The Truth About Inflatable Paddleboards

In this episode we talk about the benefits of inflatable paddleboards, and show you how quickly you can pump one up.


Chris Wilson says:

nice vid but i like the hard boards better

thespig13 says:

The thing i learned about inflatables from this video is….. they take forever ti blow up!!!

Exist Unplugged says:

I have always thought inflatables were kind of dumb, but after seeing this, I think they are the best option. what about a fin? are there any inflatables with a fin set up? Are they any good for wave riding?

okamu ubaku says:

you should have stayed with the paddleboard and not use scooter

Macie Sutton says:

inflatable stand up paddle board ideas not bad..

Merlin Man says:

Where’s the honest review?

russlander227 says:

Is that a window on it? Genius!

The9901234 says:

I thought this was sarcastic saying ‘the truth is they take a lotta time effort to inflate’ lol

Mike Laplante says:

Some observations (I have 2 SUPS, 1 iSUP):

i. Inflatables are not as stiff as hard boards. My surf iSUP inflates to 20 psi and it still has some flex in the water. This affects ride comfort… your calves will get tired faster on long paddle.

ii. iSUPs don’t handle as well as SUPs, particularly in surf conditions. They don’t have the hard rails that let you turn quickly.

iii. iSUPs sit ‘on’ the water and not ‘in’ the water. This ‘bobbiness’ means they are harder to get out past the break zone… foam and turbulence will knock them back much easier than hard boards.

iv. Because they float on the water and are lighter, they are harder to manage in windy conditions. The paddler becomes a de facto sail and these things can get blown sideways.

i. They are light and portable. Much easier to transport in your car, much easier to get down to a beach at the bottom of a hill or some stairs. Easier to take with you on a plane when you are flying to a vacation hot spot.

ii. Much easier to repair. A hard SUP will require filler/sealer, maybe some glassing. An iSUP just takes a patch and you’re back in business.

FWIW, I prefer my iSUP because the portability is the most important factor for me.

ill do it for views subscribers channel says:

How did he pass away?

edmundo francisco says:

bom dia sou brasileiro. gostaria muito de ter um Inflatable Paddleboards mas nao tenho condicoes financeiras, voces poderiam me ajudar dai do canal

SLAM BOY says:

i gave you thumbs up but had to turn all of my volumes up to hear …

Zen-activités says:

I add a fews ones that leaked new. Wonder how long it will last.

Vern H says:

I just tell people pumping is my cardio workout. Usually gets a laugh.

Mike Arkley says:

where´s the truth? Its just a guy inflating the SUP Board.

Patrick Murray says:

They suck. Will only last you a year.

Michael Kirst says:

Two words dude… air compressor!

Vereinten Patriotischen Allianz says:

Bro…any advice on the new Bodyglove Performer..2018 model…at Costco.

fen belton says:

look at those rails!!!!! LOL LOL what a load of pants

Our House Niittylä says:

Literally no info, just inflation.

Malcolm Marriott says:

directly underneath the board is the same material that is plastic. why not have a layer of plastic that would offer more protection from sticks & rocks man. maybe just clip it together but still portable. also, would that take long to blow-up using your breath??

arnold kashaba says:

What brand board is that i want one with a hole like that

PicklePwr says:

That was cool. I wonder would my Air Hawk work with that? And who’s your boerd?

DOC says:

Ci mette di meno a gonfiar le palle alla gente. Video inutile!

Game Changer says:

Looks nice

jose perez says:

hi man!! whats the name of your sup.. are amazing!!! greatings feom colombia!!!

Krzysztof Kryszczuk says:


Dreich says:

That looks like a bit of a workout alright, I’m glad I bought a rigid board. And with board racks in our garage, storage is not an issue 🙂

hrburrell says:

I have owned both and in my opinion unless you are very limited on space and cannot store a hard board or you want to travel by plane and take your board with you, then a hard board wins hands down. Inflatables have to be pumped and deflated every time they are used which can be a lot of work, depending on the size of the board and the type of pump used, so they are not a grab and go type of board like a hard top.That is what really sold me. Secondly you lose performance in the water. Now for general every day paddling, the difference is negligible and some inflatables will rival hard tops, but if you want to surf or race… again a hard board wins in that arena. So the question to ask yourself is do I plan to do a lot or traveling, particularly on a plane (you can strap a hard board to the roof of a car) and do you want to bring your own board with you….or….do you live in a small house/apartment/condo where you are very limited on storage. If you answer no to either of these, then to me the choice is clear. Don’t get me wrong, there are some really nice inflatables and you can get probably 80% of the performance or close to it, of a hard board but the extra work of inflating and deflating especially on a hot summer day just kills it for me.

Planet Kepler101 says:

Rest in peace sean ace O’Connor forever

Brian Cho says:

Is this ok in the sea?

Marc Hull says:

Where can I get that board?

Christopher Liston says:

What a worthless video….I kept  skipping ahead thinking he’d say something worthwhile, he didn’t. If this guys in charge of sales that’s scary. Give me some features and benefits….yikes. Call Tom Brady…

sierraAframe says:

RIP Sean, miss you buddy

David Kavalcenti says:

now ur to fucked to paddle…

pungus attah says:

Anyone know the dimensions of it?

Tim C says:

Small electric air pump / compressor? 5 min to get it inflated.

Martin Feuchtwanger says:

Should be titled “Someone pumps up a SUP”

Stephane Fitch says:

Brilliant! Honestly, having pumped mine up a few times, I think getting it done in six minutes is impressive. This video is a good reminder that I need to get an electric pump.

Serge The Car Hauler says:

What’s the make and model of that board? Also is there a multi person board with a see through window like that?

zayvier69 says:

What’s the hole for in the sup ?

Mario R Canazza says:

So, what’s the truth about inflatable paddleboards?

Brian Milligan says:

Really! 5 min 40 seconds of watching you pump up a board….nothing about comparing them to hard boards, pros vs. cons etc.

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