Lost Puddle Fish Surfboard Review

Trip Forman reviews the …Lost Puddle Fish Surfboard.


frezhtastic says:

hey guys,
i would like to extend my quiver. i’m mainly riding a 5’10 v2 rocket, what size would you recommend for mushy french days at 4ft up to good clean days with 5-6ft (181cm-5’11 and 72kg-158lbs)

Jay Zwingly says:

Hey can you all do a review of the Sharpeye Disco Cheater and/or Roberts Metamorph… I’m looking for a new board that I can still ride like a performance board but in mushy waves down in Florida…

Tim Osborne says:

Another great review. Any chance you can review the new Lib-tech RNF?

Mathieu Revel says:

Hey ! great reviews 🙂 Curious question, I m hesitating between this board and making a Gary mcneil Twin Fin fish RTT for small days. Any advise on it ?

Craig Steven says:

What what size board was Trent riding?

Adrian revuelta pino says:

Very informative review, I was just wondering what size would suit me, I weigh 64 kg and 5’11 and I tend to tride longer boards (at 6’2 or 5’11) but what is the best size for a board like a puddle fish?

Luke George says:

I’m looking at this board as a transition from a mini mal to shortboard, thoughts? I’m 5’11 @ 90kg and can pop up, turn no problems.

Guy Katz says:

is this model also available in carbon wrap?

Craig Steven says:

Just wondering about sizing for the puddle jumper range, particularly the puddlefish. I ride a 6’5. 40.9L quiver killer as my alrounder. I can decide between the 6’2 and 6’1. 6’2 seems like a lot of volume at 44L.. but 6’1 sounds short. I’ve never ridden a board that short.. I still need some paddle power. I’m 6’1 and 240 pounds

crussandrews says:

Hi team. I have a Puddle Jumper squash tail – best board ever. What would be the diffrence between this compared to the fish and also the round pin. Thnaks for your great videos

Michael McGrath says:

Hey. Love your review vids. Lots of useful info. I’m 190lbs/86ish kg am in decent shape and have been surfing for 15+ years but now can go weeks without a surf. I have a 6’2″ v3 rocket and was wondering what size puddle fish would be good for me to compliment the v3 as groveller. Any words of wisdom?

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