Fish Vs Shortboard – Which Is A Better Surfboard??

Going surfing can be enhanced or restricted by surfboard choice. It can be a tricky decision for sure, and involves checking the surf conditions and knowing your own preferences and abilities.

Some boards perform better than others, some are more radical, some offer more flow. The number one thing to consider, as always, is your own preference. Which board lets you have the most fun?

In this video I dissect and discuss the differences between two common shapes; the shortboard and the fish. Note: my shortboard is quite ‘fishy’ in nature anyway.

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Jonas Akyildiz says:

Great video! I was wondering what are the dims on your regular shortboard and what are you dims on your Fish?

Όλιβερ Στιούαρτ says:

Why such aggressive style on the fish and so much loading up? They’re better for carving and relaxing your style a bit.

naturewoodfb says:

Can you make a video about the diffrence between 3 and 5 fins?

Adrian Nielsen says:

How much do you weigh, and what are the lengths and liters of both boards?

oldschoolwaverider says:

I struggle with paddling fitness, hence the reason after 2 waves I jump on a bodyboard and catch more waves. I guess it’s completely different feeling bodyboarding compared to surfing, but my legs are much stronger. Any tips to improve paddling strength?

Oto Kage says:

i see you guys with plenty of… something on your lips and sometimes on your face. Is it sun block?
And whatever it is. Do I need sun block if I surf on winter?

Henry Ordonez Jr says:

What brand of fish might you recommend? And what size for a 140 lb male? Been surfing for a month or so and long boards are getting too easy

Tom Mireles says:

Informative! Thanks

Charles Hawk says:

Good info!!!

maximidius says:

What would you say is an appropriate sized fish for a 179cm 87kg guy who rides a longboard ????

Washington Novais says:

Nice video

westphal_says says:

do a video on how to paddle out in drifty overhead beachbreaks on short period swells when the current pulls you away from the channel/rip; probably the most irritating thing i’ve encountered in surfing.

Mikey B says:

You got your hands on a great channel name!

kineticsurf says:

Looks like the blue fish had one of tail pins crease/break and then repaired. Seems like more than few of fish shapes w/ 4-5-6 inch deep swallow will do that. Did it break up or down? Looks like up just like all the others I have seen fail.

John Fowler says:

Can you duck dive a longer fish? I’m a 5’10, 160 lbs and I’d like to try a longer fish and would love to be able to duckdive (can’t dive my longboard). What’s the longest fish you could duck dive? Thanks for the great videos!

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