the road says:

Can you give us some info on how to choose the fin for a single fin? On the fin brands websites they all come together in the category “longboard” with all the sizes but how can we choose a fin for a board like that or for an HS cannon for example? Thanks

Jake H says:

just sent these guys an inquiry. would love to see more deals like this. I didn’t even know about album until this episode and it’s just what I was looking for. thanks!

Ben Havilland says:

That board looks like a realistic replacement to an actual longboard and one of the more refined funboards I’ve seen.   The fin options are rad.  I thought the LayZBoy was the best I could get for little baby waves without a super long board but this looks even better.  I say do more of the kooky boards 🙂  I ride all kinds of boards to try to best match wave, conditions and my energy/stoke levels and I get more waves for doing so.  I’d actually like to see a nose rider review.  Thanks Chris and keep up the awesome!

LazyTurtle Unzueta says:

ridding footage!!! 🙂

Randysdirtyburgers says:

Hey man could you do a episode all about the Rusty Dwart and T Dwart?

aclassgnar says:

just what i’ve been waiting for! 

Felix Mendes says:

again super showw!!!=) for me is fine these boards also!! there is any MINI simmons review?

FerreneMachine says:

Id love this board but Im pretty sure I can’t afford it. Time for craigslist!

Brian Fannin says:

Great description on the width of the tail suiting single or quad!! I recently picked up a similar board and found the quad to work better….but couldn’t explain why. Love your show!

Brad Tremble says:

Loved this episode. I’ve been wanting to see an episode about a single fin style board. It would still be amazing if you did an episode on a Mandala Oracle though. You got two thumbs up from me on this one Chris.

Bermcannon Media says:

shit! this board looks Amazing!!!!!!

Max Mayol says:

Can you do a HAGE log grampa? Or a HAGE mini simmons?

Dylan Thompson says:


Emil Lund says:

…Lost Weekend Warrior =D

Nick Lynn says:

I really like the discussion about how fins and board work TOGETHER, and how there’s variation in that, for this particular set up. So many boards out there now (trendy, maybe?) come with five boxes. There’s lots to get into about how buying one board, along with two (or three?) sets of fins can change up performance in the water — plus there’s ramifications for travel, etc. So yeah, more please!

Colby Riviere says:

Please do some of Albums short boards! I am really interested in the xDOOMx shape he just posted on IG the other day looks insane

duane hernandez says:

Awesome Chris!! Yeew!! Thanks for featuring a board a bit similar to the Takayama Scorpion! I’d order that board, however, being in the other side of the world doesn’t help. Lol keep them coming Chris!!

charles natzu says:

yessss!!! fun boards are fun =]

micky jegero says:

I love seeing reviews on alternative shapes and retro style boards like this… Would be good to see one on a Takayama Scorpion or McTavish Sumo around the 6’4 mark.

Sam Burr ough says:


Evan Ellison says:

What was that single find u showed, am now think in about getting one

James Krejcarek says:

This is an awesome offer, great show as well. More fun shapes/mini mals would be sweet, I would like a little more technical review of how the shape/foil/concave/rails influence how this board would surf relative to other mini mal’s or funboards and relative to a shortboard. For example, I’m not sure fully understand how a long single concave of this would be different than the double concave on the submoon…I think you hinted at a comparison, but more details would be very helpful. Keep up the great work!

Mason Gordon says:

Yes High 5 next

Peteypiranha83 says:

I really enjoy your channel man! Keep up the great work!

Mason Gordon says:

The red and back one that Chris owns is like Shane Dorian’s Jaws board

Richard Bonin Salazar says:

Would love to see a surf video of this board.. Please??

Piet Pompies says:

Awesome episode! Do the fred stubble next! With comparison to the new flyer which seems quite similar. 

Carlo Abastta says:

I’ve be longboard for almost a year and I was wondering if I should go straight to a short board or if I could start out with that board and Work my way up to a short board.

Greg Pentecost says:

Absolutely love your show! I’ve been away for awhile and I come back to a board VERY comparable to my Dewey Weber Feather Fastback – My favorite all-around board! The only thing I have been wanting is two tiny side fins for a little more grab on good days. Ta-da! This may work! Mahalo from Honolulu! BTW: LOVE!!! The special promo you’ve got going on with the boards featured! I hope that becomes a regular event. Perhaps you would also be able to give a line-up of coming boards to be featured so we have more than a week to save our pennies. LOL

machinegunguitar says:

Matt at Album Surfboards is cool and his boards are awesome! I have a 5’6″ Fat SLX, and super fast 5’10” Quad VaVa, and a 6’1″ step up! All float me nice and are very fast! Oh yea, and they look sweet too! 

Herman Melville says:

More funboards, homie.  Getting back into surfing after a ten year hiatus.  Need more knowledge.

WishIcould showmyname says:

Love the show.

Clint Ventriglia-Hill says:

Every board is a fun board

Esteban Schreck says:


Shred Show says:

+Carlo Abastta This board sizes well from about 6’4 to 7’8, so you can actually get fairly shortboard-ish with it while having something much easier to surf than a shortboard. I think its better to get on your first shortboard too late rather than too soon, so something like this may be really fun for the next 6 – 12 months before you work up to a shortie.

markhighfill says:

I ride a 6’8″ egg  (GH). Love me some eggs!! I am the egg man….

sosboards1 says:

Awesome can I offer a deal to sell my boards?

Jesse Urane says:

Great review, love that you went less mainstream on a shaper, matts got some real cool boards

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