Paddle Board Loaded for Camping – Kaku Kahuna

It’s wonderfully simple to load all your camping gear on a standup paddleboard. Check out how I get all my gear onboard for overnight adventures.

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Wisconsin Anything Outdoors says:

How long does the battery in the speaker last?

Peter R. Allen says:

Hi Trip – another fantastic video- thanks for the shout out- The style and content are great – these are truely wonderful short films best wishez from Mount Mellum Queensland Australia regards peter allen VK4LLE and VK4HOY

junglejim8mm says:

Trip love your vids but in your line of work you know crap happens keep your PFD handy.

TheBuchanan2211 says:

You the man trip keep it up bud

Glen Page says:

Would you take the Kaku Kahuna over like a Class 2 or class 3 fall

closecaption2 says:

Nice video. My son and I went on our first kayak camping trip this weekend. Had a great time. Trex

buford guber says:

Yeah , sweet video . Now ,if you will . Doesn’t that thing paddle like a pig ?! Must be much harder than a yak ?! Nice one Trip , keep em coming 🙂

Joshua Geer says:

I hope your getting the voodoo soon. Would love love to see how that thing performs. Grew up doing trips like these. After seeing your videos I’m back out there. Keep up the great videos.

Bbq man says:

Kinda just like a sit on top kayak. Lol

Patrick Conners says:

New sub, I like your enthusiasm!

kev0M6 says:

What type of water shoes are those

Emanuel Buttigieg says:

Good stuff, Mr. Smith.

Ray Toledo says:

Hey Trip where did you get your green crokeys from your other videos? What length are they? Also I’m working on getting a Kaku in the near future! Very excited. Love your videos!

Vash Matrix says:

Hi Smith III. How would you prefer talking in not such a public format? Like fb, email? I haven’t used fb for long time but what would you prefer if willing to chat?

Alabama Woodsman says:

WOW! Are those swim fins or boat skies? Love the flash-backs! Trip, do you find yourself not trusting the gear tracks with a monopod and camera? Im putting all my stuff together for the season and my own channel but I am lacking a little confidence in the track and monopod system. Like 40.

Christopher Sherwood says:

Great video bro. I’m looking at the kaku voodoo

M Merritt says:

Trip. I have a old town loon 126 Kayak. It has a track for mounting a gopro. What do you use with the track? I think I need two parts, one for the track and another gopro specific. Don’t know what kind to get. Any suggestions?

fat guy in a little boat says:

Love your videos they helped me convince my girlfriends family to get kayaks. Now I’m working on getting them to go kayak camping

Our Simple Story says:

Cool video! That’s either 84 or 231 begins you 😉 Looking forward to a great year with living vicariously through your adventures, lol!

Shane Eikenberry says:

Any way you can do a review of the Kaku Kahuna? How’s it holding up, likes/dislikes, etc. That would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Chris McDuffie says:

Great video! I really like your shorter ones (like this) as opposed to the hour long ones as it is harder for me to commit to watching a whole hour straight. Get Out There!

Nate Fisher says:

Just got myself a kahuna from a guy on facebook marketplace. Got the board, Larry chair, paddle, roof pads and straps for $550!! Can’t wait to get it on the water.

jason ngo says:

Nicely done and very informative Trip. I really like the Velcro idea.

Ghost Freight says:

Another great video. Thanks. 2 questions. 1. What is the molded area behind where you strap your shoes for? Just curious and haven’t noticed. 2. We are looking for a kayak for my wife. She wants a sit on top, and we are think a 12ft will be fine for her(she has tried mine) but it’s hard to find any info online about advice for a short woman’s kayak preference for camping and fishing. Any ideas?

Richard Swails says:

Did you ever find the camera you thought was stolen?

dismaldog-William says:

Man you fit some gear in that Dry box/cooler

White Cloud says:

Wow, very nice.

FlyFishingTexan says:

Hey Trip, Thanks for the Video! Look forward to 2018, and all the Adventures!


Did you ditch the larry chair? Is it easier without it?

Water Sports Planet says:

Dry boxes are under rated for use on paddle boards. I use mine the same way you use it. Don’t waste the space with ice and beers.

Pooch1953 says:

Great video. What is the weight capacity of your Kahuna? You said you don’t pack ice, food and drinks in your cooler, if you did want to pack something like that, would you prefer a soft sided cooler over a hard?

Dr. Michael Mott says:

Hey Trip: Awesome content per usual! Quick question…If I parked my suv in Orange Beach Wynn Dixie lot and wheeled the yak across the street would I be towed? Is there a better lot right near the beach? I figure if no yak is on the car how could you be towed unless they are trying to look for that type of thing?

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