SUP Instructor Explains Switch to All Inflatable Fleet of Red Paddle Co and Earth River SUP Boards

Steve Gurney of Surf Reston explains why they switched their entire lesson and rental fleet from hard boards to inflatable paddle boards from Earth River SUP and Red Paddle Co.

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Josephine Testa says:

This is for Dani Carmont..I have been checking out Tower Adventure 2 boards for two years. I see by your comment that you prefer these two boards over tower, may I ask why? It is a big expense and I do not want to buy board I am not happy with. It is unfortunate that where I rent boards none of the shops carry any of these brands. It sure would be great if I could try before purchase.

Andrew Weishan says:

I was demo’ing a few boards on the weekend. I do like Red Paddle they have a real good product and I can see the industry moving in that direction. I’ve know a lot of people who go to full carbon boards way too early and spend half the time fixing dings on their eggshell boards. Red paddle is definitely the way to go.

Swashbuckling Adventures says:

Great video.
I read through all the comments and have been doing research for about a month or so. I started looking into the Elevate brand,then Tower and Isle. Funny thing is, I literally assumed that Red Paddle was a mediocre company UNTIL I joined some groups and forums. Come to find out that Red Paddle is just about the leaders in the inflatable industry. I mean, look at the package offering!! The backpack alone should tell you how well they detailed their packages. The boat is solid!!
I’m ordering a 13’2 Explorer and can’t wait to get it!!
I’d rather spend more up front for great quality rather than buying questionable and deal with repair after repair and be miserable THEN have to go out and buy what I should’ve from the beginning. No thanks!!
One KEY thing I kept hearing over and over….ya get what you pay for. Both from the forums AND in person. Well, ya don’t need to slap me to realize what previous have experienced from their mistakes.

rodneylw10 says:

Great video. I purchased a Red Paddle at summer’s end 2016. I have yet to be able to stand. It is most likely the rougher water I have been in. I am 5’8″ and 230# and got the 12’6″ Sport. I am hoping to be able to lose a bit and stand someday!

Joseph Silva says:

This is a very helpful explanation and review. Thank you!

Dani Carmont says:

I’ve used the 10’6 red and the 9’6 earth river and preferred the earth river sup. It’s more fun to me but both were better than the tower I was using when I started. Nice video, it makes paddling fun with a good board.

Shasta McCoy says:

Im wondering which other brands you tried.

Jim McCarthy says:

My .02 cents: I test paddled two inflatables and passed on both. First up was the Red Paddle 12′ board I rented on Lake Tahoe. I’m 6-2/220 and needed a large board and while the Red Paddle board carried my weight, it had too much flex and was NOT stable. It was pumped to full max pressure and still had too much flex in the middle. I also had to run the stringer (a strip of plastic to make it rigid) on each side and it’s a pain in the rear to do. Next up: Isle Airtech 11′ with it’s claimed 275lb weight cap. It paddled ok, but felt sluggish..very little glide and again, too flexible in the middle and no way should it be rated to 275lbs..more like 200lbs. The build quality seems to be of medium quality..not bad, but certainly not high quality either. After a hours paddle, I’m glad I did not order one. Finally I get to the Body Glove Performer 11′: wow, this one surprised me in a very good way. Build quality is outstanding..I mean very high quality materials, stiff as a hard board, at 34′ wide and 6″ thick, it carried my weight with ease, including when I added 25lbs of gear. The balance is very good, the deck’s padding feels great, glide is outstanding as well as tracking! Has 3 fins and the flex when coming into shallow water making them immune to breaking. The fins on the Red Paddle boards feel fragile and if broken, you are toast. The Body Glove came with a very good quality pump with built in gauge), the paddle is high quality, nice leash, and the backpack/bag is the best I’ve seen and made with high quality materials. The board when rolled up easily fits along with pump and paddle. After 10 minutes on the water, I knew I found my board. View the videos on the Body Glove as they show the features/performance. Price: kidding me…$600. which is less than half the price of the Red Paddle and $150 less than the Isle. I’m seeing many Body Glove boards on the water now and price aside, they are a high quality board. I just purchased my second one for friends to use. Now I see them on Costco at a killer price. No brainer on a high quality board.

Swashbuckling Adventures says:

I’d like your opinion on the differences between RED PADDLE and HALA. RP has the MSL building process and HALA has the new carbon building process but honestly, the BUILD is my concern. RP and the MSL process seems to be a solid build way as opposed to HALA’s carbon is just a stiffening process that seems to be solid BUT the BUILD process is the same with just the double stich.
Thoughts? Suggestions?

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