Lost Round Nose Fish Redux Surfboard Review

The …Lost Round Nose Fish Redux is a “new” design that morphs the classic, OG RNF and the newer, wider tailed RNF Quint. This resulting shape can be ridden with a variety of fin configurations including twin fin, 2+1, quad, thruster, even twin fin with quad trailers. Taking this design and building it in Lib Tech’s MBC construction produces a high performance, durable, no nonsense surfboard that takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Learn more and shop here: http://www.realwatersports.com/surfing/surfboards/lost/lib-tech-round-nose-fish-redux


Nslo Sslo says:

Hey thanks for the review. I am an average ability surfer but a below avg paddler. I am 6ft tall and 225 lbs. I was considering this board in the 6’2. I am trying to step off of my 9 ft long board and onto something with more performance while still giving me the ability to more easily paddle into waves. Curious what you think of this board for someone like me. Any other boards, and sizes You could recommend would be appreciated.

John Coakley says:

I’m 6’4″ and around 200 to 205 lbs surfing in Puerto Rico. Would the 6′ be the right length for me?

Andreas Hoer says:

FCS2 fins fit the boxes in my newer lib techs, but they sit half an inch further back than intended by the shaper. Do you think this affects performance?

Catch the Wave says:

I always learn something new in your videos. Thanks so much for making them!

Gregory Millbauer says:

I’m 165lbs and wear a 4/3 suit year round. Would you recommend the 28.5L 5’6” or the 32L 5’8”?

Sean Hartigan says:

I’m 5′-10″ and 220lbs. Would you lean towards the 6′-2″

TimTwoTone says:

Nice to see this review, as I’ve been curious about this board for awhile. Really like the idea of an all-around board that is durable and surfs well. I’m 185 pounds, 6’4″, surf in the PNW (5 mm full suit), age mid-40s, intermediate-ish ability. I currently own a 39 litre 6’3″ Rusty Smoothie , and a 40.5 litre 6’2″ CI Pod Mod. Both good boards. Was thinking of the 6’0″ RNF Lib Tech. Thoughts? Thanks.

CCRider says:

Can you explain the reason behind your statement that “it’s easier if you go lower volume”? I’ve never had a lower volume board paddle into waves better than a higher volume board and I’m just curious if you could expand on that. I’d like to get one of these for my own xmas gift. 37L boards get tiring for me to paddle but 39L boards feel good. Thanks. Best surfboard reviews on the internet!

Phaidrus says:

Hi there, on the …Lost website it says that the stock dims of the RNF Redux have been changed/reduced for “boards made after 10/1/2017”. In particular the 5’11 (for which I am interested), has now 0.5 lt less volume, albeit the same length, width, and thickness. Any idea about the reason for this change. Thanks

Paul Stanfield says:

I’m 5’10”, 157. I surf a stock 5’9” lib tech puddle jumper, 37.65 liters or thereabouts.
Real guys told me RNF would not be redundant and would be a blast!
Would the 5’10” work at around 35 liters, or should I go 5’8” model?
I don’t have a real shortboard for comparison. Thanks!

copley yukiyo says:

interesting what you said about the volume and catching waves… what is your weight?

Derrick Allen Yates says:

I love my 5 5 yeeeee

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