Slater Designs Cymatic Surfboard Review

Ian reviews the Slater Designs Cymatic surfboard:

The Slater Designs LFT Cymatic surfboard is going to set a new bench-mark for high-performance shortboards…FACT. There is already unprecedented levels of exited frothing from fans of Tomo and Kelly’s previous creations and the Cymatic looks to have taken another huge stride towards the ultimate everyday shortboard for pros and Joes alike.

Kelly told Stab about the Cymatic “The minimal amount of board to do the maximum amount of surfing. We chopped the nose off ahead of the rail line you need and went with a pretty wide bat tail (like the Sci-Fi model). With the added bite of the channels the tail still holds while giving plenty of lift. This edit (check the video below!!) is from one session at Haleiwa in January. I actually took the board there as a joke that day cause it was too big for what I thought it could handle. I got my best rides earlier that session but this edit gives you an idea. This is a four fin 5’3 x 18 5/8 x 2 5/16 with 25.5L. I don’t want to ride anything else right now and everyone who rides it wants to take it off my hands.

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Elmachote The Surfer says:

So I you trade a board in a board will you guys give me a price on my board and if I don’t like how much y’all giving me for it can I decline the trade?

J. Collins says:

I officially volunteer to be a test rider. Send me a couple of each from 5’10 to 6’6 thanks Kelly!

CW Rodriguez says:

Thanks for the review! Any thoughts on the rails and deck? Also, you said you’re about 75 Kg (165lbs) tall? I’m about 6’2″ 210ish (93kg) and I was looking at the 5’9″/5’10”. I live in San Diego. In typical waves do you feel like that 5’9″ you have is slightly small, just right, or a little bloated?

Deforest L. Cooper says:

Best board ever made!!!

Maurice Cureton says:

Thanks for clarifying some of the questions I’ve had about this board. I really wanted this board but I’ve got both the Sciphi and the Omni. I love my SciPhi but am not looking for a high performance board. Have you ridden the gamma? Is this more performance than that

Ho Stevie! says:

*I want!*

Brian Newport says:

Sounds great

xavier says:

Hi, and thanks for yours reviews
I would like to buy à cymatic
I m french i live in Hossegor and i go every years two month in Indonesia my level is intermediate to advence
I am 36 for 5’10 and 165 lbs
Actualy i surf a Lost round up
6’0 19 1/4 2 1/2 31L
It’s my board for every day
I am.looking for a board for everyday with good paddle
Is cymatic good ?
What size ? And what fins you advisor
Thanks to have read me and continue yours reviews

simo from green says:

What size is the board in the clip ? 5’9

Travis Bickle2.0 says:

I wamt a long board with some these elements… Brilliant work in that board.

sunova surfboards dean says:

good job 🙂

Eric Osterlund says:

buuuuuuut, why haven’t you tested it yet? :PPPP

Fabien Cergy says:

Great concept I want one 🙂

Simon Ripia says:

Better than the EVO?

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