What’s up NUB NATION! Today while the waves are flat here in New Jersey I decided to compare the CATCH SURF SOFT TOP vs FIBER GLASS SURFBOARD. Both boards have a ton of benefits for surfing year round on the East Coast. I love my shortboard, but I also don’t know what I’d do without my Catch Surf Wave Bandit. It’s a tough compare & contrast!! For the dream!! Thanks guys!! – Love Ben


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C says:

yoga room = smell of chick farts. Pass-ola!

Surfdocsteve says:

I feel so educated. Thanks for the surfboard guide. What’s a super bowl?

Ayyy Plum says:

Volcom any day

Jason Hammock says:

Try some crossfit also

Joshua D'Ath SBC says:

hey ben! What do you think about Mick Fannings soft top company? I would like to see you surf one and tell us whats good! Yeewwww

xxcakeordeathxx says:

Can you go over some places to surf for goal noobs in south jersey? I want to go surf but don’t want to get jacked up by locals like Keanu did in point break.

Peter Cole says:

Hey Ben, Jordan and my friends in Buck’s County congratulations on the win. I gave up watching the NFL a couple of years ago when I cut the cord but I did watch the Volcom Pipe Pro. Congratulations to Cam Richards…..

Will Lamb says:

Pats should have won

LOGAN //POV// says:

I am so behind in vlogs!!

Chael Slater says:

I don’t think hot yoga is good for your health

Shane O'Connor says:

Hot yoga is intense. For surfing I find vinyasa flow can be helpful for core stability and hip flexor mobility. Yin yoga is awesome for deep serious business stretching.

Luke Sammann says:

Lmao did my mans just bring a camera into the yoga place????

Bailey Walker says:

what about a soft top short board for an intermediate/beginner made by softtech 6-6.6 ft i think i will need im 1.58m

Master Shredtacular says:

hey ben! Just wanted to tell a funny story, so i surf in Jax, in North Florida, we’ve been having a really cold winter, water temps have been dipping into the high 40’s which is insane. I only have a 3/2mm full suit and a 2mm spring shorty suit. That 3/2mm suit is way too thin, and get’s me freezing pretty quick. so being that i’m too broke to buy a decent 5/4mm suit, i tried something revolutionary. I wore my spring suit under my full suit and bam! stayed toasty for about 2 hours. The stoke never dies Yeww!! Also what’s your take on traditional Fiberglass vs. epoxy surfboards?

Jack Quarantillo says:

Yoga FTW! I have been doing something called DDP Yoga for 3 years now. Keeps my 54 year old body in charging shape.

It’s more of a yoga inspired workout, developed by WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. (He’s a Jersey native, used to be a local surfer in Point Pleasant Beach. )

Any kind of yoga will help your surfing.

…and lose the socks!

Ben Dillon says:

God Bless the Eagles….. Or anyone besides the Patriots……

J.B.P says:

Jordan acts just like my sister and since im or+iginally from Pa the eagles are my sisters football team & my other sister and my 1 brother are dallas fans….So just imagine when the cowboys & the eagles, its almost like the Jerry Springer show in full action for sure!,,,LOL Yewww

CakeTitan says:

Hey Ben love your vids. I’ve been wanting to transition down from my 8ft fiberglass and was wondering about your thoughts on a 7ft foamie vs a shortboard. I’d say i’m like somewhere between beginner and intermediate. Thanks!

Sam Phelps says:

Mcnabb MVP ! FTW !!!! lol !!!!! I hope you were kidding …. Glad they knocked off the Pats though ! My team the Jaguars almost took em out but choked in the last few mins of the AFC Championship game … Bummer ….
Congrats Jordan enjoy the win !!!

GrazerTV says:

Hey Ben, do you wax your Wave Bandit? I have ridden foamboards in the past without wax without problems but I saw on the Wave Bandit site it said to wax it. Also, what are your thoughts on the Wavestorm? I am thinking of getting an Odysea, Wave Bandit, or Softech board but it is hard to justify the extra couple hundred dollars unless it is much better than a Wavestorm.

John schnetzler says:

been surfing since 1962, been doing yoga, jus regular hatha yoga since 1968. Hot yoga is dangerous and can hurt you. stick to the oldest form which is Hatha Yoga. Just an ol surfers advice. try them both then decide. some of the pros are doing Hatha. Jerry Lopez does traditional Hatha

J. Van Pelt says:

Ben Checkout Fightmaster yoga. She does YouTube videos for beginners and advanced.

Trevor Morrice says:

When your girlfriend bends over, the correct response should always be you look tight.

Michael Pomante says:

Donovan McNabb pulled a sick air at the Volcom Pro!


The party at your folks place was off the hook! -Tim!~

Shane O'Connor says:

Kundalini is awesome for. Breath control

Corndog says:

Your episode with the yoga thing sounds like you may have experienced hypoglycemia and or dehydration. Did you have something to eat at all prior to yoga? Also coffee is a diuretic and stimulant (and laxative) so it will pull the water out of your body so that could also be the issue. Remember snack and hydrate… for the WIN!

Landon Bautista says:

Exactly what I tell these US Air Force Airmen that I work with when they arrive in Hawaii for the first time and want to surf.  Get a soft top!!!….lol……and swim in the pool to get those back(paddling) muscles working.  Good topic brother!!!  Aloha Nub Nation!!!

Matt valaitis says:

What do you think of a 6 foot soft top? Would it be good for a beginner to intermediate?

Ian N. says:

best fans on the planet yea birds let’s go!

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