Big surfboards for big guys

Advice on surfboards with lots of volume for big guys from Rhys Smith, Sanbah Surf Shop, Newcastle.


Bigbore400cc says:

Bigger guys are thicker not taller.
I think giving bigger guys longer boards goes back to day where all boards were shaped for fit, normal size surfers, and when a big guy came along, they went and grabbed a longer board for him cos thats all they had, and sadly now they’re making and reccommending the same longer boards for bigger guys. I say go thicker. You might think that too thick a board and you can;t sink a rail. But bigger heavier can sink thicker rails cos of their bigger…ness(weight

Bigbore400cc says:

I don’t get it how they give big guys longer shortboards(performance shape boards) like 7’0 and 7’2, or give bigger guys wider boards as well. Normal guys ride a board that is a little taller than their height, like 6’0 and 6’4. Why isn’t the surfing industry reccomending THICKER board for bigger guys so they can have the same turning potential with shorter lengths and less width, but have enough bouyancy in the THICKNESS to be able to ride them. Big guys are thick not tall

Jarrad Cunningham says:

I have been surfing for 35 years and put on a few kg,s over time I,m about 94 kg still surfing the some . Just had to slowly up the volume ofMe boards over the years every one is different I ride 33 to 34 litre boards.I like riding light boards like Al Merricks but I snap a light and that’s good for Channel Islands And bad for me . The hypto is crap lasted a me week , I have found Boards like the DHD sweet spot 2.0 toBe realy good 4x4x4x4 glass made to last . Mayhem or Lost seem to hold up really well toFor us bigger guys . But like I said every one is different . Jarrad

Chris Bruynzeel says:

Proctor MonstaChief is a great board for bigger guys!!!

Bigbore400cc says:

same thing with epoxy and Tuflite, firewire, composite layer boards, the complaint from fiberglass purists is that they float too much. Well, make em thinner.

Baseball Lifestyle#000 says:

I want to buy my dad a surfboard and he’s a beginner he is 6’0 220 pounds he’s a pretty big guy any suggestions

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