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Designed for unparalleled lateral speed in even the smallest, most gutless surf, this is the Lost Puddle Fish Carbon Wrap Surfboard Review for Compare Surfboards!

This Lost Puddle Fish is like a performance fish on steroids and I LOVE IT.

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My Lost Puddle Fish Carbon Wrap is 6’0 x 22.25 x 2.75 at 41.75L’s of volume.

How is the Lost Puddle Fish vs Puddle Jumper? Designed from the Lost Puddle Jumper (one of our favourite small wave boards ever) with a performance rocker and spiral vee under the rear foot, this board with rear channels help you push into turns by breaking up the water flow.

This extra control gives helps with the more fishy design giving you a great mix of speed with manoeuvrability. The Lost Puddle Fish has a straighter rail profile with a forward wide point, squared off tail block and pulled in hip area between your feet.

A slightly reduced concave depth through the centre of the board further helps to give you plenty of linear speed down the line and through flatter sections.

The inverted, angular corners out of the square tail reduce the surface area in the tail giving you plenty of bite and control while maximising the straight tail outline and rail rocker.

I was able to surf this Lost Puddle Fish at Kelly Slater Wave Pool in Lemoore, CA and it rocks!

Hope you enjoy this Lost Puddle Fish Carbon Wrap Surfboard Review for Compare Surfboards!

All the best,


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+ In AU? Want My Puddle Fish? Get it here: https://bennysboardroom.com.au/collections/surf-surfboards-ex-demo-surfboards

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Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy the show.


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Felix Lux says:

Great review Benny, thank you! One question please: Puddle Jumper vs. Puddle Fish – which of the two will get going better in the really small stuff knee-waist high?

Nelson Crisp says:

Great video man

Louis Anthony says:

Love the vids man. That board looks fun, love the tail on that thing. I have a 5’6” puddle jumper. It’s been my favorite board so far, super good with paddling, and makes it easy to ride gutless 2footers (California 2footer Lol). I’d like to check out the puddle fish as a demo soon, might be a good addition to my quiver.

Sherkhan says:

I don’t get the 2 foot = aussie shoulder high reference? Aussies aren’t that short 😉 or do 2 foot waves stand up taller in Australia?

antonlongman. 8 says:

i liked this board but found it didn’t want to break line

Catch the Wave says:

Great board, one of my favorites.

Ely Iacoboni says:

great video. Do you use in it four fins or three and why???

ronald roodhart says:

thanks and why the stretch fins ???

Ferdinand Arcinue says:

Great to see some footage of you surfing! Awesome that you got to surf Kelly’s wave too.

GO SURF says:

Hey Benny great review as always. I have the exact same one and often ride boards you review in the same size as we ride similar volume. Just a question of fins.. How do the SF4’s go and did you try the split keel too .. i have been running split keel but not tried anything smaller .. Cheers.

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