Firewire Greedy Beaver Surfboard Review

The Firewire Timbertek Greedy Beaver surfboard – looks like a longboard, has all the benefits that a longboard brings but it’s a shortboard in spirit. You can put it on a rail and surf it off the tail and it comes to life like you can’t believe, tight turns and pocket surfing are a reality on a board which looks like a longboard. All this is possible through the thinned out dropped rails and the single to double concave. The reduced volume in the rail allows you to start your turns more easily than you’d expect and the single to double concave gives the board lift which maintains the speed through fatter or flatter sections of the wave.

Timbertek construction is the combination of a lightweight EPS core, and sustainably-grown timber deck skins, Firewire’s legendary parabolic rail construction, and an Entropy bio-resin hot coat give an extremely lightweight and durable surfboard with ALL of the high performance flex traits of Firewire’s existing technologies. Even more impressive, this tech has lead to a significant reduction in exterior lamination significantly further reducing the boards carbon footprint.

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Pontus Melin says:

Any thoughts on this board as any mini mal, over sized, like 6´8?

Federico Pasquetti says:

I’m at beginner/intermediate level surfer. Learnt surfing on a mini mal 7′ 2”. Looking forward to get my Greedy Beaver as first surfboard, but still having doubts about length and volume. I know the first thing I should look at would be catching waves (thus, volume), but I also would like to make a good investment. Meaning, purchasing a board to have fun with when I’ll get to a higher level .Moreover, I’m definitely not tall (172 cm) and I’m pretty light (68 Kg). I was thinking about a 6′ (38 volume), but as said, I have many doubts about the choice… Would you have any suggestion? Which length could be the best fit/compromise?

Thanks in advance for the help, best!! 😉

ChaseMansano says:

ive been riding a 5’6 beater board, which is like a softop short board and i’m having a blast surfing on it. This looks pretty similar and a lot more fun. I don’t have a legit real surfboard yet but i have been using my friends board a little bit. Would it be worth gettin the greedy beaver, it looks really really fun to ride

Willi Primo says:

Judging by the looks it seems like a copy of the Takayama Scorpion

Julian M says:

Any tips on what future fins would work well on this board in the medium weight range?

vince straka says:

Can you do a review on the Firwire Carbo Hydro please.

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