Behind the scenes with Maui’s surfboard shaper Bill Foote and his 8ft mini-mal for the Signature Surf range. Featured Signature test pilots: Nakoa Decoite, Tom King, plus Talia Decoite, Pascal Hardy and Nathan van Vuuren. Music by Stars of Boulevard “Angel eyes”

Shred Nation – get more by clicking here: Watch newer episodes here: Yew! The Average Joe by Channel Islands fills an interesting hole in what most surf shops stock – a surfboard for average surfers in average waves that wasn’t designed by pro surfers, but entirely by Channel Islands employees looking for a […]

Listen and watch the awesomeness as Tate reviews the Al Merrick Channel Islands #4. Paddles great even with a belly full of breakfast burrito, this board will increase your knar, wave count and your shred-ability! Look for Tate at break near you, he’ll be the one throwing buckets!

Quick tutorial write-up of the benefits and features of the 2016 12ft Bote Rackham Paddleboard that we carry at our shop. One of our top sellers for paddleboard fishing.

The Naish Alaia is shaped out of a solid dual-wood core with a surf design that has been refined for a seamless transition into today’s kiteboarding. It has amazing up wind performance and is sensationally fun and playful. Its performance shines in light to marginal winds.

Trip Forman reviews the Vernor Mini Simmons surfboard. Find out more:

Online Surf Coaching Shortboard surfboard size for a bigger guy. Coach Mo’e gives a little insight on why he picked his new surfboard shape & dimensions, and gives a few tips for people looking buy a Short board. Also mentioned in the video are a few surfboard volume calculators, they can be found here. Channel […]

Ed Holden Reviews the 2017 Xenon Infra kiteboard.

5 kite board comparison (re-edited the video) 2011 slingshot 17m Turbine. wind 11-12 knots Naish alaia 5’9″ vs Litewave Wing 161 vs Litewave 179 Freeride vs Slingshot Reform 4’7″ vs Liquid Force Twin Skim 51″x 20″ – (part 2) added the 179 Freeride board, & tried the Wing with surf straps I actually prefer the […]

Trip Forman reviews the …LOST Quiver Killer in the REAL Boardloft. Learn more:

A fully wrapped beautiful wood finish makes this board one of the favorites. It has the same dimensions and characteristics as the Heavenly model but is constructed with ULTRALITE hollow core technology, making it weigh only 19 lbs. With its rugged good looks, extreme stability, and simplicity in transporting, this board fully defines what a […]

Toby Diggens reviews the …Lost Rock-Up. Find out more info about the Rock-Up at

Building an Alaia take time cause you need the right tools to do the job its not expensive you can wing some of it if you have the right mind to find thing laying around to help make it easier going through the steps is like shaping a regular surfboard.

YUMMM Fried Apple Pie Tacos – Learn how to make them here: Watch more How to Choose a Surfboard videos: This is a swallowtail. Its straight rails come out to the tip, just like your square tail, but then it’s got a big V from point to point. What that cutout does, it […]

We review Flick ‘Em Up. A ridiculously fun game for 2-10 players to test their skills in a good ol’ fashioned…flick out? Oh, just watch the review! View our full review here: Purchase Flick ‘Em Up with this Amazon affiliate link:

Jake reviews the 2017 Omega Wakeboard. Omega: Get Social : Google+: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: @thehouseboardshop

Shaun Murray reviews his 2016 Hyperlite pro model at the Grand Rapids Boat Show. Key Features: – User Friendly – Snowboarder feel in mind – Minimal bottom features for gentler ride – Spine in the middle of the board for more control and softer landings – Bigger base – Up to size 150 Website: […]

Kayaking in the surf with my wife. I have my GoPro mounted on a pole behind us. We have a good launch out through the breakers, past the surfers and then a little fun surfing back in.

Axis is the first to come out with a dedicated tandem board, so we asked Adrian Roper to talk us through the concept that is taking off with kite schools and kite families with small children.

Trip Forman reviews the Pyzel “Short Cut” in the REAL Boardloft. Learn more:

Ian reviews the TORQ Tec Bigboy 23 Surfboard. The Big Boy does pretty much what it says on the tin and more. Bigger guys who want to ride shorter lengths and not be forced down the longboard route are going to love the BB23 with its surprising performance and strength to weight ratio. Available at […]

The JP-Australia Team on Maui for the annual JP photo shoot. The X-Cite Ride line with a new PLUS: more sportiness! Julie Kornum, Andy “Bubble” Chambers, Jules Denel, Steven van Broeckhoven sail the sporty, all-round freeride boards and show their huge range of use, the ease of sailing and the great jibing.

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