Shred Show – Lib Tech Puddle Jumper by ..Lost

Come with me as a take a Lib Tech snowboard to Utah – – Click to see me lose a GoPro, break some rules and have some fun.
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I love Quivers concept because they stock boards by Hayden, …Lost, T Patterson and more in a wide variety of dimensions. Members pay a monthly fee and get to switch and swap boards as often as they like – It’s kind of like having a hundred boards in your garage, or like having Netflix for surfboards.

Their address is:
1611 Alabama Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92406

Their phone number is:

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DaKine Jetty Wet/Dry

Find more on this backpack here:

How to win one: If you’re surfing any Lib Tech board, tell us what you think of it in the comments above. In two weeks (Nov 21) I’ll pick one of your comments at random to win a brand new Jetty Pack fresh from DaKine with the tags still on it. Not surfing a Lib Tech board? Don’t worry. I’ll give away more of my favorite (and useful) DaKine gear in coming weeks.


I read each of your comments beneath the previous episode; ‘How Bruce Irons Changed my LIfe’, and I was blown away. Thank you.

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Puddle Jumper on Surfer’s Village

Read Bryan Dickerson’s review of the Puddle Jumper on Surfer’s Village here:

More surf footage

Full Clips of Ryan Carlson on this board:

Nate Yeomans on this board:

Photo Credits

Ryan Carlson photo cred: John Jackson –

Bryan Dickerson photo cred: Mark Lukach –…

Thank you Quivers and DaKine for sponsoring this episode and supporting the Shred Show community. Than You Lib Tech for giving me this board for free. All opinions are my own.


Matt Duncan says:

Hey Any owners of this Lib-Tek Design ?

whats thes the deal with Pressures ?

Do you still get those pesky pressure dings pop up all over your board with only the first week ?

My Lost RV is covered with them. great shape, but the thing actually loves to ding, crack, you name it .

Shane Harris says:

The backpack throw and yardstick ditch were top notch! haha

Jean-Christophe Rodrigue says:

Glad to see a Lib board being reviewed. I have surfed the Bowl and now surf the aireola and love them. It’s so much less stress than a PU made out of fragile glass… Traveling is not worrying at all. Slowly building a lib quiver and being happy about it!

Maxwell Brody says:

I’ve been surfing a lib tech and have to say it’s mental. So fast and quick and feels almost as good as surfing an pu. absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone.

Declan Guildea says:

Cool board

Aaron Lin says:

is this board good for beginners?

Sam Ekinci says:

Got a 5’9 and am having the hardest time picking fins for it. Tried plastic FCS and there is so much empty space around the base that it doesn’t look very “indestructible.” Any advice for fins for a 155 pounds 6 feet dude? preferably quad or a full set.

shitmydickgotstuckinthecowagain says:

this board seems insane!!!

Munchamuggles says:

I’m a beginner and we have very small surf. It’s ankle to chest high. But I also want to travel and ride bigger surf one day

Is this the right board for me?

Jeff Fadness says:

Lib Tech is also the only skateboard deck manufacturer to make an alternative construction (modern) board that wasn’t completely whack. Solid review!

Ric Rick says:

I wonder if anybody except lib tech can repair this board.

Cameron McLeod says:

Hey Chris/everyone.

Thanks for the review, seems like a great board. Keen to go for it but just a little hesitant.

I’m 25 M, 80kg, 180cm, fit, decent paddling ability (swimmer), going into my third season, surf a few days a week except for winter, currently riding a 7’3″ fun board, confident but still just doing simple maneuvers, in New York so most days pretty mushy and small.

You think this would be an ok transition board for me or I should go for more of a groveller e.g. bottom feeder? Really like the look of the Puddle Jumper and want to challenge myself but also wanna keep progressing. Sizing suggestions would be great too.

Thanks for the help!


kona UC says:

what kickpad is that?

Richard Shapiro says:

um, GNU was original company, in 77. after he got screwed by the distribution company that became nitro, they had to make a new company. that’s when liberace technologies and mervin manufacturing started. later on they got GNU back. Also, Never Summer (used to be Never) is another major surfboard company made in US.

Senna fan says:

Do you think you’ll be reviewing “The Link” by Lost?” Look really interesting for beach breaks.

Nic Deane says:

I want one of those so so so bad!! I contacted Lost here in Australia (currently in indo yeww!!) and we won’t be getting it.. I know have a bucket to collect my tears 🙁

Sam Hyduchak says:

I live in the northwest and have been reppin Lib Tech for a long time(snowboards), but the start of this summer i bought the 5’5 puddle jumper. And i really enjoy it. It weighs basically nothing. This summer i surfed it mostly everyday. I ride it as a thruster. No problems with it, awesome board.

CJ Hadland says:

Love the shred show guys. I haven’t seen these boards on the Sunshine Coast Qld Australia… The concept of subscription quiver idea is nice. The board looks good too. I’d love to give on a crack and see what it’s like.

thomas_25 says:

Hey Chris (or anybody)-
Can you recommend a good shape for solid waves? I already have a FW Baked Potato and a JS Rock n Roll so my super small and all around wave heights are covered, but I really want to try something for when the waves are chest high and up. It would be awesome if you could help me out. Don’t need dims. Thanks

MrWannabeprogrammer says:

Is it gnu/linux or gnu/herd?

Luciano Antonio Travassos Sarinho says:

Hi Chris, are you going to do a “lost carbon wrap board review”? I do have some questions about it, if you do please let me know. Thanks! and great job!

Matt Faludi says:

I recently won a lib tech board in a raffle. I really like it and it road normal it just wasn’t my size an I (sadly) had I part ways with it

Toby Back says:

Hey Chris, Could you review the Dane Reynolds Sampler?

Edmund S. says:

Can anyone recommend a fin set-up for this board?

Isaac Greene says:

Hi Chris, Please do a review on the AireEOla by lib tech, particularly the 5,11. Also whats up with the fin system on there boards?

J Smith says:

I own a 5’10 Non-libtech regular puddle jumper. Im 205 Lb,
For Fins I cant express enough how awesome the Futures Rasta fins combined with Ea Blackstix 3.0 rears on a quad setup feels on this board.

Jorik Heijenk says:

Hi shred show! can you Maybe do the lost quiver killer?

Mark Lorenzana says:

Hello and love the show! Any chance you will be reviewing the Futures Lost Slingshot fins?

samuel gmeiner says:

Hey guys ive been surfing the bowl from lib tech for 6 month now and i have to say that its amazing. I did stand and jump on it out of the water, and nothing happened to it. The material dose not feel like epoxy, i would say it floates just like a normal board.

maurizio di lodovico says:

Hi Chris, Hi All!! I own a LIB Puddle Jumper since Sept’15 and I’m stoked!! I’m 5’11/160lbs high-intermediate/experienced surfer and I go with the 5’3” (Normal dims. 5’11/6’0 – 26.5L/27.2L). Smooth feeling but sensitive and seriously reactive too. All kind of waves from 0.5m windswell to good 6ft. Really happy and the board seems extremely durable! I really reccomand as step down board!! cheers

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