Paddle Board Unbox & Surfing Test Ride

Testing out my new Jimmy Styks Paddle Board I got at Costco, Japan.
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Wendy.839 says:

Funvideo! respect for your active life style

offshore wind says:

Great secret spot in Japan!! Must be chilly out there. El Niño has been great for waves in SoCal this year!! Stay stoked!!

Lucas Musser says:

that looks pretty cool, I’ve never used one before but the video made me look at online prices

Odocksailing says:

Inflatable sups are totally surfable, but some are designed more for it than others. The Costco boards are not particularly that way. I surf my C4 BK pro 9′ 10″ in Makaha HI and while it requires a different technique than my hard board it is still a blast to surf.

Joshua Woollam says:

You have the paddle wrong way. When the paddle is scooped back like it is, you are just splashing water up and out toward the back of your stroke. You want it scooped toward the front of the board so it can stay upright in the water more

teateateateateatea says:


Prettywitty91 says:

Paddle is backwards!

DancesWithCranes says:

I love SUP! A town near me, Wakasa in Fukui, will be having a SUP & kayak marathon this June that I plan on entering.

Znagy07 says:

I’m not a big fan of anything water related (ironically I was born in Florida) but that looks pretty cool

Xan Avrio says:

Do you check the suffer report before you go out on any water venturing? Also do you take safety precautions before heading out? I imagine you tell your loved ones where your heading but do they have anything like a beacon you can carry on you in case you fall or get hurt and are unable to seek aid?

hardcorememers says:

its a good thing you did those pushups

benhec says:

Hello Eric. Nice Video! I’m about buying the same Jimmy Styks at Costco Hisayama. For the Winterseason I need a wetsuit. I don’t know which one to buy, can you recommend yours? Where did you buy it and for how much, and what ist the model name ;- )? Looking forward to more Jimmy Styks Videos…

Aditya Gupta says:

how many times have u surfed in the sea

enes karakus says:

That tunnel place looked very spooky (just give me the getsome fat packs please), GREAT VIDEO AGAIN!!

YerBoiLuu says:

I like these unboxing vids, it’s great seeing you try it out also. Awesome vid like always Eric!

Alessandro Tamagnini says:

The “Kerbal” song was a perfect match! 😉

AnteroX1234 says:

You probably could have die in that tunnel if they closed the doors

Aditya Gupta says:

y dont i ever win the getsome fat pack

Greg Harris says:

That was cool. Thanks

Gilad Doitsh says:

That tunnel was scary. Please stay alive!!! Get some!!!

Sonny S says:

bring that board to HB this summer

Bob Frankenstein says:

you can easily surf with these. nothing to it with a bit of practice : )

Flar3GER says:

Where did you leave your skateboard Eric? Guess crime rate is pretty low in Japan, so could you leave it just on the side of the river?

ILiveForTheWeekendz says:

Very nice board. I wish I could do that here as well :/

Idiots guide to the world. says:

Your holding your paddle backwards. The bend in the blade should be facing forward, you’ll snap the blade.

Jonathan Mitchell says:


chainz8 says:

If you ever get the hang of this board, Eric, it’d be cool to show your improvements. Board looks cool by the way.

Susan Ellie's says:

How was the tunnel Eric was it scary in there and not being able to turn

Wendy.839 says:

Funvideo! respect for your active life style

David Chiabi says:

Did you say how long the board was?

prabhjot singh says:

love the background u were looking like man vs wild

Brian Santangelo says:

If this WAS a paid advertisement… I wouldn’t be upset.

Nukefreak1223 says:

let me win:(

TheJapanChannelDcom says:

Taking your paddle board to the water – by skateboard.
Again.. THE action man in Japan!

Nicolas Chterich says:

great video! i just bought one Jimmy Styks “Thresher”, thank you!

Tibidmon 123 says:

like a boss     ____
   / / /|
 _| ● ̄ ● | |__
/ |_ ▲_ |/ /
 ̄ ̄ |し |  ̄ ̄
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

Christopher Maples says:

Just put together some NC-based skateboarding footage. Let me know whacha think!

NKfanRobant says:

” let’s get deep into this thing” come on Eric….;)

Raphael Luiz says:


Nir Ilany says:

Your so cool

TabiEats says:

What a beautiful a sunset! This looks like it would be a great workout especially since you look like you had a great time! That tunnel looked scary !

Bengie g says:

Has there been any wasp nests lately?

Benjamin Blais says:

Nice toy!! i like it ^^

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