Firewire Rob Machado “GO FISH” Surfboard Review by Noel Salas Ep.30

The Go Fish by Rob Machado Twin Fin was quite the adventure for me. It took some getting used too at first but when I got the fins dialed in I started to have some fun.

I had some challenges getting used to this little 5’3” Twin Fin because it is so skatey. What I mean by skatey is with no center fin the board wants to slide out when I transition in my turns and that took some getting used too.

I tried 6 different fin set ups in this board and there were two that felt good. The Twin Fin Especial by Captain Fin and the T1 by Futures felt the best for my style of surfing. Machado recommends the K1 or K2 Keel fins by Futures and they felt really fast down the line but a bit delayed in my turns for my likings. I just don’t have enough Soul in my surfing and drawing classic lines is going to take some practice.

All in all this board was really fun for me going front side when I found the right fins that worked for me. My backside approach not so much as I could not get the board to stop sliding out on my top turns.

I had a good time trying such a unique design and in the end I feel like I learned how to use my rails better on my surfing. I think most surfers would find this board to be fun and exciting to try something new and learn how to draw different lines.


Jay O'Brien says:

You looked much worse on this board than the Chew Toy. However, you had nothing but positive things to say about this board, while you dumped on the Chew Toy.. After surfing the chew toy you stated the board didn’t have the “wow” factor for you. However, upon surfing this board you explained it was your fault as you don’t consistently surf twin fin boards. So was the chew toy you’re fault too? Really confused. If you don’t surf wider/hybrid boards, then I’m unsure why you’re reviewing them. But don’t dump on one, and sing praises of another, when you surfed them both shitty.

William Blaze says:

Disappointed in the lack of info about the board. As a shaper I’d like to hear you share more info on the actual board and it’s measurements. As in actual numbers!! Numbers is the information that will allow someone to not only chose a board that will work for them now, but in the future as well. This is also the information needed for a surfer to be able to understand what they like and why they like it. It’s no wonder the average surfer has no idea about things like how much nose and tail rocker they like, what fin placement works best for them etc. There is so much more info about a board that can be shared by you other than just width, thickness and volume. Wide point placement? Fin placement, toe in, can’t etc? Side panel widths? Concave depth? Nose and tail width? Swallow tail width? Foil… as in thickness in other places besides just the middle? Heck most guys have no idea what volume number is good for them. But if you started giving actual numbers and how they relate to the board you’d be providing a real and valuable resource. Imagine if a person could watch 3 or 4 of your reviews on different boards that had actual numbers related to performance. They could then get and idea of what number might work best for them or what style of board might better fit the type of surfing they are doing. I say get deeper, consult a shaper before you record your review and let’s start seeing some real info that can be put into use by your viewers. I know this might mean you’ll have to show less of you surfing, but I’m OK with that!

dexterpolyester says:

Excellent review as always Noel!

Traction Software says:

Good review as always, ordered mine last week – can’t wait to get it. that little backside spin at 10:45, is that always on your backside? and did twin fin make it easier? gotta try it sometime.

mounproject says:

review the SD omni please

ocean-life says:

Noel is flying on the new FireWire twin! Board looks insane. Great surfing, video and edit as usual. Can’t wait to demo one.

Twed j8 says:

Good review, would be stoked if you could get your hands on an HS untitled or HS Darkside

John Pale says:

What’s the first song in the intro? Anyone?

honkadory says:

Nice one, I really want to try one now… looks super fun!

Patrick Carter says:

Hey, great videos. I was thinking you should try those au fins using trace and see if there is any speed difference. That would be awesome. Thanks for all the reviews. Take it easy brotha

Thiago Marciel says:

Noel Salas best surfboard reviewer on youtube.

Harry Sidgwick says:

Can u do a review on the pyzel 74

Surfdocsteve says:

Noel That was the best review yet! You nailed it on the head. Even a great surfer like you cannot surf like some of the pros such as Machado. Your struggle with the board is what I think most average surfers go through when trying to get a high performance surfboard and then surf like Kelly Slater. You must find your own style and what surfboard fits you the best. I have been surfing for forty years and only in the wisdom of age and some extra money have I been able to get a bunch of boards and then figure out the board that fits my style. Then you have to figure out the fins that work best for you on a board and then finally learn what board is best for the wave you are surfing. You are always at a high performance wave there at Trestles, but I would guess that if you took the Go Fish out just down the beach at San Onofre you might appreciate the style of board differently and even want the original fins on the board instead of the ones you ended up liking. Probably even then next size up for some more volume. Surfing is like golfing. You do not just use one club! Surfing is the same. I take three to four boards down to the beach and judge which is best for the waves. This has made my sessions better since now I do not ride a high performance board when a hybrid or Mini-log would be best. I laugh when I see some guy on a skinny little board trying to shred some mushy Huntington Beach wave. I am super curious about this board too so if you want to pass it on I would buy it off you. Craig’s List is the best thing. It allows you to buy and sell a board for about the same price and if even if you lose a few dollars it is like renting the board. It is a great way to try a lot of boards. I bought & sold about 30 boards this way and keeps my quiver down to 20 boards. Again thanks. The video was very insightful and your struggle to find the fin and proper style for the board was very helpful.

Devin Stephens says:

the k1s are the best keels by far


great review….firewire is not afraid to think out of the box with the boards it releases, which is fantastic…..check with chuey and I am sure he would let you demo anything..

Mark Pascual says:

I’m 5 9 160 lbs which dimensions should i be looking at if i were to get this board

Dthraco says:

Yeah! Rockin the 360’s!
It was great seeing how your style was modified when you rode this board. Your turns were a bit more drawn out and focused rather than tighter and effortless like usual. YOu definitely had some killer floater maneuvers and seemed like you were airborne on a skateboard. Great video!

krusher74 says:

Did you ever consider with all the fin changes your maybe trying to turn the board into as much of a thruster feel as you can, how about a hardcore 6 months on the full keels and a second video to see it you develope a new wider style range in your surfing?

scott snider says:

As for the fins….”you just gotta push a little harder mate.” Simon Anderson

Jesse Urane says:

I rode this board at camp shred a while back in the same dims with the k2s. I often switch between performance boards and fishy boards and I love a good twin fin. I felt this board had a ton of flow but I felt like I had to nurse my turns in this fish more than other twinnys/fish or it would slide out. Still a really fun board. Great review as always! Keep it up!

Jonathan Rath says:

Board looks good under your feet. You’re ripping! Great review thanks.

Hibbard1986 says:

is your 5’3 on craigslist oc right now? cool review btw, you actually have surf video footage.

lowercase_nate says:

I think the 5’5 would have gone better for you. that one seems like its too small for you. I’m your same weight and went with the 5’5 and it goes insane. I think this board is really thin for a fish so a few extra inches helps. Killer surfing either way though, cheers

Shane Moriarty says:

you should do a review on the Sharpeye Disco tech.

Jeff Holmes says:

Damn I was hoping you would talk more about those tanner twin fins , haven’t seen a whole lot on them.. ordered a rnf redux and trying to find the best twin fin , I’m like you I never rode a twin fin before so I figured that would be a good board to start off with

The Surf Show by Magnum Martinez says:

Yeah Salas!!! Great review brother! Fishes are funky like that and I feel the cool thing about them is the make you draw different lines and also move different, at least that is what I feel every time I surf a board like that. You ripped on it! Got to show you my new twin funky as the get!

Ben BDX says:

hello Noel,
First question : what is the size of this go fish please ?
Second question: wich brand of the black racks you use please ?
cheers from France

Liam Rodriguez says:

v3 stealth would fit your syle

Balonishell says:

Great surfing!

KayneHunter says:

Do u know anyone who has a CI MTF if so do they like it?

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