Firewire LFT Moonbeam Surfboard Review

Ian reviews the Firewire LFT Moonbeam Surfboard:

This new LFT shape has a similar nose template to Rob’s hugely popular Midas giving it that skatey feel in smaller waves. Extra lift was added to the rocker in the nose to prevent it getting hung up when executing snappy turns in and around the pocket. Above average surfers will enjoy the Moonbeam’s exaggerated tail rocker which delivers a loose and responsive feel and rapid direction changes.

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Kieran Ryan says:

What is a good Futures Quad Fin setup for this board? A speed generating fin or a stiffer fin?

Grimmace says:

Just finally located one of these…and wow. It’s the 7th board I’ve owned, and the first one that I’ve felt like, “Geez, there’s something unique and game changing about this.” I’m still catching up to what it has to offer. (Nothing special on big waves, but extraordinary in the waist to head high range). I’m riding oversized, to catch our flat waves. I agree with everything else in this review.

Bastian says:

Hi Ian, do you know how i can quick fix a simple ding on my LFT shape? Not sure since the resin is a mix of fiberglass and epoxy.. Nice channel by the way, appreciate those quick reviews!

Rogers Surfari and Reviews says:

Can’t wait to add this to my Machado collection of boards, looks like it may almost replace my Almond Butter though

Beach Shak says:

Sweet reviews, I have to say I have been a bit concerned about you in some of your recent reviews you have looked @ times like you might smile lol, Don’t do it mate you have come this far ! Need to wait to you are a bit more internet famous and do an episode 1000th review where you smile for a worth wile charitable cause.

John Austin says:

Great Review! For small waves, since you have ridden both, this board or the Chumlee?

Mikie Statts says:

So sick rob

Mark Erasmus says:

I don’t like your videos enough. (I feel like that is missing some crucial punctuation as to not be misconstrued as being negative.) Certainly my favourite source of surfboard reviews. That said, I invariably watch them and end up thinking “This board was made for me..!” In summary, great job and you definitely earned the “Like” 🙂

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