Spyder Surfboards “Fireball Fish” Review by Noel Salas Ep. 58

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In this episode Aaron and I head to Hermosa Beach, CA to meet up with Dennis Jarvis of Spyder Surfboards. I invited Dennis to break down the Fireball Fish board attributes for this review.

Dennis shaped me a 5’6.5” x 19 x 2 5/16 Liters 26 for the point break I love to surf. This board is fast, responsive, and user friendly for Southern CA surf. Dennis also explains how versatile this model can be for hollow waves like the one he shaped for Jason Shibata of Hawaii.

Our time with Dennis was priceless as he taught us about this epic board model and how he customized it exactly for my style of surfing in 2-6’ surf. The Fireball Fish is legit and has a place in my quiver… does it fit in yours?

My Height: 5’9”
Weight: 160lbs or 72.57kg


Olaf Henke says:

Well done! One of my fav reviews so far! Amazing crafted board.Channels and black paint is something hard to do well. Quality looks sharp. Even the black fin boxes look perfect. Usually most board builders have trouble setting them, over sanded or exposing the weave. Great surfing! Edge comparison with Jasons board was on point!

Dents on top and rail, easy to solve. Talk to your shaper! Higher density foam, stronger glass job or S-Glass/Direct Size glass combo. Hybrid carbon/glass reinforcement if you like. The special thing about custom. Something the big corpo/Asian brands are not able to do.

Anyhow I bet that boards is amazing with that glassing schedule!

Rob Arnold Bik says:

Hi Noel, you mentioned in your earlier blog that you would like to try one with the channels closer to the rail. Why don’t you let Dennis finish that other blank he made for you and try that one?

Blade Runner says:

Board shape, hydrodynamics, fins, ..we learn a lot with you noel, great great review !!! I love it. Spider boards are awesome.

Rhidian D says:

Hey Noel, any chance you could review some modern planing hull shapes like Tomo’s Evo? Really interested to see what you’d make of the inside quad concave! Cheers from Wales

Jean-Simon Lamarre says:

Sick review once again! Nice to have the shaper with you!

marchal charcharr says:

You should review something weird like the catchsurf 54 special or something from bird’s shed :p

Scott Killa says:

Nice replica of a Tommy Peterson shape!

bodhi tree says:

Dude, you seriously make me want to grab my board and head out.

Employee says:

he’s like a wannabe qs surfer try hard

Rome says:

Nice one Noel

Troy Robinson says:

how do you think it would go as epoxy? Can you get them in epoxy, might help the durability vs performance.

Jonas Akyildiz says:

That board looks mental.. so much speed through your turns. This board would work insane for some French beachbreaks

Manuel Marques says:

Waves with the AM fins look great! Great surfing Noel

Kevin Tyrer says:

Great information. I always pick up so much. Thank you 🙂

Elijah B says:

You guys have BEEN doing a awesome job on every video. The Salas brothers are tackling a pertinent topic in surfing, and that is equipment. I’ve always showed love and I will keep on because this is quality content. Shout out SoCal, every other break that has confident and hungry surfers, and the Salas Bros!

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