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A legend in his own time, this is an exquisite upgrade to the traditional fish design by Aussie shaper Dick Van Straalen. This is the DVS (Dick Van Straalen) Hydro Hull Fish surfboard review at Benny’s Boardroom. Enjoy!

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Peter Thomson says:

Hi all, commented a year ago about this DVS. I’m 37 and no legend on a surf board, stand 5’11 and weigh 91 KG. My ‘go to’ hydro hull is 5’10ish but have ridden different DVS Fish from 5’7ish to 6’2ish and own quite a few now. Can’t really speak for everywhere else but where i surf there are more and more of these being ridden and for good reason. Once you get the handle on one of these they’re crazy. Some DVS hacks to really milk the most out of one; these are the culmination of a ideas from a group of very good, dedicated, fish surfers I’ve been fortunate enough to share the water and or a beer with and yep they’ve all got at least one DVS:

1. Move your feet alot – This amount of drive and speed warrants a significant shift in weight to properly harness.

2. Take of too deep – Once the art of a steep takeoff is mastered with the DVS rocker, keep biting off more. Rewards are stupefying.

3. Float that foamy section – With this much speed and tail width, just point it up there, the board will do the rest and you’ll cover way more water than you expected.

4. Get your back foot WAY back for turns – I spent many years thinking i was surfing well on these until I learned to really get back there. New level found. Get your body height low, lever off the inside edge of the tail deck cavity = Mind blown.

5. Keep exploring – I personally just keep finding myself on these when i shouldn’t be. Think big powerful hefty “pintail” waves and vertical sections where a fish shouldn’t work. I find the speed, drive and satisfaction increase exponentially on a big clean face.

Sorry for the war and peace length, post – Just a happy hacker’s 2 bobs worth.

js333able says:

What’s is the distance from the tail to the trailing back edge of the keel fin?

Peter Thomson says:

Mr Van Straalen is a very special man. He dissects you when you ask for a custom. He’s not interested in where you surf or how much you weigh or how many litres you usually ride, he only wants to know what makes you tick and what you hold most important and then predicts what to shape to move you. My advice, get a custom while you still can. Actually get 2 if he’ll do it.

Will Hancock says:

Hey thanks for your breakdown on the hydro hull. I’ve just picked one up, a 5″9 twin keel Nd the first the thing I noticed was speed. Crazy speed. Your back foot has to do a LOT of work to get it to slow up and slinging through turns. I’m finding a close stance and drawn out turns are working well, baht definitely a blast to ride!

luciana lana says:

A classic board! Old school!

chris wright says:

I ride a 5,7 and would not hesitate to say its the liveliest and most fun surfboard I’ve ridden, given the right conditions. Stupid amount of fun on my forehand, not great fun on my backhand. Super fast, turns well once you are used to it, amazing in small fast waves….

Michael Whelan says:

whats the sizing guide for these? im 5’9 and 65 kilos and im currently looking at a 5’5 hydro hull, any recommendations on whether thats the right size, or what is the right size for me?? thanks a lot!

Keith Whiteley says:

the deck would have no effect on ride bottom channels create the lift and light feel apparently. just like hydrofoil boats reduce drag by channeling air thru bottom. nice board.

xwhite2020 says:

Thanks for the review. It looks like a great board. Any chance of giving us the mathematics? Thickness, width, 12 inch widths ect. Thanks dude.

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