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Shortboard surfboard size for a bigger guy.
Coach Mo’e gives a little insight on why he picked his new surfboard shape & dimensions, and gives a few tips for people looking buy a Short board.

Also mentioned in the video are a few surfboard volume calculators, they can be found here.

Channel Oslands Volume Calculator

Rusty Surfboards Volume Calc.

Firewire Surfboards Volume Calc.


Broseph says:

What’s the max weight limit for surfing. Right now I’m at 221.8Lbs.

Jasper van Loo says:

hi! i’m a beginner intimidate surfer and i’m looking for my first board 😀 i’m 1,59 m and weight 39 kilo’s and i turnded just 15 years old, on my local surf school i tried a bic 7.6 mini mal, but that board is really heavy to carry for me, a oakly 7.6 good light board but a little harder to turn becouse its a little thicker. on the webshop of the surfshop in a city near to my town i found a torq fun board in the sizes 6.8 7.2 and 7.6, are they good boards for my level? and wich one would i choose? the dimensions: 6’8” x 21” x 2 3/4”, 7’2” x 21 1/4” x 2 3/4”, 7’6” x 21 1/2” x 2 7/8” ps nice chanel i look al your vids :p And sorry for my bad grammar i’m dutch and not so good in that xD

evbulock says:

I don’t know if this helps but I am 12 and weigh about 78 pounds and I am 4’8″

Thanks keep posting videos

Greg Pentecost says:

Great video. I am also a bigger guy (6’1″ and 210#) with intermediate skills (by my scale – advanced by the Surf Coaches scale); I have found the same things for my short board selections: Wider, flatter tails are great. I also love my boards with thinned out rails.
Great video as there are so few decent videos to help a bigger guy pick boards. Keep up the good work!

bushkey says:

Excellent info and commentary, I agree with you. The other factor other then weight/volume ratio, is age and ability. I am finding that has I get older, more foam is my friend for paddling. I’m consistently trying to balance the board that rips while is still a good paddler too. Thanks Brah!

federico aka voxa on the road says:

totally agree

Gabe Sandoval says:

whats the volume on the new board? 

arska siikaman says:

thats a toothpick dude! real boards for bigger dudes go to are NOT big dude if you only weigh 180-220lbs! people over 260lbs + are big guys.

christopher5sd says:

this is your most helpful video

evbulock says:

I have a 6 foot foam board

TheGustavokanto says:

Im a vacation surfer and im thinking on getting aboard, i thought on a 6’5 with ~ 34 – 35 volume. Im 1,85 m and weight 75 kg, do u think the board is too big and heavy? Nice vid!

stfuliberal says:

Just came back from CR Playa Grande. Wish the surf was better for us.

C Robb Worthington says:

I’m really interested in volume calculations, you said the old one is 29L, which seems extremely low for a guy of your size. on the firewire calculator i entered advanced, above average fitness, 35 yrs old, and 205lbs (I estimated your specs) and it brought up 34-41L depending on waves. What is the volume on the new board and why do you ride that volume?

Dfin glide says:

many thanks for the video,interesting thoughts about tail rocker & yes foam is your friend.

evbulock says:

I don’t know why it posts everything I say twice…
Thanks for the advice it really helps

TheRoot Message says:

Nice vid, Love your board. I’m a bigger dude using a 6’2″ as well but my board is much thinner and dies out on waves that don’t have that extra push, but yours looks legit.

evbulock says:

I have a foam board and can pop up and ride the wave well. What kind of board should I go to? A guy in a surf shop told me to go to a fiberglass fun board with a much wider nose then tail. Should I do that?

Footkinetics says:

Thanks for the video… whilst I’m not in the category of a “bigger guy” (riding shortboards)… the information & views were very interesting & helpful. Keep it up!


I agree with you on the tail rocker theory.

dylan thompson says:

Look up Proctor Surfboards they make boards that are 3 inches thick There really great boards.

1k1ngst0n says:

more videos like this on board design and choices. great

steelers796 says:

I have a 6’6 al merrick epoxy. I can paddle out just fine but, my problem is balance. I can do the pop up it’s just I always fall off. I’m 14 5,8 and 124lbs any recommendations?

Shaunt Halebian says:

I agree with everything you said. 100%. Im 6ft 200lbs and I can’t stand it when shapers put kick out the tail. I use a 1/2 traction pad, I always go thicker and knife down the rails. Dead on. Thanks for the video.

Giles Beszant says:

Totally agree, wish I new about volume 10 years ago, would have saved me sum cash. All my boards now are from lost, v3, short round and the qkiller, best shapes for varying surf here in nz. Amazing how slight Tweeks change a surf into a great surf, cheers for a great video

evbulock says:

I have a 6 foot foam board

Roberto Z says:

I just got a new board very similar to yours,maybe 1 or 2 inches bigger. However I am 5’7 tall, 147 lb and intermediate and athletic. I needed something that could get me into the waves faster. My friends and shaper thought this was the right board

evbulock says:

I can also paddle fine

evbulock says:

I don’t know if this helps but I am 12 and weigh about 78 pounds and I am 4’8″

Thanks keep posting videos

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