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The iconic Christenson Surfboards Fish Review. One of the few surfboard shapers in the world capable of mastering all manner of craft from alternative, stubby fishes to 12 foot gun surfboards. If you haven’t ridden a surfboard by Chris Christenson, you’re missing out.

This twin keel fish model is exceptional. It defies the physics of a traditional fish surfboard but somehow maintains all of the fun.

” If you were stranded on an island for the next 10 years and were only allowed one board this would be my recommendation.” – Chris Christenson

I hope you missed us and hope you dig this Christenson Surfboards Fish Review!

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Florian Beaulieu says:

one of the most beautifull twin i’ve seen!! keep on the good work benny!

Chris Maclachlan says:

hey you’re back, can you please review the JS Monsta 6?

William Hyman says:

What are the dims of that board?

Tyler Durden says:

It would never last 10 years. I would have a retro fish double glassed.

Jake Lawrance says:

Looks a bit like Firewire’s ‘go fish’ that Rob Machado shaped but a bit wider tail

Glen Goodwin says:

Hey Benny, would love to see you review the new FireWire Go Fish and see how these 2 compare.

Paul John Balderston says:

holy crap I’m glad your back. thought you guys were dead!

Mathieu Revel says:

got this board in 5’8 21 2 9/16, great board but very surprised how much it holds for a twin, almost slightly too stiff i would say ! i didnt feel like i was surfing a twin crazy

London Ramirez says:

Where have you been?!

Waxfoot says:

Wtf, you’re back!!!

Daniel Steiner says:

So happy to see a review on this board! I’ve personally owned a 5’6 and just replaced it with a 5’4 and its the absolute most fun and best board i’ve ever owned ! GET ONE !

Matt Levy says:

I bought a Dx1 by Dhd and have somewhat enjoyed it but was wondering if you could ask Craig how it differs from the Chili spawn. Also what fins he reccomends for them. Thanks

Offthe Lip says:

Glad your back Benny! Thoroughly enjoy your reviews.

mp4192000gmail says:

Nice to see you back.

josh says:

Hey Benny, where can I purchase one of these in 5″10? I live in Bondi, Sydney. Thanks!

Sergey Kozlov says:

Hey! What size you can recommend? I’m 175lbs 6’ thanks!

alex Galván says:

Nice to see you back greetings from Ibiza

Matt Levy says:

yes your backk

Jo Mahumid says:

Yeeew so pumped your back dude

Zach Echo says:

It’s been a while man, great review.

Mathieu Revel says:

Hey !! Great review again 🙂 What do you think would work best for a more beginner surfer between this board and the RTT ? i m hesitating !

J. Francisco Francés says:

Great review mate. Good dancing skills, too. Thanks for sharing!

AUSSIE M8 says:

stacey times two board

T Gyalten says:

Have you reviewed the Vouch twinnie?

Steve Guluk says:

I’ve got this board in a 5′ 8″ and love it for smaller to average waves. A bit tough to go backside with the dual keels but frontside, it rips, makes sections at speed and is just a beautiful thing to appreciate.

Picked up a Christensen Nautilus recently in 6′ 8″ as my replacement Step Up board (replacing ..Lost Round-Up) and really happy with that one also. Still fishy but a thruster with a bit more rocker. So Cals been nice this past week with some 4-6′ southern swells and the Nautilus did a great job.

Asaf Naot says:

Welcome back, from a viewer in Israel

Alricson Anthony Surpia says:

Benny can you have a review on the firewire go fish. thank you

Abner Diaz says:

Hi guys, I’m 19 and have been surfing seriously for 3 and a half years. I’m 6 ft 185 pounds. The type of surfer than I am is intermediate. I can surf well, but I need something to ride, I cant ride or pick up smaller waves, I need a larger wave for me to go on and ride, also I don’t necessarily “cut” well, my style is more of just carving and enjoying a wave. I’m not explosive at all or an “advanced” surfer. I came upon this video and think this board is really rad. Would this be the right type for me?

Corz Illa says:


Working Title says:

Nice opening and closing billboard! (intro-outro) Someday I’ll ride a fish. Still a beginner :). Glad you’re back reviewing boards.

Matt Levy says:

Will Craig also still review boards?

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