How To Choose the Right Performance Surfboard Fins

Trip Forman covers the three steps to finding your next set of performance fins.
Upgrade your fins:


Rex Gabsch says:

thanks mate, good info, good videos

louis dallas says:

Will the right fins make you catch a wave easier?

101unz says:

I ride fcs 2 fins all L got performers . Hs fins. Mayhem fins and almerric fins. I like almerric ones most. I’m looking for a fin that’s for 4 to 7 foot. What would you suggest?

robert kerr says:

Do plastic quad trailers matter? They are so small does it make a difference

kawika dav says:

Can these fins that are used on short boards be used on stand up paddle boards for surfing?

REAL Watersports says:

robert kerr- Fin construction always matters regardless of the size or location of the fins.  Performance fins give you options to go lighter and more responsive, which is always going to make a big difference! -Chris +REAL Watersports

Sam Thomlinson says:

Thanks for that video. I am a intermediate-advance surfer I have glass fins now. what would you recommending getting in a $100-$130 range?

Troy Kim says:

Hi +realwatersports!

I’m 155 lbs. I have FCS type fins currently. I ride a 6’2, 20 1/4s, 3 (three fin setup) and I surf mostly punchy beach break (3-6 feet). I was wondering what kind
of fin you recommend for me ? I would like a fin that gives me speed and also allow me to do tight turns. Thank you so much!

Santheago says:

Thank you!!!

Guy Katz says:

how does the new FCS neo glass fit in? is this still a junk fin similar to the old ones? or a valid competition for PC ones?


what model and size are that board holding in the video???

Miguel Pessanha says:

Hi +realwatersports!

I’m 65 kg (right in the middle between S and M), I ride a 6’0 18 5/8s 2 1/4, and I mainly surf beach breaks small to medium waves, not too hollow. Which fin would you recommend?

REAL Watersports says:

+Sam Thomlinson – can you send some extra info so we can make a recommendation? which fin system will you be using, what is your weight, what board are these fins for and what types of waves will you be surfing? Thanks! -Chris Stellato +realwatersports

Juan Pablo Ruiz says:

i saw many videos to find the right fin, but definitely this video explained everything and very well “dedo hacia arriba for you compadre”

Mathieu Revel says:

so basically for 1 to 2 foot + waves, it s much better to ride upright fins as you dont get the chance to do larger turn ?

Phaidrus says:

Is there perhaps an advantage in using the FCS Carver fins in small & weak beach breaks – in the sense that their long base will generate more lift than, say, the FCS Performer?

Leandro Dias says:

How would you guys compare the Mayhem to the Performers? Is it really a big difference in small surf or can the performers perform similarly with added drive form their wider base compared to the Mayhems? Also for waves around 5-8 would a Carbon fin perform better than a normal PC, or can it feel too responsive for the fact that a PCC has almost no delay in response and you will also be going fast due to the size of the wave?

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