Kook VS Shortboard

Today we find out the age old question “Can a Kook (me) ride a shortboard?” I’v been surfing for a total of around half a year maybe! I started on a longboard then moved down to a 6’10 fish board and now a 5’9 Pyzel short board (The board Im riding is a Pyzel Sure Thing which is one of the more beginner friendly shortboards) . I’v only ever ridden my friends shortboards for a couple waves so this was a new experience! Will I be able to even stand up on a shortboard??? hmmmm!

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Anyway! after taking a week break from Youtube it feels good to be back homies!! Hope you guys enjoyed this video! If ya did make sure to hit me with a like and a subscribe or something! and if you’re new to this channel and happen to be reading through the description my name is David and I make board sport related videos and stuff (mainly Snowboarding)

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Truman Campbell says:


SoloC852 says:

Welcome to the shortboard club. Learn to do late take off.

Zara Jean says:

We just got 35cm of snow at my local resort. I’M VERY EXCITED!!!!

Jack Schreuder says:

That’s a great first shortboard heaps of volume for you hopefully see you out some day

Josué says:

Are you into satanism?? Because of your goat sweatshirt.

Finlay Walton says:

Yeees I had a good week hope you had one too great vid see ya tomorrow

redberrey says:

how much do you weigh??? I gotta say im shocked to hear as a beginner you have a 30 ltr board, you got some pretty big balls, I always thought it was crazy that I learned on a 6’0 softec and that was 48 lts lol

speedway says:

I missed u boo

Carlo Grotti Trevisan says:

you have to ride for more time a bigger board to feel and read better the wave, then you can step to that one easily cause your skill is not bad 😉

Crew Nottingham says:

Them drawings are lit boiiiiii

Surf and More says:

If u like the GoPro it will stop the water smears

Finn Macpherson says:

Come surf Australia !

Paul Jordan/ Erin Macdonald says:

who in their right mind would dislike this video

No Name says:

I told my mom
And she said :

“Who tf is Dave ?”

Graham Doonan says:

hey man if u ever want adivse on surfing or surfboards give me a shout im a surfboard shaper from ireland. thanks

James french says:

I’m in your exact same position. I’m moving down from a performance longboard to a shortboard.

Koby Welch says:

hey david, it might be easier to pop up on your surfboard if you move up further. Try to keep your nose about 4-5 cm out of the water

Ben Terronez says:

you should come to California some time!!

Vova Korotkikh says:

Wait wait wait, are you from New Zealand? This spot seems to be so familiar to forestry north of Auckland

Nat Fitt says:

Yew! Awesome vid! Think I’ve seen you at Orewa skatepark before, would love to skate or surf with you one time!

Ian Salisbury says:

Good first effort! You seem to be getting a lot better- I think stood a bit far back on your board for those waves plus needed a few more paddles- short boards are just that much more difficult to get into the wave.

Angus Geoghegan says:

you’re duck diving like half a second to late, try duck diving a little later and the won’t pull you as much cause you’ll be more under the wave

OSCAR says:

Nice work man. You gotta lick the GoPro lens tho to get rid of the water spots

Urban says:

I have always watched your videos and loved watchng your skating and surfboarding vids because they are all my interests, but you have been my main inspiration for the snowboarding, i am in england and the closest snozone is two hours away, so im riding like once (twice if im lucky a wekk, been boarding for like a month and a half and your vids got me already 360 stalfishing and front and back boardslides! keep it up bro!!

corey mundt says:

sick jump cuts mate

Patrick Holloway says:

Can I send surf vids for the homie edits

Luke Hagi says:

Sorry my man but take it from a hawaii kid, you still snowboard a lot better

Fred Boykett says:

try dual fins it will make it alot funner and easier to do nice quick turns

igloo productions says:

The video would be good if you could actually surf worth a shit. Quit vlogging and come back after 5 years of surfing.

ian casizzi says:

hey the wizard boy is back. Dear saucerer you seem to have roamed a nice portion of this realm snowboarding, and now ride the hoolabajoo through the waves. Me and my wifey 4 lifey are looking to spend a year or two somewhere you can snowboard and surf, I know new Zeland is one place where that is possible, but if there was one place in the world you would pick where would you go?

Isaac Morris says:

I missed you my dude! sad thing is I snapped my surfboard on saturday :(. Now i have to wait until it is fixed and i have a surf comp next weekend 🙁 :(. Cool to see you back tho! and i think the reason that the 5’9 caught as much as your 6’10 is because of volume, 30.1L is a lot of volume for a 5’9 which will help a lot for paddling onto waves. Ur surfing is improving tho.

Pepe Pappa says:

Are u a virgin or no

James Shivers says:

Hey I did that stuff you told me but I didn’t get any thing

Dormer Gamer says:


zach niederstadt says:

David you should try skimboarding! I think you’d be able to enjoy smaller waves better and you could try some shick tricks my dude

Also hurry up and re-guccify everything bro everything so plane

Tzirom 123 says:

wish the water was so clear where I live

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