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Calling all surfers, Chris J. Rosser from gives you the knowledge you need to select the right board for you. From big wave riding to small baby waves, this video will help you get your hands on the best board for your riding.

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nicossrc says:

thanks guys! i have just send you an email with a few other questions

nicossrc says:

Hi guys im from argentina and i will be in Miami at the end of april, wanted to know if there are waves to surf there. Also wanted to buy a 7 feet surfboard, not a mini malibu, with good flotability because i weigh around 90kg. Thanks

Nathan Martin says:

I’m 45 kg and I’m riding a 6″6 is this ok

chris fotop says:

yeah that’s what i meant… ok thank’s very much

Chance Pugh says:

i live in North Carolina near the southern outter banks and our beach faces south, not east, so we usually have small waves and im 200lbs. i learned on a 9 ft rental and i kinda want to get into the smooth longboard style because i ride longboard skateboards. there is a used 9ft2in GandS at the surf shop where i work and i have my eye on it. do you think this is a good choice? i will probly only be surfing like once or twice a week until next summer

BC Surf And Sport says:

It’s hard to say exactly when we’ll have waves, but there are usually some in April. Check out our Ft. Lauderdale shop when you’re in town for the best board selection this side of Antarctica! You can check out some boards like the Firewire PotatoNator or Dominator, good float and you wouldn’t have to up to 7 feet. I ride a 5’8 Dominator and I clock in at 80 kg, so a 6’0 or 6’2 should be plenty of floatation.

Paulo Melo says:

Great video…but I think you should improve audio quality for the next videos….Congratulations and thanks…

Neville Duo says:

Hey I’m looking for my first board. Im 15 @ 112 pounds. i live in Gibraltar that has quite small waves but also surf in spain medium kind waves. i really need help answer asap pleaseee, thanksss 

Javier De Bernardi says:

I weight 50 and i want to change to a superbrand craft II 5,6

Harry Pinhorne says:

do u think it  would be fine for me to start on a 6ft 7 fish (BIC)

jackrfitzgibbon says:

sup subscribe to me

QueenVonGlory says:

Hi, im 22 and about 85 kilo and 190 tall. Im going to Surf in Bali, Indonesia as a beginner. I am, however, an experienced snowboarder, longboarder and skateboarder.

Any advice on which board to rent down in Indonesia.

C. Welch says:

Question for you. I’m a heavier guy. I weigh about 230. I’m an advanced intermediate skier and can handle black diamonds no problem. But I went to Australia, rented an 8′ longboard and got beat up pretty much. Do I need a bigger board? Granted I was trying to figure it out, but the easiest board to stand up on is the longboard? Is a fun board that much more challenging?


Very helpful!
The Clarences (robert, erin & leslie)

luka wood says:

Can you duck dive on the hybrid board?

BC Surf And Sport says:

As wooden boards (at least, 100% wood) are pretty rare and quite expensive, I would say foam meaning polyurethane foam from which about 90% of the world’s surfboards are made. Start off with that, maybe a funshape or a longboard for stability.

stephen connelly says:

I’m 110 pounds, and about 5’8… I’m looking to get a fish. What size should I get? The waves that I surf are pretty mushy, about west to cheat high.

Ritchie Figueroa says:

I really wanna start surfing im 5 7 @ 140 pounds i live in mid florida and the waves are quiete small so i think im going for the hybrid short board? Or the fun shape idk

eddstringer says:

hey, extremely helpful video. im looking for a first board, im use to the water, ive body boarded and skim boarded for about 5 years, so ive got good balance. the waves that id be on would be anywhere from waist to 10 feet high. i want something thats going to be fast and thats going to be able to keep up with what i want to do as i progress with surfing, so preferably not a 9’6 longboard. im looking at the 7’6 pumpkin seed and the rusty piranha 6’10. any advice on those or other suggestions?

AziZune says:

I’m going to be learning to surf in Oahu Hawaii. I am 5’8″ and 140 pounds. A buddy of mine said he started on a 7’6″ and he is of a similar size (a bit taller). Is a 7’6″ a good size for a beginner of my size to learn on? I will be there for 8 days and I don’t know the rental store’s trade policy if I were to advance somewhat quickly (so I’d like to have a versatile board). Thanks for any responses!

Wes Oshea says:

im 242 pounds 6’0 I’m a beginner the waves are rollers sometimes 5ft steep i don’t want to start on a big longboard i have a 9’0 soft just want to change

uni000ver000sal says:

Can you do a video on how to choose a BONG?

President_Gasman says:

I weight about 120 and I’m 5’10”. What board do you recommend. I also am a beginner and planning to surf around the Santa Monica area if you guys are familiar with that area.

MrANGEL0115 says:

So a hybrid board is great if I want to jump into short board style and im a beginner?

BC Surf And Sport says:

Definitely can be. Hybrids aren’t quite as stable as a longboard/funshape, but you’ll be able to jump into a performance style a bit earlier.

Amber Venning says:

i”m about to be 15 and want a new board for my B-day, I’m quite short like 5’1 maybe @ 108 pounds. i have been riding a 7 foot softy and i can basicly turn and have lot of the basics and i want to get a smaller faster board that’s more challenging PLEASE HELP!!

Monsalve says:

Im a pro surfer and live in miami FL. no there arent waves from what I know but i have a house in san sebastian there there are nice waves.

extra260b says:

so, i weight about 130. and i am 5″7, so if i get a shortboard that is about 6″5. it would be easier for me to surf? i am a beginner. also maybe a little wider and thicker.. i would be able to surf on that?

Legalize Miami says:

im buying a 9 foot soft surfboard

nicossrc says:

i have just send you an email. i will be at your shop on the 2 of april.

Mr E says:

Hey man, thanks for this video! It really helped a lot, but i do actually have a question. So I am going to Nicaragua and I have gone surfing only once in my life in Cocoa Beach on a longboard, i actually am a snowboarder so i know the feel and can stand up just fine and throw my weight around a lot. I am definitely still a beginner at surfing and I was just wondering what kind of surfboard do you think would be best for me? I am 6’2″, have pretty good balance, and I am a strong swimmer if that info helps you out a bit.

John Macleod says:

I am eleven using 5 foot 11 hybrid I surf from 3 to 11 foot swell in varied roughness I have been surfing for two years I think I need a new board. Am I right

BC Surf And Sport says:

You ride a 7 inch board?!?! Must take some crazy balance, haha. Alright, I’m assuming you mean 7 foot board, unless you’re a highly ambitious grasshopper. If you’ve got the basics down (going left, right, paddling into waves easily, etc) you could definitely take a step down. Maybe try out a 6 foot board with a bit of extra volume so it’s not too much of a drastic drop. It’ll turn a lot easier than the 7 footer, go shred!

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