Lost “RNF Retro Fish” Surfboard Review by Noel Salas Ep.70

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In this episode we have special guest Nate Yeomans join us to review the Lost RNF Retro Fish.

Nate and I enjoy good conversation around the attributes of the Retro Fish and our experiences riding this model in two different constructions with multiple fin set ups.

The Retro Fish is very versatile and goes GOOD in 1-4’ surf with multiple fin configurations. The PU construction gives it that classic retro fish vibe feeling solid on big carves and down the line speed.

Nate and I also talk about Lost’s new construction called C4 that has an EPS foam core with a thin layer of Cork covering the entire deck. This layer of cork acts as a dampener to reduce chatter, and strengthen the deck to extend the life of the board. The C4 construction has a livelier feel due to its EPS foam core. Nate and I both agree that it gives the Retro Fish a more performance feel compared to the PU adding a bit of flare or X Factor in every turn.

The Lost Retro Fish is a really fun board and I highly recommend it for surfers that range from beginners to the advanced levels.

Noel’s Height: 5’9”
Weight: 160 lbs or 72.57 kg
Stock Board DIMS: 5’2” x 19.75 x 2.32 Liters 27.25

Nate’s Height; 6’0
Weight: 180 lbs or 81.64 kg
Stock Board DIMS: 5’4” x 20.25 x 2.35 Liters 29.25


Trev W says:

Turkey wetsuite for Thanksgiving.

Songs from the Classroom says:

This was so sick Noel. Loved hearing Nate’s takes on the different techs too and why he liked them. I’m digging this board for some of the cruisy San Diego Spots.

Tim de Vries says:

The two man review is really nice. I liked the discussions you had.

joe Dirt says:

Looks Fun, Nasty Nate in da house.

IzandEva Inmyheart says:

A few of us were waiting for a review on this design. How does it compare to CI twin?
Has Chad at Patagonia in Encinitas asked u to review the Rasta Twin? He said he would. Ive also had my eye on that. Ithink it’s called Torus

Charles Hawk says:

Do you think a lower intermediate could ride it? 5’8 160 pounds. Maybe a stock 5’11?

danny alamina says:

Epic review Noel! I have to try my retro with the large Hs front fins and see how that feels. I’ve been running mine with with the Futures Amt twin honeycomb and it feels really good.

Samaha Surfboards says:

Really enjoyed this one! Twin fin options looked fun!

monkeypawism says:

None of this is 70’s surfing LOL! I love fish. On that list for next year

Trev W says:

Love how you put height, weight, and volume in the description.

Eric Papa says:

Check out the super siamese twin. Really fun performance fish and would love your take on it

Ken Kohncke says:

Thanks for another great review. You had the DHD Twin & Mini Twin a while ago with the intention of reviewing them, I have been waiting. Are they still coming? Would love to see your review of them. Would like to know how they compare to the RNF as a twin as well?

Nelson Jr Fuentes says:

Thank you so much for giving me an idea of what fins will fit better in to this board! The FCS Hayde Shape= performance.
The Split keels = speed and playful feeling!

Hope yo have an awesome week! Best regards from El Salvador!

Jon Kennard says:

Noel great review as always! Loving the fact you rode it as a twinny. I’m not a quad surfer but love the twin. Was nearly going to pass this board by based on the quad fin emphasis. It’s now on my can I sell a few things and get one list thanks jon

Jean-Simon Lamarre says:

Another nice review! Did you prefer this board or the Puddle fish?

Peter Djordjevich says:

That spiral grip wax stuff looks cool, what is it?

Somkhit Lovan says:

Next time i surf my quad fish im gunna throw in some keel fin twins. Looks so fun. I always wondered if it would go good and it looks like it does. Great surfing and review. 5/5

Felix Lux says:

Whaaaat never thought I’d see you doing a hang 5 in a review haha! Getting the groove on, love it!
Where you using the HS quad trailers with the HS large fronts, please?
Sick review as always, also cool to see guests on the show.

chris rossi says:

Noel I enjoy watching you surf more than the fellas on the WSL tour.
Epic board reviews too!!

Peace Soup says:


Karl Jakobsson says:

Another great review Noel! Are you able to get your hands on the new CI Fish as well? Would be a great comparison!

Eric Disque says:

What’s a spiral V?

Mathieu Revel says:

Mate, how come the right tail piece is much lower than the left one (left board on the wall) ?

Jaime Guzman says:

Noel what fins would you choose if you can t get the haydenshapes generation? (another similar option to the HS)… Solid review cheers

MrShmilblic says:

Hi noel first of all thank you for the education you are providing, it’s really helpfull 🙂
I was wondering if you had ever try the lost EZ up model?
 I’m about to buy a second hand but i’m not finding reviews not sponsored by the brand and i wanted to know your thoughts about this shape? 🙂 it’s a 5.10 for 34 litters and i’m 1m88 for 82 kilos and i’m looking for a “one board quiver”. I have an intermediate level

 Also i wanted to know: when you choose a board, for the floatability you look up first the volume (i’ve read around 0.40 litters for each kilograms you weight if you are intermediate), but for the length is it only feeling/comfort matter or what?
I hope it wasnt too painfull for you to read this, english is not my native language

Bonner Figueiroa says:

Nice review as always!
Just a question: when you used the twin setup, did you put those fins in the forward slots or in the back ones?

Nick Siebenmorgen says:

Hey Noel thanks for the great review. I’m looking at this board and the Machado Go Fish and was wondering if you could give any feedback on noticeable differences in the way they surf and wave range/type?

Ryan James says:

G’day Noel, another class review mate!
I am heading into the West Aus summer and need a small wave/grovel board. I am tossing up between the RNF Retro and the Pyzel Gremlin. The fact you can surf the RNF Retro as a twin is also super appealing but not sure it would be as user friendly/versatile as the Gremlin? Would love to hear your thoughts.
Keep up the good work legend!

Michael Duskus says:

Good stuff, Noel. Think you can get a review of the new Bing Cypress, both as a quad and a 2+1?

Thomas V. says:

Great review! As always!

Calvin Cameron says:

Review the Channel Islands Semi-Pro 12!!!

Valdo van Zyl says:

Can’t help feeling like there’s a bit too much width in the nose compared to the sleek, double side cut back third of the board and that it gets hung up in the lip when going too vert. It looks like the tail + sidecuts pushes you to go high performance but then the nose + swing weight let’s you down. Just an observation. Otherwise great info on the different tech’s, fins and even tailpads!

Steven Shattuck says:

Man, you really know your stuff. It’s cool to see someone who can surf so well and explain what’s going on based on different boards and constructions and break that down in a way that is easy to understand.

John Riggs says:

Still one of my favorite boards from Matt!! So glad to see you review it!


Interesting those AMK fins you loved are near identical to the Futures fiberglass twin fins that came with my old Xanadu Wave Rocket in the Tuflite construction by Surftech. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been surfing it in all kinds of conditions in the 2-6′ range (Hawaiian scale) here on Oahu and it handles/holds really well without sliding out. I tried the Rastavich fins surfing some point breaks in Nicaragua and they were more for speed and cutbacks vs pivoting in the pocket like the AMK style fins. If you get a chance, reach out to Xanadu and do board reviews on the Wave Rocket 1 vs 2.
Cheers Noel for the continued solid board reviews

Xabier xabi says:

Comparing the go fish and this board what the difference and what feels better

bodhi tree says:

So lucky to have consistent swells to rip in.

Monty8eight says:

Can u review the Firewire Midas please.

-Prem says:

Noel…Awesome review as always!!! For a groveler can you speak about this board vs Pyzel Gremlin? How would performance differ? Is one better for 1-3? Which did you prefer? Aloha

That Kidd says:

Can we have a rusty chupacabra review

bushkey says:

Yeww! My boy Nate in da house! Good call, good review.

globalpeoplepower says:

Do you plan to test Tomo’s Hydronaut?

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