Channel Islands “SAMPLER” Surfboard review by Noel Salas Ep.7

This video is about Channel Islands “Sampler” Surfboard Review Ep. 7. The Sampler is a new small wave signature model by Dane Reynolds. Enjoy the journey as Noel Salas shows and talks about the Sampler. It is designed to go really fast and works well in all sorts of wave sizes and conditions.

The Sampler is relatively flat in the rocker and has a very aggressive single concave running through the entire board with a slight double concave between the fins to loosen it up. There is also a slight V in the tail to transition from rail to rail.

Noel’s custom Sampler DIMS are 5’6 x 19 3/8 x 2 3/8 and the liters of volume are 27.3. This board is very fast and responsive and is recommended for all skill levels. The Channel Islands website recommends this board for waves from waste high to a foot overhead.

The Sampler is a board between your standard short board and your fish designs like the Pod Mod or High Five. Noel really likes this board and it is his go too small wave board for high performance surfing.

This is what the Channel Islands website has to say about the Sampler.

“Take your good wave game to conditions that are not. The Sampler was developed with Dane Reynolds to be that step-down board you ride a little shorter and wider in smaller or weaker surf while not sacrificing performance. It fits in your quiver between something fishy like a High 5 or Pod Mod and your normal short board.

Loosely based off the Dumpster Diver, it has flat, racy entry and center rocker, with ample curve out the tail for tight transitions and airs. A generous single concave runs the whole length of the board, with a slight double within the single between the fins, and just a little vee to provide kick off the tail. The outline is full but sleek in the front half, with an exaggerated and slightly forward of normal Merrick hip, and a wide old-school squash tail.

The Sampler is suitable for every level of surfer and should be ordered 2-4 inches shorter, 1/4 to 3/4 inches wider, and the same or slightly thicker than the your normal short board.”

For more questions click on this link to CI about the Sampler.


Jeff Albritton says:

first off great review of the sampler! What you would say are the biggest differences between the “dumpster diver” and “sampler”?

I surf in San Diego and looking to get a board that will perform in 2-4+ ft surf.

I’m 6’1″ 180lbs been surfing for 20yrs but would consider myself intermediate. (no aerials)

Bond Summers says:

For hollow to semi-hollow closeout to semi-closeout beach break of the same size waves you’re riding, which channel islands model would you most recommend?

eyal polishook says:


Offthe Lip says:

I own this board love it. Don’t understand why CI markets this board as a “small wave” board. This thing really should be marketed as an “all wave” board. Anything waist to a foot or two OH, the sampler is gold.

WordoftheDay says:

Hey Noel,
Love the work you do, these reviews are really quality. I just wanted to get your take on custom ordering this board. I am 6’3 185, have been surfing for many years. I usually ride 30-31L of volume and I hesitate to go over 19 1/4 width bc I love how more narrow boards can turn up the face instantly. I do realize that small wave boards should be wider though.

Do you think ordering this board a couple inches taller would change the character of the board? Like instead of the 5’9” stock I went for 5’11 19 1/4 2 1/2? or maybe even 6’0. What do you think?

Malcolm Hill says:

Loving your channel mate. Much better than board reviews with no surfing footage. Cheers.

wodarck says:

Will you be reviewing the Black & White or T-Low? Love these videos. Keep up the good work. Also, will this series only be Channel Islands boards or do you plan on reviewing other brands as well?

Mads Bording says:

I have a stock 5’10 and LOVE it. Use it as my go-to short board as I did with a FR before. I’m thinking about getting a custom squashed down Sampler for 1-3 foot weak mush. 5’8 x 20 1/4 x 2 9/16 = 32L. Intermediate 80 kilos. Below this and it is a foamy. What is your thoughts on this? I like a short board outline more than e.g. a fish/mini type board

dav56 says:

Hi Noel and great review. Do you think sampler is good for an intermediate surfer 1m80 85 kg and i ride beach break from 50cm to sometimes 2m?
and which is better stock dims for me?

Valdo van Zyl says:

Hey Noel, by far the best reviews out there, probably more so because you can actually surf well and provide proper feedback! I have a weirdo ripper and surf it 80% of the time here in Victoria, Australia. It can be the best board on some days (and then I’m convinced I’ll never buy another board) and other days not so much. I like how it holds when turning really hard and that it paddles pretty well. How does the sampler stack up on holding turns and paddling? Have you tried the WR?

Jack Coyne says:

hey noel, great review. I got the sampler 2 months ago to replace my dumpster diver for waist to head high days. You are right, this is the fastest board I have ridden, it is great in the pocket for fast turns and doesn’t bog down for deep bottom turns. I use the average joe for small crappy days and the semi-pro for overhead, this is the perfect fit for in between. Thanks for the good work with the reviews and vids..

Nuga Nuga Kewl says:

How does it paddle? Is it forgiving? Would you recommend it for an intermediate surfer who is 15yo, someone that can connect small turns and surfs around 4-6 times a month?

Gymnastics Girls says:

Hey Noel,
Had a quick question on EPS Layup. Have you used a Team Light glassing yet or just ultra light. I am very comfortable surfing EPS boards and I like them light. I have not surfed a Channel Islands EPS board.

I did see that you had an UL Poly that weighed six pounds as opposed to the four and a half pound EPS board. Was that EPS board a UL or Team light. Any advice would be great.

Gabriel Frota says:

Great review! I’m looking into ordering a custom sampler but am not sure what the best size is for me. I’m 23 years old, 6’0 and 155 lb. Usually ride my standard shortboards around 28 L. Should I get the 5’8 which is similar liters to my shortboard or get an inch longer for more volume?

Also how do you think this board would perform if its thinned and narrowed out a bit so that its less of a groveler and more performancy? Do you think it might hurt the board?

Thanks in advance for the response!

Marco Renzi says:

Which would you suggest between the sampler and the new flyer? Which paddles better? Which one is the best on 2-4ft wave? Pros, cons? Thanks

Domonique Ascension Gateway says:

Hey Noel, your review inspired me to buy a Pod Mod 6 moths ago and I love it! Excellent reviews great how you put your surfing in it. Now I went to buy a Sampler after seeing a guy ride it, looks fun, but when I went to buy one I was introduced to the weirdo ripper, are you doing a review on the weirdo ripper? It looks awesome as well and now I can’t decide, have you ridden one? The two guys showed me their boards, both loved the sampler, but now say the weirdo ripper is their fav board of all time, confused now, lol… Dom…

Dave Dave says:

Nice review.  I am stuck on dims & am thinking somewhere between the 5’9 & 5’10 stock ones.  6’1″ intermediate @ 183 pounds & ride mainly a 6′ x 19.5 x 2.5 SB @ 30L (epoxy).  Would I be better beefing up the 5’9 to say 19 5/8 x 2.5, or shaving a 5’10 down to 19 3 /4 x 2 7/16?

Shannon Farrugia says:

Hey Noel, great reviews mate. You surf good too. Ripping. I’m writing from Australia. CI boards are expensive down here and I really wanna make the right decision. I cant decide between a 5’6 and a 5’8 sampler. I’m 5’6 x 154 pounds. Intermediate to advanced. I’ve been loving a 5’6 weirdo ripper and it’s been working for me in a variety of conditions from shitty beach breaks to point breaks and even slabs. It has surprised me. I wanna replace this board and the sampler is appealing. Most boards in my quiver range from 25-27 litres of volume. The 5’8 sampler has 28litres, which would be the most volume I’ve ever had In a short board. Thoughts?

Miguel Marquina says:

I ended up getting this board (the sampler) in a 6’2 standard dims. I was surfing bird rock on the first day of that North West Swell when I collided with someone else that was belly riding on a long board so I didn’t see him. I ran him over and did a quick visual check and noticed there was some red paint on one of my fins. I kept on surfing the New Flyer the whole session which was approx. 4 hour session. When I got out and did a thorough check I noticed that one of my fin boxes was caved. I went right up the street to Bird Rock Surf Shop and had him give me a quote on the repair. I noticed from the day before when I did a random quiver check that he had a sampler on the rack (the only C.I. board) and it was in a 6’2 standard dims however it had a pressure ding in it. The guy said he would reduce the price because of the blemish. I panicked and didn’t want to surf plus overhead waves on the mini because I remember how it tanked in Santa Barbara in overhead surf. He told me that he could work out a deal with me and let the board go for $250 out the door with no sales taxes and that he would get me back in the water ASAP ( with the Mini trade in which I traded it in for $250) I wanted to get my tentacles out there before I dialed the deal in so I made some calls and sent out some texts. I paddled out that same day and caught waves immediately with the sampler. I feel that the sampler is a notch down from the New Flyer in terms of rail responsiveness and the ability to generate speed. The sampler is fast and I was worried that the New Flyer and the Sampler would be in the same category. So far, I feel the difference in the two but yet longevity has the final say. Miguel.

fishskulls76 says:

Hey Noel, just a question on sizing, I bought a new flyer but its to big for me, thinking of getting a sampler or a smaller NF, would you say go slightly up or down in the volume with the sampler? I thought the new flyer felt bigger for the volume especially duck diving it, cheers

David Avron says:

Hi Noel awesome reviews cheers.
I am 5’8” 160lb advanced surfer in above average shape. I ride a 5’7” (25L) new flyer as a groveler (in between my fish and my hp shortboard) I want to raise my volume to 26-7 L and thought about a 5’7” sampler.
how would you compare the new flyer to the sampler ? which one is a better performance small waves board ?
did you try the sampler as a quad or heard any feedback about it as a quad?
Thanks a lot man

Brent Siegel says:

mad style

Andrew H says:

Board looked like it was working well. Is this a board you would personally ride and was the low rocker an issue?

edcruz11 says:

Aloha Noel, Great reviews on the different CI boards. Was wondering why you went with a custom 5’6″ Sampler as oppossed vs a stock dim 5’6″ Sampler? Ed

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