Rusty Surfboards “The Heckler” Review by Noel Salas Ep. 25

This video is about “The Heckler” by Rusty surfboards. Noel found out that The Heckler was a nominee for the Sima Surfboard awards in the Alternative category for 2017. He phoned up the folks at Rusty to see if he could get one to review.

They agreed to give him a demo board to review and the DIMS are 5’3″ x 20.12 x 2.16 Volume 26.7. The board was tested in 2-4 surf and Salas said it was fast, and responsive.

A few key features of The Heckler are the flat deck, Venturi channel, wing in the tail, and the beak nose.

The flat deck allows for maximum foam to be carried out to the rails for great flotation. This is key for a small wave Groveler to maximize floatation down the line and paddle power.

Rusty has implemented a special channel that starts in the belly of the board in two half moon shapes. These two channels start wide begin to narrow 4-6 inches in front of the two side fins. This narrowing channel is supposed to create the Venturi effect. The theory is take the water coming through the bottom of the board and channel it to narrowest section to create a low pressure that will then create thrust as the channel begins to widen behind the fins, and through the tail. This is supposed to create speed, control, and flow from rail to rail. Salas mentioned that he felt all of these features happening while he was riding the Heckler and he could see why it was a nominee for Alternative surfboard of the year.

The wing in the tail make for a good pivot point as the tail narrows. Salas relates the outline of The Heckler to an ordinary fish type design but the wing, and Venturi concave make it a bit more high performance in the pocket.

The beak on the nose pack this little package full of foam to help with paddling.

Salas also said even though this board is super wide and has great flotation it still flows rail to rail smoothly because of the Venturi channels which create a lot of Vee out the tail.

Here is what the Rusty Website has to say about The Heckler:

New for 2016, the Heckler is a Fish with some new ideas. We’ve utilized a “fishy” outline with a shallow dovetail and pronounced wing to produce a lightening fast small wave wonder. The proven Venturi bottom design that has been so well received on two of our other models, the Rooster and the Hustler, adds a new dimension for fishing and Fish lovers.


Rewind Remix NCS says:

awesome job

Chris B says:

Thanks Noel, these reviews are very helpful, your insight is very revealing, and it’s great to see the board on a wave, for context. Great surfing, too!

Jeff Holmes says:

Looks like a sick board.. talking about the 2017 sima awards and summer boards are you gonna try and get your hands on a superbrand superflex fling ? I’m about to move from Hawaii to Long Island and that’s really looking like it would be a good board for that east coast mush

Richard Gleaves says:

Those double concaves use the Venturi effect to create a powerful hydraulic jet engine which powers your board not just through sections, but also right out into the lineup, like a jet ski. You’ll never have to paddle again. And you’ll never have to buy any gas either, because the Venturi effect operates on the laws of perpetual motion.

hsp-sandiego says:

Looks like the perfect HP Summer Board. Although Noel didn’t seem super jazzed about it, he surfed it flawless. Some wetsuit reviews would be cool to see – guessing we would see lots of Phantoms.

NCS Sounds says:

Good video

Jesse Urane says:

Which board would you grab, this or a pod mod?

Duncan Campbell says:

…so it’s a Bonzer bottom. ; – ) Cheers, Campbell Bros.

daniel vb says:

When I look at tail bumps like in the Sampler I feel like they prevent you from loosing speed, allowing long powerful carves; while wings give you the pivot point, making it easier to turn a fast 180, quickly getting back down the line.

Is that correct or am I reading too much into this? I never really had a board with tail bumps or wings.

Liam Rodriguez says:

mayhem should give you a few boards to review

dogzballz says:

like to see a review on lost puddle fish mate .

Vaughan Heilman says:

I’ve loved my Rooster (their better wave version). I’m on the OBX, NC and use it for the 4 ft plus days. I swear those channels work! Weight forward and the board is a rocket…shift foot to back of pad and it turns on a dime. Tail rocker flips up the last few inches where the channels exit the tail.

Peter Nicholson says:

Great reviews. Thanks Noel.

Craig Steven says:

What other companies have you got coming up?

P Avelino says:

Rank your 2017 & 2016 top 5 models. Cool!!

Antonio Pérez Fernández says:

Hey Noel!

You say it would be awesome to try this board in 5’6 by 19 1/4 wide or something like that, which it’s almost the stock dims of the Hustler (similar fishy outline but narrower, same venturi bottom, etc), have you tried this model? If not, do you think you would like it more?

And in the other hand, could you tell me your thoughts about the new Go Fish by Machado?

I’m between this three models for my summer board here on the european beaches, just looking for a groveler that still performs, hope you can help me!

Cheers and keep the show going on, awesome job buddy!

Sergio De Anda says:

You can just rip on anything haha,
Great Review Noel!

Omri Aloni says:

Hey Noel,

Your reviews are awesome. Really love the content that you’re putting out – and you shred!


Are the Mick Fanning’s that you’re running on this size Large? I’m curious because I’m currently surfing a Lost Puddle Jumper (5’4 stock dims) and running Medium Performer FCS II Fins. I feel like I could use a bit more fin for added drive since the board is so small and the tail is really wide. I’m 5’9 and about 150lbs.

What other fins do you think would work well with a wide-tail groveler model? I’ve also been eyeing the FCS MR Twin fin / Thruster set up with the stabilizer fun in the middle. Have you ever tried that set-up?


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