How to choose the right size surfboard – “The Big 3”

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Trip Forman runs through our formula for selecting the right size surfboard.

The Big 3 is:
1. Design
2. Volume
3. Dimensions

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ian ooglebarf says:

Hi, I learned a lot with the video. I am 15, 160 lbs, and 5 ft. 6 in. I am a semi-experienced longboarder (Just learning to nose ride) and I go surfing in about 1-3 ft waves with it. I am looking for a short board for somewhat mushy 3-4 ft. (malibu) waves.
Thanks a bunch

Andrew Sherry says:

hey I’m 4’9 I’m 10 what size board should u get 6’2?

mada7122 says:

Hi. I am 5’10” and 235lbs. Bit of a beginner to surfing I’ve been trying to learn on a 6’6” board but it doesnt feel as though it has enough flotation or stability for me. Most surf size is between 2-4 foot. Do you think I should get a 7’0” or even a 7’4”?

Ryan The Rock says:

great video thanks…im 6’3 and 200lbs…been riding a 6’4 x 22 x 2 7/8 for a few months.It has 45 L volume.Its not very manoeuverable and slowish.I would say im beginner intermediate level.What would you recommend in terms of board dims and models for a step up to improve my surfing?

Martin Edwards says:

Very helpfull video man. i’ve been surfing for 12 years now and i always thought the board doesnt matter that much. but everyday i find more and more info about it.
question for u guys (im panamenian sorry for the bad spelling). My weight is like 70kg. i live in a punchy beach break (playa morrillo) im 1.86mts tall. im not a bad surfer but im no kook either hahaha… how u find a 28 liters Volume?
thank u very much again for the clear details on the boards man…
good luck with tha waves man

Dave S says:

Any thoughts on catch surf’s stump?

Alek Martell says:

Hey I’m 6’2 175 pounds. I have a nice amount of experience with surfing but now I’m looking for a good performance shortboard and was wondering if you have any good recommendations and size I should go for. And awesome video

RandyHines says:

Alright. I really want to get into surfing. I have always been on wheels (long boarding, skateboarding). I’m about 5’11 and around 240. Do you have a suggestion to start off on? I really don’t know much about surfing other than I love the sport

Pablo Greene says:

Hey Guys, awesome video! Im looking for my 2nd board, stepping down from a 7’6 Mini Mal, been surfing 6 months and want to progress into a short board eventually. What would be be a good board to get next? We dont get a lot of big days here on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Im 5″10 175lbs. Thanks!

Isaac Tooman says:

hi im 4’8″and 83 pounds and never surfed before. Any suggestions on what surfboard i should buy?

Andrew Sherry says:

hey I’m 4’9 and 76 lbs what size board should I use 6’2?

Ohana7 says:

Where would I fit. I’m 5’7 160lbs I currently live near outter banks N.C. I want to ride fast and have a lot of control to maneuver the board easily. Also plan to be in Hawaii at least 3 times a year for a month at a time this coming year. I am Ok with riding 5+ foot waves so maybe an all around ? I dunno. I’ve never surfed but boogie board a ton biggest waves at sandys in Oahu. Hope this was enough info. Please let me know what I should do so I can get started.

Michael Prudente says:

Hi I’m 13 years old and learned a few things in the video! Thanks! I was wondering what size board would be good for me. I’m intermediate-advanced surfing for 5 years now. I’m 5ft 6 1/2 and weigh 115lbs. I’m looking for a short board model to surf 2-5 foot waves

Gabriel Bicalho says:

I was wondering if you could help, I am 13 years old and I am 4’11 and 85 lb (I am a small child) I have surfed before (not much I have longboarded), in my area we have 2ft- 5ft waves and some mushiness but not much. What board should I get? (I dont know if it helps but I skate as well)

》 VENGEANCE 《 says:

hey… I’m 5’10” 165 lbs beginner surfing in Oregon and I’m interested in shortboard surfing… any suggestions would be much appreciated… thank you

Samuel Perng says:

Hey bro, it’d be awesome if you could help me choose a board to buy. I am a 21 year old with 6′ 0″ height and 155 lb weight. I usually go surfing in Santa Monica where there are around 1-7′ waves. Surfing experience I’ve been able to frequently ride the 1-4′ waves with a longboard but I’m looking into a board that will give me more versatility, speed to have some fun and quick learning. It’ll be the first board that I own. What do you think I should go for?

Berk Gokce says:

hi I’m 5’11, 150 pounds and I’m 14, I’ve never surfed before what kind of board should I get?

Wasteland Ninja says:

Hey I’m 5’3 and 90 lb, what type of surfboard should I get? BTW i’ve never surfed and wanna get into it this summer!

feastures says:

It’s an interesting video, but it did not give me a real idea on how to select. You for example don’t say anything about person weight.

Eduardo Segura says:

Hi! , I’m 23 years old , 5’74” and 167 lbs, I’m a beginner/intermediate level and normally surf from 1 to 6 ft waves in Costa Rica. What would you recommend me as my daily primary board?

Jeff Almanza says:

What is “grovel” and “punchy”? I’m extremely new to this shit but I want to succeed. Currently using my friend’s 8′ board in crumbling small stuff in La Jolla and it’s really difficult.

Giulia Di Virgilio says:

Hi i’m 15, i weight 130 lbs and i’m 5″4. I surf since 1/2 months, but i also skateboard and snowboard.. I’m looking for a shortboard. What should i get?

Renato Pequeno says:

HI i’m close to 5’11” weight around 165 pounds, was looking forward on buying a 6’4″ fish hybrid board, am i on the right track? Thanks! im checking out the shop for more info.

Ohana7 says:

Also I snowboard and like to cut in and out hard. I’m not sure if surfing is similar If so I want to be able to cut back and forth up and down etc. the waves here are small unless conditions change things. I know I went through about 4 snowboards before finding the one that I could control good. Thanks and hope this was enough info. See my comment below for my specs.

Joshua Moore says:

Hi, I have never surfed before but I am wanting to start. Im 15, 175 lbs, and 6ft tall. I want to eventually shortboard. What would be a good first board for me?
Cheers Josh


Wondering if you’d be able to help me out? … I am 30 yrs. old 5’9 180, great snowboarder and long boarder. I live in Daytona Beach where it seem every time I check Surfline we are getting anywhere from 1-4′. I really just want something fun that I can get up on that is pretty versatile; similar to an all mountain snowboard. I just want to get on the water and ride some waves! nothing to extreme, but potential for quick progress! Thanks for any help!!

Garrison Smith says:

I’m 6,2 120 lbs and looking for a shortboard. What would be right

Emily Madden says:

Hey great advice. I’m 5″4 and 58kg. I’m looking to progress from a 7″6 surf betty. I can stand and turn but I want to be able to move more freely and turn more accurately. Generally speaking it’s the smaller waves I ride nothing above 5ft really. Could you recommend some boards that might suit please?

Reffik Meeng says:

Trip, your video was very instructional. Thx for that. I’m an beginner/intermediate surfer, 5.10 and weighing 90 kilo’s. I have been riding a mini-malibu with these dimensions: 7,4” x 20 3/8” x 2 5/8”.
I’m looking for a new board that will give me a little more speed en make it easier to get through the dead sections.
I surf mainly beachbreaks so the design is going to be a groveler or a fish right?
I need at least 50 liters of volume right?
Can you give me some advice on the dimensions please? Thx!

Yoshioka Houki says:

Hi , I’m 5″6 , 60 kg and now I’m surfing 6″0 should I go down to 5″10 or 5″6 board ? I will be better ?

Artem Kalenchuk says:

im sure you’ll build it yourself. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to woodprix website.

Christina Grace says:

Hey, I’m 12 and I’m getting my 2nd board. I’m 145cm tall and 33kg, looking for a high performance surfboard? When dimensions should I get? Please help :))

ava jones says:

im 13, 43 kg, 5″3 whats a good board?

MrWinman24 says:

Hey! I’m 17 and I’m 74kg, I’m looking for my 2nd board and hoping to get a high performance board… any suggestions?

Eric De Los Prados says:

I have watched your video several times but think my brain is just scared to pick something that has to little volume(still stuck on the length first way of thinking). I am 5’7 3/4, 175 and a weekend warrior. More on the novice side. Due to a nice gift certificate I am kind of locked into the Channel Island boards. I have owner several CI boards before. but they were all not the right boards. They were either to slow or way to bulky. I am looking for an everyday board that can also be used on small days. I live in Los Angeles, so I’ll be surfing beach and point breaks. Any tips or advice would be awesome. Thank you for the time I do appreciate it.

Carla McDougall says:

Hi, My daughter is turning 12 years old she is about 5 foot 2 inches tall and she has had a 7 foot maui softboard which she has been riding in all conditions mainly on white water….but it has delaminated. She’s been out about 10 times and is getting pretty good at straight ride in but our surf is not that great here in the part of New Zealand where we live in so something that would be not too big for her but she is able to ride often would be great…teriffic if you could give some suggestion. Still a learner etc

Chris Ulibas says:

Hi. I’m looking for a surfboard for Southern California. I’m 5’6″ 145 pounds. Can you please recommend a board for me?

Dave Donahue says:

Great info. Hey I’m an older guy at 53 but used to surf with some guys back in the eighties in San Diego who were pretty well known in the surf world. Back then I rode a 5’10” thruster at about 170 lbs. I also used to compete but that was 30 years ago! Now I have been out a few times but at 250 I know I need a bigger board to ride and I’m in NC where the waves are much smaller. What type of board would you suggest as a fun board to get back in the water. Also are soft boards a good alternative? Thanks and great video.

JMHaines ParentEd says:

As a relative beginner surfing Rhode island at 6’3 and 210 any recommendations in terms of both long and short?

Jacques Star says:

How much do you weigh? 35-36 seems like a LOT of volume. I’m 6 and a half inches tall. My weight is about 165-168 pounds, depending if I am wearing a wetsuit or not. I calculated my ideal volume to be between 28-30 Liters, is this correct?? Also, I ride Texas surf mostly, so it’s in the 3-5 foot range mostly. Also, the wave doesn’t have as much energy a lot of the time because it is not always ground swell. Lot’s of times, I’m pumping a lot if I want to do more radical maneuvers on the wave. What volume do you suggest since it get’s slow and mushy sometimes? I used to ride a Rusty Pirhanna fish 6″4 but it felt much too big once I progressed in my surfing.

Christopher Wozny says:

Hey dude, great vid, thanks!
I’m looking for a shortboard for generally mushy, but often steep, fast, waste/chest high, short period, NY surf. I’m intermediate and looking to advance, have more control, quicker turns, eventually some aerials. I’m 6’1″ ~140. Any help would be great thanks!!!

Agrosie Bud says:

Hey im 12 years old 5’3 almost 5’4 and i have a short al meric 5’8 tall is that tight

Grace Freeman says:

hi I’m 15, 120 lbs, 5 feet and 4 inches, and I’m a beginner. Any board suggestions?

Swine 99 says:

I’m 5.5 and 119 lb what size should I get

Gabriel LaGuardia says:

Helped a lot thanks:)

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