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This week I’ve written a blog about fins you can see here

Fins – They do make a difference

I did plan on reviewing the Slater Designs Sci-Fi but the footage I got wasn’t that great. I’m also looking at getting more footage from the beach so you can all see how the boards I ride perform hopefully with a bit more detail.

The other reason I didn’t review the Sci-Fi this week is well to be honset, it is a lot more high performance then I thought it would be. I have had countless people tell its like the Spitfire. I can tell you it is not, but in a good way. The Sci-Fi is way more senstive to your movements then the Spitefire which is what I am after.

I’ve come to a point where I want to push my surfing up a level, starting looking at doing airs and more powerful vertical turns and carves which I think the Sci-Fi will help.

So until I spend abit more time on it over the next week or two. Please sit back and enjoy this video of each of the Firewire models I own. I have picked sessions that I feel suit each board best in a hope that it will help you make a decision if you are thinking of buying one of these boards. I will also break down the types of conditions each board works best in below.

Sci-Fi – Suitable for most conditions I surfed in in mushy full tide conditions and low tide beach break conditions which were fast and fun. We’ve got a building south swell here QLD but one thing the Sci-Fi has is speed. It doesn’t need much to get it moving fast.

Omni – I find works best in chest high and above, fairly clean with a bit of wall. It pulls in barrels really easily and comes out just as easily. But in saying that I surfed it on a 1-2 ft day on a fading trade swell that had a good amount of shape and it was still tones of fun. The Omni paddles in easily when sized correctly, combine that with a fairly upright fin like the FW template in Futures or FCS and you’ll have a board with a great amount of range.

Spitefire – To me this board has the widest range for your everyday surfer. I’ve surfed this in 1-2 ft full tide waves right up to 3-4ft trade swell and always came in smiling. Set up as a thruster the board is forgiving yet allows some great vertical surfing. I can take a bit of adjustment when doing long cut backs as I find the diamond tail sometimes wants to turn tightly.

Almond Butter – This board is a barrel of fun, mainly in full tide condtions up to about head high. Though the flat rocker I do find doesn’t like chop on the water and if there is has a habit of causing you to nose dive if you aren’t careful. I actually think this board is under rated. Everyone should give one a go.

Go Fish – To me the most versatile fish there is. I’ve push this board into steep beach breaks, long point runners and mushy high tide beach breaks and its handles them all. The thinned out tail allows for some radical surfing but still maintaining the fishy carving goodness you want sometimes. I would suggest sizing this .5 – 1l more then your daily short board as it will help on this mushy days with gliding over flat spots at the same time you don’t want to go to long otherwise your feet will land behind the wide point and you won’t be able to make as much use of it.

Thanks for watching, I’m really enjoying making these videos and writing about the boards I ride and I hope you are too.

I would really love to hear your experiences on each of these boards or ones similar.



love the content mate, if you are heading out the alley let me know and i would love to come down and get some footage from the beach that you could use in your videos if you want hit me up on instagram @ _mattmaher_Photo

lawson45uk says:

Hey mate. I have a spitfire but not really getting on with it and also have a sci fi but the sci fi is a little more refined and narrow in the nose than i need. I really like the look of the Almond Butter. How do you find that to ride something between the spitfire and the sci fi? I have the creeper and super impressed with that so was considering swapping the spitfire out for the almond butter. Cheers.

MisterBassBoost says:

I enjoyed your video 🙂 Keep it up!

MisterBassBoost says:

When is your next video? 😀 Keep it up!

MisterBassBoost says:

Nice video man!

MisterBassBoost says:

Nice content!

MisterBassBoost says:

Lovely content! Keep it up!

Jetty Local says:

Two questions. 1 How the hell did you afford this qwiver? 2ND How long have you been surfing?

lawson45uk says:

Just been having a read of some of your construction and board reviews on the site too. Well done mate that’s great content.. Easy to understand, well written and I would certainly agree with most of what your saying based on personal experience. Two thumbse up… Check it out guys

peter mcgrath says:

yeh great content, couldn’t get to sleep after 1 minute i was gone thank you.

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