Kelly Slater Designs “Omni” Surfboard Review by Noel Salas Ep. 68

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In this episode I get two Slater Designs “Omni” surfboards sent down for review. One board is a stock 5’4” with FCSII fin plugs and the other is a stock 5’3” with Futures.

Both boards feel good under foot and I couldn’t really feel the difference in paddling between the two even though the 5’4” has 1.1 liters more foam. However I did notice a difference in transition from turn to turn and the 5’3” had a bit more snap to it. When I talk over the waves on these two boards I can really see the difference.

I also spend some time comparing the attributes on the Omni to the Cymatic because they look so similar. After gathering some knowledge and surfing both models in similar wave conditions my conclusion is they surf completely different.

The Omni surfs more like a HPSB with a little more entry rocker and excels in steeper more hollow waves. I found the Omni to be a little more demanding (harder to surf) compared to the Cymatic. The Omni wants to be surfed off the tail compared to the Cymatic and favors a back footed surfer due to its board design. The Omni has a round tail so it holds speed through turns very well and likes to carve. On the down side I felt it struggled to go vertical in the pocket due to the natural characteristics of a round tail wanting to do rounder turns by design.

I found the Cymatic to be a bit more user friendly (easier to surf) and faster compared to the Omni because its double Bat Tail design and less entry rocker. The Double Bat tail has a Flyer (Wing) on the tail so it has a great pivot point that allows the water to break free from the rail enabling it to turn board quickly and get it vertical in the pocket freely. I also believe the Cymatic favors a back footed surfer but offers a bigger sweet spot on the tail making it easier to surf. You move your foot around on the tail of the Cymatic and still get precise surfing compared to the Omni. The Cymatic is faster because it has less entry rocker and more surface area in the tail making it more versatile for smaller flatter waves compared to the Omni.

All in all the Omni is a fun board and it excels in 3-6’+ hollow waves and I recommend it as a HPSB for intermediate to pro level surfers.

Board DIMS:
5’4” x 18 7/8 x 2 5/16 Liters 26
5’3” x 18 5/8 x 2 ¼ Liters 24.9

My Height: 5’9”
Weight: 160 lbs or 72.57 kg


Blade Runner says:

Great review, the way the board’s shape is under deep analysis is really awesome. Great Show Noel, great job. you are the best.

eric knowlzy says:

Noel, great reviews! how tall are you and how much do you weigh? just trying to get a feel for surfers dims compared to surfboard dims. I’m 5’11, 170lbs. i have a 5’7 cymatic and love it as a thruster with K3 honeycomb carbon fins. I’m currently playing with quad setups now.

Matt Denyer says:

thanks for the great review. can you explain how this board felt compared to the SKX? thanks.

RemainForever Healthy says:

sounds like a cool short board. I love surfing. Mine is called a Love Child. It is 7ft and can make it a quad, tri, or single.

Chasingwaves says:

Question what do you like using for Board Wax ??

Ken Kohncke says:

Another great review Noel, really like the comparisons between models in particular and sizes.

Mike H says:

Awesome review! Time to hop on an Evo….

Jon Salvador says:

Another epic one

joe Dirt says:

Thanks Noel , The round nose high performance boards like the Omni just still look out of place for me. How hard and at what performance loss would it hurt to just make the nose rounded to a point. Reinvent The wheel?

Ryan Brett says:

love these reviews….very helpful in board choice. one thing i wish is that we got more footage of non-lowers breaks. 90% of other CA surfers who aren’t near south OC are typically surfing more close out beach breaks, etc.

martinwajda says:

Thanks for another great review, very informative.

garretwatson1701 says:

Great review. I was stoked on the Omni, but you pushed me towards the cymatic. Great points about the round tail. Question, does the cymatic have a tight sweet spot for your front foot? I’m stuck between two sizes and I’m afraid if I go too short I’ll be forward of the sweet spot. Thanks in advance!

james williams says:

Great review, this totally backed up what I found with the omni . I mostly surf beachbreaks in the thigh to overhead size and the omni just wasn’t versatile enough for me. Round tails in small surf just feel a bit dul in my opinion…

GeniusUnleashed says:

Maybe look into moving the “surf” intro to after you say your “grab a drink” line. That dissolve doesn’t really work.

syler219 says:

Really good job. Keep at it!

Dean Payne says:

Best board reviewer on the planet. Brilliant Noel

P R says:

Another awesome review. Please review the Evo as the Tomo groveler right? I owned the Evo and found it to generate a lot of chatter whenever there was any wind or texture on the face. Not sure if you have noticed the same with EPS constructions. Other people tell me PU absorbs chatter better, but who knows.

mounproject says:

Here in les Landes the omni is definitly my actual daily driver it’s natural down the line capability make it a must , particularly in the south of Capbreton where the wave are generally fast peeling punchy beach breaks even if it’s 2 or 3 feet, it makes those kind of waves, near closing out, friendly. Noel as usual you’re review is a blast, make me a bit jealous of your surfing, technic analytics and hardware getting.

Simon Paterson says:

Great review as expected Noel, thanks. How about the evo – is it on your radar in helium?

Mrs Mangled says:

What’s your favourite groveller for 1-3ft Surf?

Rob Arnold Bik says:

Hi Noel,

As always I really liked the review, and I love to watch you surf! Seeing you ride this blunt nose carvy board makes me wonder what you think about the Meyerhoffer Slip in, and how you’d be surfing it.
Looking forward to your next review 🙂

Ambient Cotton says:

Another great review!

DWson808 says:

another awesome review..could you review the evo please?

Paul Hogan says:

great review, thanks for such a professional job. And i love my Omni even at 66 years young.

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