SUP Review – 2016 Red Paddle Co Explorer + 13’2” Inflatable SUP Board

SUPboarder gives you an independent review of the 2016 Red Paddle Co 13’2” Explorer +. An inflatable stand up paddle board (iSUP) designed for all weights of riders who want a real touring and exploring SUP. With this board you really will go places!
Size : 13’2”x30”/6”(150mm)
Volume : 370L
Fins : 1 x US box center fin and small side runners
SB deflection test : 11mm

If you have used this board or have any questions or comments about this board please leave your comment below and we will get back to you.

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Paul Trew says:

Reuben thanks for the advise, I travel to Cornwall a few times a year how would the 12’6 perform in small waves? Will it surf ok ? and will it downwind ? Cheers Paul

Paul Trew says:

Great reviews Reuben very informative just what i need 🙂 Still can’t make my mind up between 12’6 Sport or 13’2 Explorer tho LOL I’m new to paddle boarding but have waterspouts background waterskiing/Windsurfing/Kitesurfing. I live just o/s London and as yu say probably 90% flat water causing but would like to catch some small waves and try a few downwinders. I weigh 75 Kilos which would be the better choice thanks Paul

rodneylw10 says:

I read that the 13′ 2 Explorer is less stable than the 12′ 6″ Sport. How do the two compare and, could you use either for touring with less gear? I am 5′ 8″ and 100 kg. Would either be able to handle a small dog and owner

Liam Ruddy says:

I’d love to see the explorer 12’6 reviewed. I’m torn between the explorer and the sport 12’6. I appreciate the 13’2 is what you’d choose just want something I can explore on but tracks better and glides better than say the ride series. Cheers

rodneylw10 says:

I have been shopping for a Red in either the 12’6″ Explorer, the 12’6″ Sport or the 13’2″ Explorer. I plan to tour and recreate when out camping- no surfing, no racing. Some flat water rivers and coastal ocean. said I am 172cm in height and 100kg. I want the better gliding tourer with good stability. I know that the 12’6 is the most stable and the 13’2″ I have heard is the fastest. My biggest question is a comparison of stability. I wish there was some sort of stability test. What has me in a quandary is that I was ready to purchase the 13’2″ as exploring is closer to my intended use; however, two recommendations were to go with the 12’6″ explorer or 12″6″ Sport for overall better stability even considering exploring. I do not know if that was because of my weight or that the 13’2″ was just that much more tippy.

Stéphane Delalande says:

Could you tell me please the web site where I can find this product ?
Thanks in advance

Silesian Sailor says:

Hi Reuben, many thanks for the very informative video. I am just about to buy my first iSUP. I decided on the 2016 Red Paddle Explorer. Actually I was quite sure I will go for the 12.6 but now thinking about the 13.2 which in fact, I visually find more appealing. The thing is – I am a beginner, only started paddling this year and quite heavy ( 115 kg ) and tall ( 189cm ) guy. Do you think the two inches of extra stability on the 12.6 compensate for the 13.6 being much faster and I guess easier to paddle? Which one of those two would you reccomend to a person like me who definitely will keep paddling in the future? Your advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!

The Pixel Nomad says:

Hi there, thanks for the review! would you recommend having two dogs on this board? I’m looking for a big one that can take us three. my dogs are another 30kg + 35kg. the description of the board says maximum 150kg, so it should be fine? does anybody have experience with dogs and the Red Paddle Explorer?

John Collins says:

I’d love to see a 12’6 sport review. Please?

Green Water Sports says:

Nice work Reuben.

Alexandre Direitinho says:

Million Dollar Question: Will it Downwind? 😀

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